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«Fantasy Simulator (Web Novel) - Chapter 583 – Ascending to Legend

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Chapter 583 - Ascending to Legend

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It took more than a month to get from Kaki to the ruins. But it took more than two months to get back from that area, almost double the time.

This was not only because of the increase in harvest and the large number of treasures obtained from the ruins but also because of the invasion of the Centaurs.

Chen Heng and his group had already stayed in the desert for four to five months. For such a long span of time, even if the desert itself was very barren, it was enough for the people around them to notice something was wrong.

It was still fine for the Kobolds, there weren’t much of a reaction from them, but there was a big reaction from the Centaurs. During this period of time, they had been sending out an endless stream of Centaurs to chase after them, as if they wanted to seize the things that Chen Heng and his group had obtained from the ruins.

Obviously, after Chen Heng and the others left, they had also discovered the ruins and saw the scene of the ruins being emptied. With the character of the Centaurs, it was only natural that they chased after Chen Heng and the others once they found out this.

Unfortunately, although the Centaurs were strong, that was only for the overall tribe. If the core powerhouses of the Centaurs had come, perhaps they could pose a threat to Chen Heng and the others. However, these were just some of the Centaurs that station around the border areas, and they weren’t worth Chen Heng and the others’attention.

Not to mention Chen Heng, even if it was just Orson, he would be able to sweep through them. But no matter what, this still more or less delayed their return time.

When they left Kaki, it was still a relatively hot summer. But when they returned, the Hatim Kingdom had already welcomed a cold winter. The cold winter was bone-piercing, and the cold aura enveloped everything.

Chen Heng rode on the main road, looking at the busy residents around him. They were gathering firewood to serve as winter supplies.

In the past few years in the Hatim Kingdom, although a lot of coal mines had been excavated under Chen Heng’s encouragement, due to the transportation and mining technology of this era, only a few areas could be resided.

Most of the places could only use the primitive method of burning firewood. This situation could not be solved, for the time being, so he could only look forward to the next development step. Riding on a horse and walking on the road, Chen Heng looked at the bustling scene of the residents around him, and this thought flashed through his mind.

After returning from the desert, Chen Heng felt something, so he made a different choice than usual. He did not return to his laboratory as usual. Instead, he led his men to patrol and observe the new country more concretely.

In his observation, the entire Hatim Kingdom had changed quite a bit. In the past, when the Karo Kingdom was still the same as the other places around it. It was because the land was vast and the population was few. The contradiction between the people and the class was not that sharp. However, survival was still difficult. But now, after seven to eight years of slowly changing, the differences could be seen.

After several years of war, the lords were originally divided in the Karo Kingdom had disappeared. They had died under the Dusk Cult or Chen Heng’s secret control.

The remaining ones had also been “persuaded” by Chen Heng to move their territories to the border area of the Hatim Kingdom. After losing the direct exploitative suzerain, there was one less layer of exploitation for the lower-class citizens. For the Hatim Kingdom, there was also one less middleman.

Of course, exploitation still existed. However, compared to the previous noble suzerains, the Hatim Kingdom under Chen Heng’s control was gentler. The law had already been implemented. However, at the current stage, it is still very simple. There were a few things like killing and stealing.

There was no other way. The uneducated public did not have a high degree of acceptance for complicated matters, so they could not be too strict. Therefore, compared to the laws of the public, it was relatively easier.

On the other hand, the missionary law for churches and sacrifices was much more complicated and strict. After all, sacrifices were all high-level intellectuals, so the specifications were naturally different.

Simple laws might not be able to manage too many specific things. Still, relatively speaking, the difficulty of implementation would be much lower, and the administrative cost would be greatly reduced.

As long as the basic implementation could be guaranteed and the credibility of the law was established, in the years to come, when the people gradually adapted to the current law and got used to it, then they would add it one by one according to the situation at that time.

Anyway, as an Epic, Chen Heng did not lack time. The gods of this world had existed for tens of thousands of years. Compared to these superior existences, the time Chen Heng had existed was only a fraction of the time.

After patrolling around and looking around, Chen Heng headed toward Kaki.

“There are many more people.” Orson could not help but say this after seeing the scenery of many places. As a Sixth Ring level High Priest, Orson had existed for a long time. He had already existed hundreds of years ago before the Karo Kingdom was established. He was the leader of the Church of Nature at that time.

In his impression, there were not so many people in this area back then. A large area had been abandoned. There was no one to farm or manage it. Many places were in chaos. There were wild beasts and robbers everywhere.

However, things were much better now. Although there were still many places that seemed deserted, the scene of robbers robbing on the road had basically disappeared.

