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«Eternal Sacred King (Web Novel) - Chapter 2611: Defeating Grotto heaven!

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Chapter 2611: Defeating Grotto heaven!

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Translator: Legge

The situation had changed way too suddenly.

Earlier on, Desolate Martial and Shi Wunian were evenly matched. To think that Shi Wunian would be killed by a single punch from Desolate Martial in the blink of an eye!

Shi Wunian’s defeat came too quickly and suddenly.

The Immortal King experts on the peak of the Builder Tree could not react for a moment.

The Heavenly Kings of the Pure Land of Bliss were shocked and enraged when they saw that!

Shi Wunian was from Mount Meru of the Pure Land of Bliss. He was the strongest of the Buddhist monasteries in this generation and had just been conferred the title of the Supreme Arhat.

Who would have thought that Shi Wunian would be killed on the spot by Desolate Martial of the Fiend Domain the second day after obtaining the title of the Supreme Arhat!

Shi Wunian would most likely become the Supreme Arhat who died the fastest in history.

By the time the Heavenly Kings returned to their senses, the battle had already broken out.

The Martial Dao Prime Body attacked consecutively and none of the Perfected Immortal paragons of the two domains were his match.

Blood flowed like rivers beneath the Builder Tree!

The 200 Perfected Immortals and Arhats who could cultivate beneath the Builder Tree could be considered as the future, foundation and hope of the two domains.

They were the most outstanding successors of the major sects and factions.

When they saw the paragons and successors die one after another, the Immortal Kings and Heavenly Kings of the major sects and factions could no longer sit still!

No matter what, they had to save their successors first.

If Desolate Martial were to continue pushing forward, not many of the 200 Perfected Immortal paragons would survive!

The Supreme Immortal Kings of the two domains maintained their composures.

It was enough for ordinary Immortal Kings to step in for something like this.

If a Supreme Immortal King were to step in just to deal with a Supreme

Perfected Fiend, it would be too much.

Just as the Martial Dao Prime Body was about to take advantage of the chaos to kill Sword Immortal Yue Hua in the crowd, three Immortal Kings and four Heavenly Kings descended and blocked his path.

Seven Grotto-heaven realm experts arrived on the battlefield and released a tremendous spirit consciousness pressure, locking onto the figure of the Martial Dao Prime Body!

“Fiend, hurry and stop! The lust for blood is boundless but you can still repent! Lay down the butcher’s knife and you shall gain the chance of redemption to become a Buddha!”

A Heavenly King of the Buddhist monasteries chanted Sanskrit and raised his wooden mallet at the same time, knocking heavily on the wooden fish in his hands with a heart-wrenching sound!

Two other Immortal King experts extended their palms and suppressed the Martial Dao Prime Body as well.


Against the attacks of Grotto-heaven realm experts, the Martial Dao Prime Body did not retreat but advanced instead. With a cold harrumph, he raised his fist and punched twice, colliding against the palms of the two Immortal King experts!

When they saw that, a ridiculous and strange feeling rose in the hearts of the cultivators.

They did not know if Desolate Martial of the Fiend Domain was a lunatic or out of his mind. Wasn’t he committing suicide by fighting against Immortal King experts barehanded?

Bang! Bang!

The two Immortal Kings attacked at an extremely fast speed but retreated even faster!

In the blink of an eye, two Immortal Kings were sent flying by two punches from the Martial Dao Prime Body!

The two Immortal Kings were shocked. The moment they collided with the Martial Dao Prime Body, they felt an almost destructive divine power surge into their bodies wildly—the two of them could not defend against it at all.


The two Immortal Kings felt a sharp pain in their arms and the sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Under countless gazes, the flesh on the arms of the two Immortal Kings were torn and their bones were broken into pieces, bursting into a blood mist!

Their organs were shaken violently as well as they coughed out large mouthfuls of blood with dispirited expressions.


The cultivators gasped in shock.

