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«Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm (Web Novel) - Chapter 164: The Black King Drake Falls

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Chapter 164: The Black King Drake Falls

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The pangolin was over twenty-meters, its body covered in hard scales and emanating a ferocious aura.

It was a rank-eight Feral.

And how much force could the full-power collision of a rank-eight Feral unleash?

As a result, Jiang He was sent flying hundreds of meters away before he slammed viciously on the dirt, knocking a giant crater as he smashed through the hardened ground.


Jiang He could not help rubbing his backside.

It was what landed first…

“Damn it!

“That vermin actually blindsided me?”

Leaping out of the crater with Dragon-Slaying Saber in hand, he once again cut his way into the horde of Ferals. With Ninefold Thunderblade, he unleashed a flurry of thirty-meter thunder slashes at full power, imbuing thunder will in each strike.

No Feral could take more than a slash.

On the other hand, Jiang He’s figure was exceedingly agile as he moved with Blind Princess’s Eight Practices, downing many of the Ferals, and many more merely hitting his afterimage.

It did not matter even if they managed to land a hit on him either—all he did was fly several hundred meters away, where he would rise to his feet again, dust his butt, roll up his sleeves and resume his rampage.

With his mastery over Indestructible Diamond and the protection of True Qi from his Strengthened Nine Yang Technique, Jiang He’s defense could ignore most rank-nine attacks.

At rank-eight pinnacle and after cultivating the Strengthened Nine Yang Techniques, Jiang He’s True Qi was abundant and he would never lose out against any top rank-nine martial artist—or even more superior individuals!

Moreover, he had cultivated the Ninefold Thunderblade up to the Third Fold.

This blade technique was made only to kill and has no guarding aspect to speak of, but its might was enough to help Jiang He mandatorily grasp the Boundary of Wills. In turn, with the buff from thunder will, chopping down rank-nine Ferals was now no different from chopping vegetables.

The most frightening part was Jiang He’s regeneration…

Having cultivated the Strengthened Nine Yang Technique up to the fifth tier, his True Qi was endless, and it did not feel like he was losing any True Qi even though he was only attacking with his most powerful strike.


Another rank-seven Feral fell to Jiang He’s blade.

Its head was sent flying as blood rained, dyeing Jiang He’s white Li-Ning jersey red…

“This jersey was genuine and over six-hundred bucks… well, I’m not losing out since a rank-seven Feral corpse could sell for ten million—moreover, there’s not just one rank-seven Feral.”

In merely five minutes, six rank-seven, two-ranked eight, and one rank-nine Feral had died to Jiang He’s blade.

His gaze then shifted as he took his blade to the rank-eight pangolin, which shrieked in fear and moved, its body shining in vague yellow gimmer as it quickly dug a tunnel and disappear.

Though Ferals had awakened not many powers, it was not few either. In the very least, it was common amongst high-ranked Ferals.


Suddenly, the earth quaked as a resounding rumble echoed—the Black King Drake which had been coiled around the steel tower had slammed its enormous form down on the ground and slithered towards Jiang He.


At its roar, the Ferals encircling Jiang He promptly retreated.

In fact, Chongming Island was quaking even more violently at its roar, and most frighteningly, the waters around Chongming Island churned, with jet streams shooting high up in the air. But as they descended from the horizon, they turned into towering water whirlwinds that streaked towards Jiang He.

“What the hell…”

Despite his shock, Jiang He raised his blade and kept slashing, tearing down the whirlwinds with much difficulty. In the next instant, however, his danger sense abruptly blared and he promptly turned to find a colossal dark shadow crashing down upon him.

It was the tail of the Black King Drake lashing out at him.

And how terrifying was that lashing?

It was moving at almost three times the speed of sound, its brute force leaving a trail of vacuum in the air!

“Dark Golden Combat Suit!”

The only thing Jiang He could do was equip his Dark Golden Combat Suit.

With a thought and a dim golden flash over his body, the Dark Golden Combat Suit materialized over his whole body.


In the instant that Jiang He equipped the Dark Golden Combat Suit, the colossal serpent tail had already landed. All Jiang He managed to think was ‘What the hell’ before he was slammed into the dirt.


The ground exploded.

Hard stone was no different from tofu under the strike of the Black King Drake’s tail. A deep ravine was immediately ruptured into the ground, the center of which was a human-shaped crater.

That crater was bottomless, and there was water actually splashing underneath.

The brute strength from the snake tail’s actually punched a hole into the island with Jiang He’s body.

“You mother—”

Jiang He cursed as he climbed out of the crater, blood dripping from the corner of his lips. He felt as if his every organ had been dislocated, and his gaze upon the Black Drake King now shows shock…

A top rank-nine Feral?

Was it supposed to be that powerful?

He had his Dark Golden Combat Suit made of SS-grade alloys, and was protected by both his Nine Yang True Qi and Indestructible Diamond. Even so, that snake’s tail whip left him coughing blood and with two broken bones.


The Black King Drake which was already slithering afar turned its massive head, it’s a look of surprise flashing in its dark-golden eyes as it breathed human speech, “A mere rank-eight actually survived my blow…”


Jiang He smoke, taking out a lunchbox with a turn of his hand.

He opened the box, which contained stir-fried eggplant over leopard python meat…

His hands were filthy. They were dripping with blood and sweat, but this was no time to be concerned about hygiene—quickly grabbing two pinches of the stir-fried eggplant over leopard python meat and stuffing it down his mouth, Jiang He could clearly feel his internal injuries and broken bones all mending.

