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«Fatal Shot (Web Novel) - Chapter 643: Another Surprise for Sister Rui

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Chapter 643: Another Surprise for Sister Rui

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“Yes, just give me a list of names, then I’ll make the necessary arrangements for you,” Sister Rui said and nodded.

“Alright. Oh, I almost forgot. Apart from the four Boss-Grade and Quasi-Boss Grade pet biochips, I also have around 30 Commander-Grade pet biochips and over 200 Elite-Grade pet biochips, if Huan Yu Company needs it, I can also leave it with you,” Feng Luo nodded and said, dropping another bombshell of Sister Rui.

“That many?” Sister Rui’s light blue eyes widened in surprise once more.

Although Feng Luo told her earlier that due to the rules of the mission, he obtained many items from other players at the end in addition to all of the items he earned by himself, she never would have imagined that Feng Luo would have so many pet biochips in his hands.

“Commander-Grade chips are worth around two million credits each. Elite-Grade biochips are worth around 100,000 credits each. If you add them all up, that’s around 100 million credits right there. Little Feng, your earnings in this one day-long mission is already higher than my annual income,” Sister Rui said as she lamented.

“They’re worth so much?” However, after hearing Sister Rui’s explanation, it was Feng Luo who was surprised.

Now that the Rebel Army camp had missions that allowed players to obtain a Commander-Grade pet biochip, a Commander-Grade pet biochip’s market value had gone down to only millions of credits, and Elite-Grade pet biochips were only a few tens of thousands of credits.

However, Sister Rui was estimating the price of these “Low Class” chips of his at double the price.

“Yes. Little Feng, as a participant, it looks like you did not pay attention to what happened after the mission, did you? I finally managed to see you show a surprised expression,” Sister Rui said with a laugh. “After the expedition ended, not everyone left. Some players were left on the island, right?”

“Yeah, there were some.” Feng Luo nodded, it was certain that some players stayed behind.

As the window of time for them to leave the island after the sun rose was only 20 minutes. However, the players on the island were very scattered during battles. As such, it was natural for some of them to not be able to get back in time.

Besides, due to their feud with the Rebel Army pirates, because they were in a location far away from the Federation’s territory, the Nine-Star Guild military ship could not stay at that location until the afternoon to ensure that they brought everyone along, and was why some players were left behind.

In reality, it was not only Storm City, but there were also some people from North City as well as from the Rebel Army camp who were left behind.

Due to the “Biohazard Crisis” created by Feng Luo, the number of Rebel Army camp players left behind was quite high.

“After you all left, some of the people left on the island discovered a large horde of monsters within the main central base in the abandoned ruin. Among them, there was also a Quasi-Boss monster. While the drop rate of biochips from killing these monsters was incredibly low, all the new monsters could enter into contracts.” Sister Rui then turned on her terminal, found an article from one of the hottest posts, and zoomed in to show it to Feng Luo.

“So that’s how it is.” Feng Luo had not seen that post before. Concerning the aftermath of the mission, he did not care at all. As such, he only understood it now.

After the exploration mission was over, the Devil Tri-Horn Fog Island was turned into a “Pet Map” by the system.

By taking on some missions, players would be able to reach the island, and monsters on the island would still drop pet biochips, but the drop rate had become unbelievably low, almost as low as the pet biochip drop rate of killing Monsters controlled by members of the Rebel Army.

However, the monsters on the island had become monsters that could be bound by “contracts” with players.

In truth, this event did not have much of an impact on most players.

However, concerning the bunch of pet biochips Feng Luo had in his possession, the event had helped increase their value.

Since all the biochips were dropped from the monsters on the island, as a result, the biochips, when used on monsters that dropped the biochip, had an almost 100% chance of creating a successful contract.

As for pet biochips obtained through other missions, it was quite difficult to find a monster with such a high success rate. If the biochip was used and the control or contract binding procedure failed, it would mean wasting the biochip itself.

As such, getting a pet was not simply about getting the biochip, if one were unlucky, one might not even get a pet even after using several pet biochip pieces.

From this alone, one could easily tell that the pet biochips that almost guaranteed a 100% success rate would boast a higher price.