During normal cultivation, Immortal King experts would use the Grotto-heavens they condense to nourish their bodies and bloodline. Their physiques were strong and their strength was shocking, far surpassing the Perfected One realm.

But now, two Immortal Kings were severely injured by two punches from a

Perfected Fiend in melee combat!

What sort of power was that?

How strong was Desolate Martial of the Fiend Domain?

The remaining Immortal King and four Heavenly Kings were shocked by what happened as well.

The five Grotto-heaven realm experts had a tacit understanding and summoned their minor Grotto-heavens without hesitation!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The five Grotto-heaven realm experts released their minor Grotto-heavens and did not dare to hold back at all. They channeled their Immortal King realm combat strength to the peak!

The troublesome and terrifying nature of the methods of Desolate Martial of the Fiend Domain had already exceeded their imagination.

They did not want to suffer a huge loss in the hands of Desolate Martial in front of everyone.

The Martial Dao Prime Body looked at the Immortal King and four Heavenly Kings with a cold gaze and a shuddering sinister aura.

Immediately after, the Martial Dao Prime Body channeled his blood qi and the deafening sound of a tsunami echoed from his body as his aura surged!

Two purple flames burned in his eyes as well. They were deep and bright and could not be ignored!

The next moment, the Martial Dao Prime Body strode forward once more and punched out against the five Immortal King experts!

That punch enveloped the Immortal King and four Heavenly Kings!

It exploded like fire and surged like the sea!

Although that punch seemed simple, it condensed all the Dharmic Dao and will of the Martial Dao.

It was unyielding and resisting!

It was true to the heart and allows one to exact revenge and repay gratitude as they pleased!

This was a simple punch without any unnecessary movements.

The Dao was simplicity itself.

The Prime Body’s fist was the Martial Dao!

All the Dharmic Dao and power of the Perfected True Martial Dao Body were gathered on that punch!


The fist of the Martial Dao Prime Body collided with the five Grotto-heavens opposite him and the surrounding void trembled.

Immediately after, the gazes of the Immortal King and four Heavenly Kings changed gradually.

The five of them looked at the Martial Dao Prime Body in shock and fear as tnougn cney were 100K1ng at a goa:

Bang! Boom!

Right in front of everyone, the Grotto-heavens that the five of them had just propped up were crushed by a single punch from the Martial Dao Prime Body and collapsed into nothingness.


The cultivators widened their eyes in shock and disbelief.

This scene had already exceeded the understanding of the cultivators.

The power of the Supreme Perfected Fiend could already cross the Perfected One and Grotto-heaven realm to reach such a terrifying level?!

Even the Supreme Immortal Kings on the peak of the Builder Tree stood up instinctively in shock!

Given their sharpness, they could naturally tell that Desolate Martial’s punch earlier on did not involve the power of a Grotto-heaven.

In other words, Desolate Martial of the Fiend Domain had yet to advance to the Grotto-heaven realm.

That punch merely made use of the power released by his body and bloodline.

Even so, it was already so terrifying!

Although the Immortal King and four Heavenly Kings had only condensed minor Grotto-heavens, the minor Grotto-heaven was still the strongest technique of Grotto-heaven experts—how could it be destroyed by a single punch?

Even for them, it was difficult for them to do that without releasing their major Grotto-heavens.

When the five minor Grotto-heavens collapsed, the Immortal King and four Heavenly Kings were shocked. They no longer dared to stand in front of the Martial Dao Prime Body as they retreated hurriedly to avoid him.

Seven Grotto-heaven experts had just charged forward when they were dispersed by a few punches from the Martial Dao Prime Body.

The moment the seven Immortal Kings retreated, the Perfected Immortal paragons beneath the Builder Tree were exposed to the Martial Dao Prime Body once more.

The gaze of the Martial Dao Prime Body shifted and landed on Sword Immortal Yue Hua!


Instantly, Sword Immortal Yue Hua felt his hairs stand on end and his scalp tingle. Even his body no longer seemed to be within his control.

He was targeted!

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