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«Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: The Black King Drake Is As Gifted As My Dog Back Home

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Chapter 163: The Black King Drake Is As Gifted As My Dog Back Home

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The water tower ten kilometers away.

The martial artist working for Jiangnan’s Martial Arts Department (MAD) intelligence wing had yet to hang up on Wang Gang.

Wang Gang could hear the violent explosion even across the call.

And it was not fading even after a long time.

“What’s going on?” Wang Wang asked somberly.

“Rocket launcher… it has to be a nuclear rocket launcher. Heavens!”

An exclamation reached Wang Gang’s ears, and he did not even have to ask to know what had happened.

“Black King Drake, come face your death!”

Jiang He’s raging cry likewise reached Wang Gang’s ears from over the phone, making him shudder and almost dropping his phone.

“Has a divine-tier champion attacked?”

“No, divine-tier champions would not take action so easily, over they would start a grand battle between beings above rank-nine… could it be one of the top rank-nines?”

Wang Gang shivered inwardly.

That was too likely!

Even his intelligence wing had only learned of the Black King Drake’s ascension this afternoon—could that elite who was attacking Chongming Island be unaware of the Black King Drake’s ascension?

“Quick, connect me to Chief Qin right away!”

Wang Gang was absolutely nervous now.


Meanwhile, Jiang He was unleashing the full power of his aura.

His True Qi circulating, the silhouette of five colossal suns arose behind him just as Indestructible Diamond was being charged to full capacity, Nature Qi encircling him while waves of a dragon’s roar and an elephant’s trumpeting echoed. His figure then moved, casting the Blind Princess’s Eight Practices as he bounded over Chongming Island.

The river in front of Jiang He was over a thousand meters wide, but he did not pause, and simply landed on the surface before continuing above it.

Even so, the calm river was now surging with undercurrents, as various behemoths rapidly closed in from its depths.


Suddenly, there was a massive splash ahead, followed by a raging bellow as a gigantic Feral Crocodile almost thirty meters in length opened its fearsome jaw, biting down towards Jiang He.

‘Rank-seven crocodile?’

Jiang He thought, and his blade slashed out immediately.


There was a flash of thunder as his slash cut to the hair, instantly cutting the rank-seven crocodile in two. But in the instant that it landed back in the water, more aquatic Ferals came lunging.

There were rank-fives and rank-sixes, as well as two more rank-sevens attacking Jiang He in tandem.

Jiang He raised his blade and kept slashing, killing both rank-twos. Then, firmly stamping on the head of a rank-six crocodile, he leaped high above and landed on Chongming Island.


The crocodile’s skull instantly blew up.

At the same time, Jiang He handed on the shore to find the kilometer-wide river churning, every last Feral shrieking and bellowing as they swam in his direction.

“Horrific. Anyone with trypophobia would be throwing up at such a sight!”

Jiang He shuddered.

Aquatic Ferals were clustered together in the kilometer-wide river, the most eye-catching being a giant crab that stood over two-floors high.

Having a shell as hard as tungsten, it floated down the surface of the river, its enormous claws glinting in cool light…

It would definitely be delicious if it evolved into an emperor crab dish.

Nonetheless, drawing out a handful of strengthened pea bombs, Jiang He threw it all out on the river.


A violent radiance shone within the river, illuminating the light.

Then, to avoid any stragglers…

Jiang He threw more pea bombs.

He had an inexhaustible amount of these. Though useless against stronger Ferals, it was simply delightful to blow these Ferals beneath rank-seven up.


Suddenly, a loud burst of air could be heard. The emperor crab, ignoring the explosions was flailing its giant pincers as it came ashore and charged towards Jiang He.

Jiang He’s Adam’s apple twitched as he gulped, putting away his Dragon-Slaying Saber before killing the emperor crab with Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, and happily stuffed it into his System backpack.

Bloop, bloop, bloop…

Back in the river, bubbles were churning and vapors steaming.

The pea bomb’s effect was remarkably similar to fuel-air explosives, and after Jiang He threw down a handful of pea bombs in it, the water was now boiling.