“Moreover, from the info on the forum, the monsters on the abandoned ruin were quite powerful. Each of them was unique, and for players who liked unique pets, they were also quite attractive. As a result, the price for one of these was going to be higher than a normal pet biochip,” explained Sister Rui.

“That’s true…” Feng Luo nodded.

There were only ten types of monsters on the island. They were the Hypertoxic Chameleons that had their own “stealth mode,” the Python Flower that possessed traits of both plants and animals, the Overlord Earthworm that could “petrify” their targets… Apart from the self-destructive Rock Balls that were a bit of a joke, the rest could be said to be a lot stronger than normal monsters.

If it was not for the fact that dropped biochips were in the “damaged” status and needed to be repaired, many players might have already taken the chance to use them as pets immediately.

Now, after knowing that the island had become a pet map, it was a given that many players would head there to catch pets after purchasing the pet biochips.

“In reality, Little Feng, if you’re not in a hurry, I believe that we can put these Commander-Grade biochips inside the safe for some time. Since many people are probably going to sell these in Storm City in the coming days, this will inherently lower the price a little,” Sister Rui said.

After Sister Rui’s reminder, an idea occurred to Feng Luo. Then, he nodded and said, “Alright, if that’s the case, then I’ll preserve some of the chips. Perhaps they can be used elsewhere.”

“Oh, that’s right, apart from the biochips, Lin also asked me to hand these to you. By the time your auction is underway, mass production of the potions you see here should already be possible.” After that, Feng Luo pulled a silver box out of his inventory and opened it. Inside the opened box, there were over a dozen potions of varied colors.

Intrigued, Sister Rui picked up one of the potions, an Intermediate Evolution Virus Buff Potion, from the box, and after looking at the stats, said, “The stats of this buff potion is quite decent. It’s comparable to the B-Grade Buff Potion that we can get in some of the missions. These are going to be popular among the people who don’t lack money. If you can mass produce it, we’ll also include them as one of the main promotion contents in our next auction.”

After that, she lamented and said, “But it is, after all, just a temporary buff potion. No matter how good the price, it will not be comparable to the Beginner Permanent Enhancement Potion from last time. What a pity, it is because we can now exchange the T-Virus potion that the Permanent Enhancement Potion’s market value has dropped to less than one-tenth of its original by now.”

“But that’s inevitable. The game company wouldn’t continue to let us earn easy money like that,” Feng Luo said in agreement. He then pointed to two purple potions isolated on one side of the box and said, “But apart from the buff potion, perhaps these potions can temporarily make up the losses on those Permanent Enhancement Potions.”

Sister Rui’s eyes lit up. She knew from Feng Luo’s words that he was implying something. As such, she looked expectantly at the purple potions and asked, “Oh… Little Feng, from what you just said… Could it be that your NPC genius partner has created another type of mega potion?”

Sister Rui’s pitch went up an octave as she exclaimed in delight, “This… It is the rare potion that grants a person the Force temporarily!”

Sister Rui was delightfully surprised. No matter what grade the buff potion was at, nothing would entice or attract players right now more than the purple “Quasi Force Potions” in front of her right now.

It allowed players to possess the Force for a certain period, and the effect was very highly anticipated.

In particular, for players who owned Legendary-Grade items, there was no way they were going to let this opportunity pass.

The number of Legendary-Grade items in the game was quite high by then. However, one of the strongest characteristics of their gear, the bonus skill, was unusable to them. For all of these players who did not lack money, not only would the Force Potion temporarily grant them the chance to experience the real strength and potential of their Legendary-Grade item, but it would also allow them to significantly increase their strength at crucial moments.

With that alone, even though the Quasi Force Potion was a consumable item that granted a temporary boost and as such, its price could not be compared to the Permanent Enhancement Potion, its appeal to top-class players was right up there.

“Oh, that’s right. In one of the battles, by lending the strength of the Force Potions, we managed to defeat the North City players’ ambush with half their numbers. There’s also a video of this on the forum. This could be used as promotional content. Also, in the second base, one of my friends managed to get a Quasi-Boss pet biochip after using the bonus skill of the Legendary-Grade item activated by the Force Potion… I think that by using these two videos as the promotion content, we’ll be able to entice the hearts of a lot of people,” Feng Luo suggested.