This was because at this moment, in the Hatim Kingdom, there were not only public security officers who were responsible for cleaning up but also priests who were responsible for preaching Unless the ordinary robbers were extraordinary people, how could they resist the priests who had divine spells? Without the robbers, coupled with the active efforts to repair the roads and strengthen the connections between the various regions, the vitality of commerce began to emerge, making the various places much livelier.


This was not all good. The losses and bad events caused by these changes have happened more than once in these years. However, compared to these bad events, the benefits were much greater.

Walking on the road, Orson had many sighs. Unknowingly, his recognition of this country had improved a lot. From the establishment of this country until now, it had become like this because of him and the Church of Nature.

During the construction process, priests from the church of nature contributed. Many priests preached in various regions, treating patients, driving away beasts, and suppressing robbers everywhere.

They were naturally part of why the Hatim Kingdom had grown so strong. Of course, they had also obtained what they wanted through various means.

Not only their status but also their parishes. The current Church of Nature was the largest in the Hatim Kingdom, surpassing the other churches.

Of course, it was the same for the other churches. The newly born Hatim Kingdom was new and empty in most places. As long as one joined the country, they would be able to find their place quickly.

Of course, this situation could not last for long, but it was still a prosperous scene in front of their eyes.


After patrolling from the outside world, Chen Heng returned to the Palace of Kaki City once again and entered his laboratory.

Then, several months passed. During these months, everything in the Hatim Kingdom was calm and steady. Winter slowly passed, and the sunlight of spring came again.

Plants withered and flourished, and life and people perished, rinse and repeat. At a certain moment, an aura that those above the fourth ring could only feel appeared in the royal palace.


At the first moment, Orson walked out of the Church of Nature and looked in the direction of the Hatim Kingdom, his eyes filled with shock. He sensed that an aura that was originally extremely harmonious and blended with the surrounding nature exploded in the distance.

That powerful aura instantly overpowered everything. Like a giant dragon roaring toward the sky, it let out a voice that belonged to itself. A terrifying aura spread out in all directions, enveloping this world.


A sound like thunder was heard, followed by a huge domain. Within the Hatim Kingdom, the power that had already transformed into the embryonic form of a domain once again appeared. At this moment, it had already reached a new level of perfection. That aura spread out, enveloping all directions. In an instant, it enveloped the entire Kaki City, turning it into a domain that completely belonged to itself.

The various churches seemed to have sensed something strange. Light blossomed within each of the churches, and the divine power within the graven image gathered to envelop the area in front of them, forming a small domain that used this to block the domain that was being spread out in the palace.

The existence in the palace didn’t mind this either. He just continued to spread out his domain, affecting everything in the surroundings. In the end, the domain continued to expand, covering almost half of the Hatim Kingdom. “This is…”

Looking at this scene, the experts within the Kingdom of Hatim were all shocked. The embryonic form of the domain had completely transformed into a perfect domain. This was undoubtedly the characteristic of a Legendary Domain.

Without a doubt, this was the sign of King of Hatim ascending to Legend. Regarding this, no one was surprised. After all, King of Hatim had long been a Legend in the Main World.

No one doubted whether King of Hatim could ascend to legend. Anyone who had seen King of Hatim would understand that it was only a matter of time before he ascended to legend.

‘However, wasn’t this Legendary Domain a little too exaggerated?’

Orson was overwhelmed with shock within the Church of nature as this thought flashed through his mind. He wasn’t an ignorant mortal. On the contrary, he had seen many things in his long life.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen Legendary existences before. He had even personally come into contact with them. However, he had come into contact with the Legendary existences in the past, although they also had Legendary Domains, none of them were so exaggerated.

Although the domains of those Legendary existences were powerful, they could only cover a few cities at most. To be able to cover a small country was already considered powerful.

However, just like Chen Heng, once his domain was activated, it immediately covered more than half of the Hatim Kingdom. Orson had never even heard of it, let alone seen it personally.

This was almost inhuman. Even if it was a Legend, it was definitely a peak existence among Legends. It was not something ordinary Legends could compare to.

At this moment, anyone who saw this scene was horrified. Those who stood on the side of the Hatim Kingdom and were friendly with it were fine. However, those hostile to the Hatim Kingdom and harbored ill intentions towards it were frightened and even felt a little terrified.

Has the King of Hatim grown to such a level? With such a terrifying Legendary Domain, who would be able to kill him without the existence of a Myth?

At this moment, this thought flashed through the minds of many experts.

Such a massive Legendary Domain had even alarmed some own existences that were originally hidden in various places. Sensing the domain that Chen Heng had unleashed, they all subconsciously raised their heads. Their faces revealed a shocked expression as if they were also somewhat unable to understand.

“It’s this terrifying?”