Dumping the lunchbox and firing a few sparks out of the Dragon-Slaying Saber in his hand, he grinned. “Not bad, worm. Making me cough blood? Not too shabby.”

“You really want to die!”

The Black King Drake promptly opened its maw and fired a water arrow at him. Jiang He swung his blade in response, breaking the water arrow with much difficulty when his face fell…

The water arrow…

Was poisonous!

Swiftly taking out a Bezoar Detox Pill and stuffing it in his mouth, the poison was removed instantly, and Jiang He, blade in hand, charged towards the Black King Drake again.

Human and drake instantly tangled in a melee.

Having ascended as a genuine King Feral, the Black King Drake’s might was capable of instakilling most rank-nines…

And that was only because its recent ascension left it unaccustomed to its real power, thereby grasping strength above rank-nine.

Even so…

Jiang He was fearless.

For one, he was not aware of the Black King Drake’s ascension.

Secondly, with his Dark Golden Combat Suit, the Black King Drake would never kill him.

Even if it maimed him, several bites of eggplants would revitalize him.

Likewise, Jiang He could ignore its intimidating venom as well.

The Bezoar Detox Pills was basically an antidote treasure, and as the battle progressed, Jiang He kept a handful of those pills in his mouth, swallowing one if he even felt that something was not right.


The Black King Drake’s bellowed endlessly in utter frustration.

All of Chongming Island was quaking endlessly, most of it split apart with the river gushing and splashing in.

It felt like its Feral perspective was completely turned over itself.

What the hell?

Could he have ascended as a pseudo-king instead?

Was the ascension from rank-nine to king not supposed to be an ascension on the existential level?

Even the weakest King Feral would easily defeat and kill the strongest rank-nine individuals… and yet, after fighting for ten minutes and using almost all the methods available at his disposal, this rank-eight martial artist still remained alive?


“You’re not rank-eight!”

“You are definitely not rank-eight!”

Despite having sent Jiang He flying with another tail whip, Jiang He darted towards the Black King Drake once again as if he was unscathed, slashing his blade viciously on the creature’s body.

The thirty-meter thunder slash left a huge, gruesome gap upon the Black King Drake’s hide.

It rolled around the island in agony, crushing most of it once again.

Hissing in agony, it thundered in rage, “Human elite! You are utterly shameless and underhanded, hiding your cultivation to assassinate me…”

That was the only possibility the Black King Drake could think of.

It was not as if the creature had not fought top rank-nines before.

In fact, a while ago, it had repelled a top rank-nine elite, who had almost grasped the Boundary of Wills with perfection…

Even rank-nines had a hard time resisting its venom, and it rapidly weakened a strong rank-nine’s combat ability over time.

Now, it had ascended as a King Feral, and even if he only ascended this morning, its power had grown by more than half and its venom even more terrifying.


Abruptly opening its maw again, it sprayed a mouthful of thick black smoke that smelled like blood, shrouding Jiang He.

Jiang He quickly swallowed another Bezoar Detox Pill while cursing, “What the hell? Fight if you want to fight—why would you keep spitting your bile at me? So gross!


At that, the Black King Drake turned to leave.

No way would it keep fighting.

How was it supposed to fight? This must be a certain human champion who came, his cultivation deliberately concealed to take him out.

“You’re running?”

On the other hand, Jiang He was all smiles and gave chase, blade in hand.

He landed directly over the Black King Drake’s black and slashed at it wildly, almost cutting the creature in two.


The Black King Drake bellowed in rage and struggled, its gigantic tail slamming down on Jiang He once more.

Gritting his teeth, Jiang He took the brunt of the tail’s strike.

“What the hell…”

“My bones are breaking, at least a dozen of them…”

As his vision darkened, Jiang He almost screamed in pain, but he turned the agony into his strength to slash at the Black King Drake a few more times.


The Black King Drake was worried now.

Gaping its maw, it closed its jaws down upon Jiang He.

Then mansion-sized maw could easily swallow Jiang He, let alone Jiang He.

Even so, Jiang He was delighted—

“Been waiting for you!”

He threw up his hand.


A handful of strengthened pea bombs bounded straight into the creature’s gaping jaws, and in the instant that the bombs were thrown, there was a ‘snikt’ sound as the ocean of swords in Jiang He’s mind shuddered.

That single luminous sword in the sea of swords turned into a thirty-meter long Sword Qi that shot straight into the Black King Drake’s mouth.

In the next instant…


The dozens of strengthened pea bombs detonated inside the Black King Drake’s mouth.

At the same time, the sword Qi sliced through the creature’s belly.

With that, the Black King Drake body thrashed around Chongming Island as it struggled…

And eventually lost all signs of life.


Only then did Jiang He vomit a mouthful of coagulated blood.

Withstanding the pain, he took out a pair of chopsticks and more lunchboxes, leaning on the Black King Drake’s colossal body as he finished another plate of stir-fried eggplant over leopard python meat plus rice.

Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief. “That was close…”

“Those tail whips near the end almost blew me apart… I might not have survived if I didn’t heal in time.”

Rising to his feet, Jiang He then studied the gigantic corpse and Chongming Island which was almost sunk with a somber look. “I really did get full of myself, believing that anything barring top rank-nine elites and King Ferals would never kill me…”

“But this Black King Drake almost killed me!”

“There might also be rank-nine Ferals with more horrific talents compared to it in this world. They don’t even have to be powerful, but if they were anywhere between three quarters to twice as stronger as a Black King Drake, I’m going to be killed even with my Dark Golden Combat Suit…”

Jiang He clenched his fists.

After all, he felt an immense pressure.

He was still too weak!

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