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«Fantasy Simulator (Web Novel) - Chapter 668 – Evolution

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Chapter 668 - Evolution

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This world was not bad for the people of the Star Alliance. After all, although there was also limited, it was much better than the initial world, not bad if it was used as a transition.

After the people of the Star Alliance cultivated to a certain level in this world, they would then enter the larger platform of the world of Gods. It was pretty suitable.

At the same time, they entered at this special time as foreign aid. As the black hand was still lurking, it was very difficult for Chen Heng to find it based on his current state. Since that was the case, it was better to take the initiative to bring in the Star Alliance and create new changes to lure the blank hand into taking the bait.

Philip, the Red Lotus King in the Star Alliance, had also arrived in this world. Philip’s essence was the hybrid between the differentiation of Chen Heng’s true spirit and the initial world’s consciousness.

Philip was innately able to mobilize the initial world’s power compared to ordinary people. His strength alone was at the ninth rank and could even be comparable to a God for a short period if he had used his full strength to mobilize the world’s power. This kind of power could impact everything and be deemed as Chen Heng’s second trump card in this world.

The Star Alliance grew in this world for decades. Most of its members began to cultivate as per this world’s system. The initial space’s original cultivation system was much more chaotic than this world’s cultivation system. It was far less complete and systematic than this world’s cultivation system. Therefore, most of them directly switched to cultivating.

For example, the Crimson King and the others had continuously drawn out their respective Heavenly Venerate tribulations after coming to this world, completely becoming the Heavenly Venerates of this world. The cultivation world’s overall development was also rising with the addition of the Star Alliance.

More than a hundred years passed. On this day, a huge aura rose in the Hao Hua Sect. A faint Dao rhyme flowed across the horizon, shocking everyone. Everyone in the sect was terrified and confused as they looked up at the figure in the direction of the Hao Hua Sect.

“The Hao Hua Sect Leader has appeared?”


“Who provoked him into attacking?”

The Heavenly Venerates powerhouses appeared and couldn’t help but tremble, looking at the powerful dharma statue and the terrifying aura. Then, very soon, the news spread.

The reason the Hao Hua Sect Leader was angry was none other than the Star Alliance. So, that day, the Crimson King of the Star Alliance appeared and personally sent a challenge letter to the Hao Hua Sect Leader, wanting to challenge him!

When this news spread, it immediately caused a thousand waves. The cultivators in the surroundings were shocked. Although what had happened during Chen Heng’s tribulation had been concealed invariably, everyone who had reached the level of a Heavenly Venerate knew about it.

The people in the Star Alliance should have also known about it and should understand just how terrifying Chen Heng’s strength was. He was the true reincarnation of an immortal God. No one in this world could compare to him without using a Sky Heavenly Weapon once he erupted.

However, the Red Lotus King in the Star Alliance still dared to challenge him. Then, all of a sudden, the cultivators around discussed. Some people walked out of the secluded cultivation area and chose to be born again.

Regarding the Red Lotus King’s actions, everyone felt that he had overestimated himself and would suffer heavy consequences. Hao Hua Sect Leader would suppress him on the spot if he were not careful.

However, everyone was still looking forward to this battle. The Hao Hua Sect Leader had a great reputation as the top sect leader in the world. Since the Red Lotus Lotus dared to challenge him, no matter how overestimated he was, he most likely had some real abilities, probably slightly weaker than the supreme Heavenly Venerate.

‘Once this battle erupted, it would most likely be very intense, worth learning and comprehending.’ With that thought in mind, many powerhouses walked out of their secluded grounds and headed toward the battlefield.

Ten years later, this great battle officially began. This time, the battlefield was placed abroad as if to prevent heavy damage to this world. The great battle erupted.

What shocked the world was that the Red Lotus King was a supreme Heavenly Venerate powerhouse. The Hao Hua Sect Leader’s divine power erupted from his entire body during the battle. His terrifying cultivation shocked the world, and no one was confident they could even counter a punch from him.

Even so, the Red Lotus King was still not at a disadvantage. They were giving each other tit for tat, which was terrifying. As the two supreme Heavenly Venerates fought, they almost pierced through the sky and destroyed countless wastelands.

A faint divine aura emerged from the Hao Hua Sect Leader’s body at the end of the battle. A wisp of rhyme as holy as an immortal God circulated, surpassing the power of a supreme Heavenly Venerate and spreading in all directions.

This terrifying power surpassed that of a supreme Heavenly Venerate and was comparable to a Sky Heavenly Weapon, making people tremble. They didn’t dare to face it directly.

However, something even more shocking happened very quickly. Faced with this attack which was comparable to an immortal God, the Red Lotus King also has a wisp of rhyme circulating on his body.