When Red Queen surrounded herself in a ring of golden fireballs and bombarded the sea of flowers from long range, that scene alone was the embodiment of magnificence, and it was much better than any sort of advertisement.

The thread that contained the video was also one of the top three threads in the manipulator’s branch forum section.

“Right. Sister Rui? Why are you staring at me?” Feng Luo found Sister Rui staring directly at his face with a gentle smile after he finished speaking.

“Little Feng, why don’t you come over to Huan Yu and help us plan… Your talent in marketing and branding seems just as good as your talent in fighting,” Sister Rui teased him with a laugh.

“Hah, Sister Rui, you should stop praising me. I know full-well where I stand,” Feng Luo replied, shaking his head while smiling.

Concerning the promotion method of the Boss biochip and the Force Potion, it was true that he had thought about it beforehand and had conjured up these two marketing and promotion plans.

However, even though it should be effective, for a large company like Huan Yu that had the backing of a large financial group and had a top marketing and planning team, he was certain that even if he did not say anything, they would most likely still do an amazing job, and probably a lot better than what he had suggested too. As such, Sister Rui was mostly just joking and teasing him.

“That’s right, Sister Rui. I also have these gears. I’ll also need your assistance in putting them on the auctioned item list.” Feng Luo suddenly remembered and took out over a dozen gears and equipment from his inventory and placed them on the table between the two of them.

They were the battle loot from the island, all of them came from the top-class players of North City.

Every single one of the items on the table was top notch. They were good enough to be sold at an auction.

More importantly…

“There are Legendary-Grade items! And there are two of them!” After seeing the stats of two of the items, Sister Rui could not help herself as she lost her composure once more.

While the number of Legendary-Grade items was increasing, it was only in a relative sense. Even including those that were not known, the total number of Legendary-Grade items in Storm City should still be less than 200.

For the Huan Yu Company’s upcoming auction, they mobilized their resources in various major cities and their target was to get 15 pieces of Legendary-Grade equipment and use them as one of the key highlights of the auction.

At the moment, there was still a gap and they had not yet reached their target. However, with Feng Luo providing these two items, the gap had now been filled.

With this, Sister Rui, who had still been agonizing over this issue just a while ago, no longer felt that she was under any pressure.

“It’s also dropped by that Sniper. When he sees it on the auction later, he’ll probably feel quite depressed,” Feng Luo said with a laugh.

At the current juncture, with Legendary-Grade items being so rare, operations or missions that involved and gathered the top players of two main cities, who owned a great number of Legendary-Grade items, into one location would most likely never appear again.

If it were not for the special rules of the mission, getting two Legendary-Grade items by killing someone was practically impossible.

As such, the North City Sniper player gave Feng Luo a big gift.

However, it was a pity that the two Legendary-Grade items were a pair of warrior’s combat boots and a set of manipulator’s energy gloves. None of the two were for the gunner profession.

Although Feng Luo chose the Light Armor Warrior as his second profession and could technically use that combat boots, the stats of the combat boots did not suit him.

Moreover, after the auction, with the fund for purchasing the Legendary-Grade production equipment fully raised, he could get Old John to make custom-made warrior equipment set for him soon, so there was no need to keep this pair.

“Oh, that’s right, Sister Rui, if there are any Legendary-Grade gears or any rare items with good stats that suit a gunner in this auction, do keep an eye out on them for me,” Feng Luo said to Sister Rui.

“Sure, that’s fine. I was still agonizing over the fact that we had too few Legendary-Grade gears for this auction just a while ago. Little Feng, you’ve given me a huge gift,” Sister Rui said with a smile and a nod.

After that, the two spoke about details regarding the potions and the auction before Sister Rui left.

As the representative of the Huan Yu Company in Storm City, she had too many things to handle over the past few days, and it had been a long time since she last went on a mission with Feng Luo and his group.

After Sister Rui left, Feng Luo sat there for a while before he finally chose to turn on the comms device he had kept switched off for a day.

Immediately after he turned it on, a communication request came in.

“You have a communication request…”

However, when Feng Luo saw the one making the request, he paused for a brief moment, it was because the person was… Black Rose.

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