Then, just as he was about to head towards the heart of Chongming Island, an idea suddenly occurred to him.

As he stared at the fish, prawns, crab, and other Feral remains now floating on the surface, Jiang He could not help musing, “What a shame. The river is moving, or the pea bombs would keep it boiling for a long time. After I kill the Black King Drake, I would have been able to have some steaming seafood…”

“Wait, that’s not quite right. Seafood is from the sea, whereas these Ferals are from, the river, so they are merely riverfood…”


His feet moved then, as he streaked towards the center of Chongming Island.

Jiang He was confused, however, since no Feral attacked him along the way.

Slowing down and downing a few blended qi pellets, he frowned slightly.

“This isn’t right…”

“Just before this, I could hear the resounding wars of Ferals from here, and judging from the sound and the aura, there should be a lot of rank-seven, rank-eight or even rank-nine Ferals here. So why I can’t see a thing?”

The plot was quite normal before—why would it twist after he reached the island?

Sure, there were many Ferals behind him, obstructing his retreat.

But if the plot had progressed normally, there would be Ferals standing in his way forward as well, and getting progressively stronger the further Jiang He went. Regardless, he would carve a path of carnage and eventually engage the Black King Drake, the final boss of Chongming Island and slay it.


Where are the Ferals?

“Whatever. Chongming Island is not that large—I could take my time finding them.” Jiang He muttered, taking more blended qi pellets.

He did not really use too much of his True Qi when he fought before that he needed the pellets to replenish it—this was merely a habit, like how other individuals smoke a cigarette or munch on a chewing gum when they were up to something.

And for Jiang He, chewing gum was no different from blended qi pellets… if there was one thing that separates these vices, it was perhaps the fact that the blended qi pellets were a little more expensive at three million dollars per pellet.

Walking several kilometers ahead, his eyes suddenly twinkled and he stopped.

There was a lofty steel tower just ahead, and a clearing between him and the tower.

And in that clearing, many enormous Ferals bearing imposing auras were prostrating themselves before the tower.

The steel tower was formerly a cellular tower, and there had been many buildings around it before, all of which were reduced to debris now.

And upon the steel tower was an even bigger snake than the leopard python. Around three hundred meters in length, its thick body was covered in black scales, and its head was the size of a mansion. Its scarlet tongue poked out as it leveled its dark golden eyes mockingly at Jiang He.

What made its special was two protrusions over its head that resembled two horns.


“You have guts, human. A mere-rank-eight would dare intrude upon my island?”

The Black King Drake spoke with a coarse, fearsome voice that rang beside Jiang He’s ears.

Jiang He could not help his surprise and replied, “Interesting, a worm like you actually talks instead of using spirit voice… You are as gifted as my dog back home.”

It was common knowledge that rank-seven Ferals could use spirit voice, and those above rank-nine were capable of human speech…

Even so, Jiang He’s common sense could not remain unaffected with Dumbo’s presence. Could the Black King Drake before him be the same too?


A furious bellow echoed from the maw of the Black King Drake as it raged, “You dare compare me to a dog?”

“I’m praising you, you know!”

Jiang He laughed out loud as his True Qi exploded instantly, the silhouette of five suns rising behind him as he charged directly towards the steel tower with the Dragon-Slaying Saber in hand.


The Black King Drake bellowed again, and ever prostrating Ferals promptly rose to their feet and lunged towards Jiang He.

“Fine attack!”

Jiang He laughed with utmost smugness as he swung his Dragon-Slaying Saber, letting loose a thirty-meter thunder slash into the night, tearing apart a rank-nine Feral that was leading the charge.


Jiang He could not help becoming taken aback after his attack.


“Am I that powerful now?”

“That Feral felt much weaker compared to the Third Elder of the Sky Demon Cult… it could not even survive a single slash from me?”


But in that instant, the ground beneath Jiang He’s feet split apart. A gigantic pangolin bounded out of the ground, slamming its enormous body directly on Jiang He’s body.

Like a rag doll, Jiang He’s body was sent flying hundreds of meters away, slamming heavily into the dirt.

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