The many powerhouses present could sense that this rhyme was somewhat different from the divine aura on the Hao Hua Sect Leader’s body. However, its essence was the same and still within the immortal God’s level.


The two forces and Dao Principle intertwined in mid-air, colliding and annihilating each other. At this point, the others could no longer see the battle in mid-air.

This world’s people did not know the course of events of this battle. They only knew that the two sides finally stopped and did not fight to death, making everyone sigh in relief.

If two immortal God-level first-class existences clashed, the result would undoubtedly be shocking. Perhaps even this world would be crippled and not as grand as it was now if they fought to the end. Fortunately, both sides maintained rationality and did not attack to death.

Then, the reason why the Red Lotus King dared to challenge the Hao Hua Sect Leader was unveiled. He was also the reincarnation of an immortal God. All the Heavenly Venerates present confirmed that kind of terrifying aura.

The Hao Hua Sect Leader and the Red Lotus King were both reincarnated immortal Gods, and their cultivation levels were at the supreme Heavenly Venerate level.

After this battle, the Star Alliance and the Red Lotus King’s reputations were significantly boosted. As a result, many of these evil sect cultivators, who the Hao Hua Sect had suppressed, proceeded to join them, hoping to receive some guidance from the Red Lotus King.

The Star Alliance’s power continued to expand, and there was a faint trend of them being on par with the Hao Hua Sect. In the entire cultivation world, two enormous powers appeared.

After the battle, even if both sects did not deliberately do so, the living space of the other holy lands was still being suppressed. If this continued, the other holy lands would gradually disappear, and the holy lands would gradually take sides.

Compared to the gentle Hao Hua Sect Leader, the Star Alliance of the Red Lotus King’s side seemed much more aggressive. This is because they originated from abroad and lacked respect for the local holy lands. Therefore, they naturally would not be polite and have destroyed countless holy lands and legacy sects along the way.

As for those sects that were unwilling to submit to the Star Alliance and did not want to fall into such a situation, they could only helplessly seek refuge and choose to survive under the Hao Hua Sect’s protection.

However, this also resulted in short-term death. After thousands of years, these sects would slowly die under the influence and infiltration of the Hao Hua Sect.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that only two true holy lands, the Star Alliance and the Hao Hua Sect, would be left in the cultivation world in the future.

This was the result that Chen Heng wanted. It was also one of the reasons why he brought the Star Alliance in. Some things would not be as easy for him to do if it were just the Hao Hua Sect, and the effect might not be good.

However, if he had brought the Star Alliance in, some things would be slowly completed even if he did not deliberately do them, eventually achieving Chen Heng’s desired outcome.

By the time the others reacted, it was probably too late. But, of course, the reason why Chen Heng did this was not just because of this.

‘Next, we’ll see if the fish will take the bait…’ This thought silently flashed through Chen Heng’s mind as he sat alone on the Hao Hua Sect’s holy mountain, looking at the silver moon in the distance.

At the same time, changes were also happening in the distance, in another vast holy land.

It was a bustling holy land with a surging spirit aura. Its rich Gen Qi was not inferior to the Hao Hua Sect’s secret realm and seemed very prosperous.

This was the Star Alliance’s holy land and also its headquarters. The spiritual veins were huge, though most were drawn here. While conquering the holy land, the Red Lotus King personally shifted the spiritual veins in the holy land to this place more than once.

The huge number of spirit veins slowly piled up, forming a holy land as huge as this place. Its spirit energy made people tremble. Although even if they did not deliberately cultivate, their long-term living conditions would slowly sublimate, and many good changes were happening. This resulted from the huge amount of spirit energy, which seemed very shocking.

An old man’s figure stood in the middle of the holy land.

“Your Majesty…”

A young girl stood behind the old man. She looked at the old man and said softly, “According to the previous plan, those holy lands have already been conquered. Should we proceed to the next step?”

The young girl wore a set of golden armor, and there was a faint Golden Mark on her forehead. Although she was not extremely beautiful, she had an indescribable temperament that made people feel that she was unique. This was Lu Yao. The old man before her was naturally Philip.

“Let’s temporarily slow down.” A hoarse and indifferent voice sounded.

Listening to Lu Yao’s report, Philip looked indifferent, with no change in his expression. “There’s news from the Hao Hua Sect. They might make a move next. We should slow down to avoid accidents.”

“Okay.” Lu Yao nodded and did not have any objections to Philip’s arrangements.

After Chen Heng left, Philip, Chen Heng’s incarnation, became the supreme ruler of the Star Alliance. This time, the Star Alliance’s entrance into this world was also led by Philip.


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