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«Extraordinary Genius (Web Novel) - Chapter 699 - The lucky Victor

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Chapter 699 - The lucky Victor

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Feng Yu knocked on the table lightly, indicating the dealer to start.

The dealer opened up a deck of new cards and took out the joker. Then, he spread the cards facing upwards for Feng Yu and Victor to check. Victor took a look and nodded. Feng Yu did not even look at the cards.

The dealer shuffles for a while, before giving out the cards.

The first card Feng Yu got was ace of spades and the second card was diamond K. He got blackjack in his first game. Victor only got 13. Base on the rules, Feng Yu won double.

Feng Yu laughed. “My luck is good today.”

Victor took out 800 USD and gave it to Feng Yu unwillingly. He signaled to the dealer to continue.

The second round, Feng Yu got a Q and 10, and he waved, signaling to the dealer that he will stand.

Victor frowned. Feng Yu got 20. How come Feng Yu was so lucky? He looked at his cards. It was J pair. He also got 20.

Now, Victor has a few options. First, he can stop asking for cards, and this round will end in a draw. But if it was a draw, it was considered the banker wins. The other option was to get one more card, hopping for an Ace. But the probability was slim.

But Victor still has a third option. He got two of the same cards, and he can choose to split. But his bet will increase.

Victor chooses to split the cards and bet another 400 USD.

After splitting, Victor got 2 more J! He was surprised. He had gotten all 4 J from the deck of cards. Victor was troubled. He could continue to split the cards or admit his loss.

“Ah…… Mr. Victor, you are really lucky. You got all the J from the deck. This is so rare.” Feng Yu purposely said.

Lucky? Victor thought to himself. That’s right. I could get all 4 J. That means it’s my lucky day today. Maybe I will get A next.

Victor chose to split the cards and increased his bets by another 800 USD. He was now playing 4 hands.

The dealer starts to deal with the cards. The first card Victor got was a 4, and he must get more cards if not, he will lose. The next card for the second hand was an 8. The card for the third hand was a 6, and the fourth hand was a 2.

All hands were less than 21, and Victor must Hit for all 4 hands.

Victor knocked on the table: “Carry on!”

The first hand got a 7, and the total was 21! Victor almost jumped up from his excitement. But based on the rules, the payout was only 1.25 times.

The second hand got a 3, and it was 21 again! Was my luck really this good today?”

The third hand got a 5, and the total was 21!

He got a 9 for his fourth hand, and the total was 21!

Victor got 21 for all 4 hands, and the payouts for all 4 hands were 1.25. Feng Yu had lost 2,000 USD!

“Hahaha, seems like my luck is good today.” Victor was about to laugh out loud but immediately stopped. He was afraid he might anger this Chinese businessman.

Feng Yu casually said: “This is the first time in my life to see these cards. You are really lucky. 2,000 USD? Here.”

Victor happily kept the money and tried to cover his smile on his face

After two rounds, the dealer took out a new deck of cards, and one of Feng Yu’s researcher walked over and said. “Can I join in? I have a few thousand RMB with me. I can play a few games.”

Feng Yu nodded: “It will be fun if more people played. If anyone else wants to play can just join in.” Feng Yu said to the rest.

Victor hesitated for a while and then waved to his assistant to ask him to join. Now, there were 6 people in the game.

Because Victor got 21 in the previous game, he will be the banker according to the rules.

The next game, Victor got Blackjack and won. Everyone got to pay him double.

Victor laughed excitedly.

The following games, Victor won some and lost some. But his wins were more than losses. Within an hour, Feng Yu’s translator, researcher, and 3 bodyguards lost almost all their money.

The researcher looked at Feng Yu and asked: “Boss, can I get an advance salary?”

Feng Yu took out 10,000 USD from his bag and pass it to that researcher. “What advance salary? I asked you all to play cards with me is to pass the time. Even if I win, how much can I win from you all?”

After a few more games, the Chief of the bodyguards also lost all his money, and Feng Yu gave him 10,000 USD too. After him, Feng Yu’s translator also lost all his money. Feng Yu also gave him 10,000 USD.

Victor and his assistant kept winning. Victor had got 21 a few times and won quite a lot.

By noon, after 2 hours of Blackjack, Victor had won 70,000 to 80,000 USD.

The stewardess came over and asked if they wanted lunch. Victor did not feel any hunger. He was on a roll and wanted to win more.

Within 2 hours, Victor had won more than his 2 months salary!

But when Victor saw Feng Yu and the rest looking tired, he did not ask them to carry on.

The stewardess served lunch. This lunch was too luxurious. All the dishes were prepared by a chef from a 5-star hotel. Victor felt he was too lucky to get to travel with Feng Yu.

These few days were the luckiest days of Victor’s life. He had won quite a sum from the morning Blackjack. If he could clinch the deal with Feng Yu tomorrow and sell those useless formulas to him, he would be able to get a transfer back to the US and also a promotion!

It seems that Victor’s luck had changed after meeting Feng Yu. He hopes his good luck would carry on forever.

After lunch, the researcher and the translator went to the bathroom. At the bathroom, the translator said to that researcher: “Professor Wang, you look too calm just now. You had lost quite a sum back then, how can you still behave this way?”

“Didn’t Manager Feng said that he will cover all our losses?” Professor Wang replied unhappily. How can a translator question him?

“Manager Feng didn’t tell you that you can keep all the winnings too? Those are all USD. The current exchange rates are 1 USD to 8 RMB. Do you know how much you have lost?”

Professor Wang’s face changed color. Huh? We can keep all the winnings? How come no one tells me earlier? I had lost 30,000 USD just now. That’s equivalent to more than 200,000 RMB!

When the translator saw the change on Professor Wang’s face, he was relieved. This way, Victor will not suspect anything. This way, Victor will not think that Professor Wang was wealthy and does not lack money. If he really feels this way, no one will approach him for help tomorrow.

“Professor Wang, don’t forget about our plan. If we are successful, our company will sponsor all your research fundings and still give you a reward. We will also help you send your son for overseas studies. Don’t forget what you are supposed to do!”

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