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«Evil Prince, Come Play With Me (Web Novel) - Chapter 795: Beauty Is a Double-Edged Sword

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Chapter 795: Beauty Is a Double-Edged Sword

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The north had such a beautiful woman. One look could overturn a city, and another look could overturn a nation; her beauty almost lit up the night.

Even Red Wolf and the other guards were stunned.

Mo Qian’er frowned. This woman was too beautiful. Most women who were as beautiful as she was would die young.

Her beauty was like a double-edged sword.

Mo Qian’er sympathized with her, but she also felt that it was dangerous.

Even Red Wolf, who was unmoved by anything beautiful, was moved by her soul-stirring beauty.

Mo Qian’er subconsciously looked at Lu Fenying.

His face clearly wasn’t as tense as before.

Red Wolf asked hesitantly, “Your Highness, should we take her to the town up ahead?”

Lu Fenying lowered the curtain and didn’t say anything.

Red Wolf knew that this was tacit approval.

Mo Qian’er clenched her fists in worry.

Even Lu Fenying was moved by the woman’s beauty. If the woman really had ulterior motives, Mo Qian’er was worried that something would happen to the baby.

“Your Highness, let the baby stay with me,” Mo Qian’er whispered.

Lu Fenying glanced at her coldly. “If he stays with you, then what about me?”

“You… you can sleep on that side.”

The carriage was spacious and there were golden cushions on both sides. They didn’t have to sleep together.

She couldn’t serve him at all in her current condition.

“Mo Qian’er, don’t piss me off if you want to live.” Lu Fenying pulled her into his arms.

Mo Qian’er thought for a moment, but still didn’t dare argue with him.

Lu Fenying hated being disturbed when he was sleeping. He had been woken up twice today, so he probably wasn’t in a good mood now.

That was why Mo Qian’er found it unbelievable that he was still willing to take the girl with him.

However, it was normal for men to like beautiful women.

Mo Qian’er felt that as long as he was willing to raise her son and stop abusing her, she would be satisfied.

It didn’t matter who he liked.

Besides, hadn’t he doted on Su Muwei all these years?

If there was someone to go back and fight it out with Su Muwei, Mo Qian’er would be able to live in peace.

Since she couldn’t touch her son now, she might as well sleep.

Mo Qian’er quickly fell asleep. Lu Fenying opened his eyes and looked at her sleeping so heartlessly, and his eyes turned dark.

She was clearly worried that he would bring the woman with him, but now, she had fallen asleep without a care.

Didn’t she care about that woman’s beauty at all?

Lu Fenying bit her neck hard.

Mo Qian’er murmured, “Your Highness, let me sleep.” She turned around and continued to sleep.

The next day, Mo Qian’er was roused by the baby crying.

She sat up in shock. “What’s wrong?”

The baby never cried. Had something happened?

She rushed out of the carriage with her hair in a mess. When she saw the wet nurse approaching with the young crown prince, she hurried over, only to be pulled into an embrace by a pair of big hands. “Don’t make trouble. Going out like this - you don’t want your body anymore?”

Mo Qian’er was only wearing a thin inner garment. She had been too worried about the baby to notice, but after he bellowed at her, she suddenly felt stiff all over.

Lu Fenying carried her into the carriage and looked down at her purple lips.

“If you do that again, I’ll send the baby back first.”

The carriage had been moving slowly these few days out of consideration for her body.

In order to make it back in time, however, they had to travel through the night.

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