Charlie had left the Oro Empire with great difficulty outside the Oro Empire. He was currently at the borders of the Hatim Kingdom. At this moment, when he saw the terrifying domain that had risen within the Hatim kingdom, he was similarly stunned.

At this moment, his strength was already at the peak of the Fourth Ring. His true spirit had also been birthed. Naturally, he could sense that terrifying domain that seemed to cover the sky and the earth. It was as if it was the power of the world.

From what he could sense, that domain was like a great ocean, suppressing all directions. It just landed there and gave people a feeling of being unable to resist.

No matter who it was, as long as they were below the Legendary level, they would be suppressed by the domain’s power when they entered that domain. There would be no exceptions. It was so terrifying that it was suffocating

‘I’m still a long way from the peak of this world…’

Sensing the terrifying domain in the distance, Charlie took a deep breath, and this thought flashed through his mind.

He stood where he was and watched for a long time. Then, he took a step forward and left the area, heading toward the outside world.

In the distance, muffled sounds continued from the sky like thunder. And on the ground, the domain continued to spread, spreading toward the outside world. Under the horrified gazes of many people, the domain did not disappear. Instead, it continued to expand. However, after reaching the area in front of them, the speed of the domain’s expansion slowed down. It was no longer as fast and violent as before.

However, this did not change the fact that the domain was expanding. It made many people horrified.

‘Does the King of Hatim’s power have no limits?’

At this moment, this thought flashed through many people’s minds, and they were shocked.

Some people were gasping for breath, marveling at the scene they saw. Under their gazes, this situation continued for a long time until it finally stopped after half a month.

The domain had expanded to its limit, and it no longer continued to expand outwards. Finally, it stopped at the border of the Hatim Kingdom.

This situation made everyone feel relieved. Then, the huge domain that almost covered the entire Hatim Kingdom began to shrink and disappear. Everything seemed to have returned to normal. Nothing else happened. The outside world returned to calm and peaceful. However, after witnessing the previous scene, no one dared to pretend that the previous scene hadn’t happened.

The lower-class people were still struggling. They could not feel the previous event, nor did it have the slightest impact on their lives. Everything seems to be unchanged, but some changes are taking place in the invisible.

In the Palace of Kaki City within the Hatim Kingdom, Chen Heng stood and looked at the scenery outside. At this moment, it was all black in his sight. The scenery outside was pitch-black. The night looked a little lonely, a desolate color.

Chen Heng stood there alone, quietly watching. It was not until a long time later that he made a move and turned to the other side. “In the end, this is all I can do.”

Feeling the extension of his domain, Chen Heng stood where he was, shaking his head. There was no sadness or joy in his heart.

He had been standing in this position for quite some time. It had been more than half a month now. During this time, he tried to further perfect his domain and expand it.

When he had just become a Legend, his domain had just been formed, which was most conducive to the expansion and perfection of his domain.

Therefore, Chen Heng took this opportunity to perfect his domain continuously. Compared to ordinary people, his accumulation was already profound, and his body had already condensed the Flesh of Laws. Whether in the Domain of Laws or other aspects, he was far superior to ordinary Legends.

Because of this, he had a terrifying domain that had previously covered almost the entire Hatim Kingdom and shocked countless people.

This could be considered a show of strength. To put it bluntly, even if someone wanted to attack Chen Heng and the Hatim Kingdom in the future, they had to reconsider if they had the capability.

Chen Heng also roughly estimated his strength. At this moment, he had already ascended to Legend, and in terms of level, he was still considered to be at Eighth Ring.

But in reality, after ascending to Legend, the accumulation that originally belonged to him was activated. For example, the divinity in his body and his Flesh of Laws. After reaching this level, some more powerful effects were activated and could be controlled.

Although he had just ascended, he was actually close to the peak of Legend. It could even be said that the next ascension was not that far away.

Of course, for Chen Heng, who already had the Flesh of Laws, ascending to a Ninth Ring Myth was just a matter of time. Just like what the Master of Darkness had said before.

Before Chen Heng ascended to the demigod level, there was no threshold at all. Only at the demigod level would he encounter difficulties after the god level.

A Ninth Ring Myth was a myth to others, but it was nothing to Chen Heng, who already had divinity and the Flesh of Laws.

At this moment, Chen Heng was thinking more about another problem. “At this level, according to the previous plan, it’s time to start the next simulation…”

Chen Heng looked at the outside world, looking at the dead silent sky, and then this thought flashed through his mind.

It had been a long time since Chen Heng had used his main body to carry out a simulation. There was no need for that before. After all, the results of his previous simulation had not been completely digested.

In that case, if he directly carried out the next simulation, it would only increase the problem. But now, it was the right time.


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