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«Esper Harem in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 985 Reincarnation?

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Chapter 985 Reincarnation?

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After a brief, contemplative silence, the girl finally spoke. "Yes, in a sense, we all serve as pawns of the mother universe. But is that not true for everyone, whether in your existence or beyond? Why lament it? What is it that truly troubles you? What made you upset?"

Rudy's silence spoke volumes as he grappled with these revelations.

"Everyone who is born and lives will ultimately meet death," the girl continued. "And it's not a matter of reaching a particular age. People of all ages meet their end every day. Your death is simply one among them. A tool used and then discarded? I wouldn't frame it quite that way. You lived a life that you, or anyone else for that matter, could never have experienced, all thanks to the powers of the overlord. If you remain dissatisfied, does it not render you an ungrateful hypocrite?"

"Now, now, let's not go that far," the kid interjected, his voice carrying a note of understanding. "The Lords are randomly chosen, the Elder Lords are chosen by their compassion, while the overlord is selected with the sole purpose of destroying the world. That's why they are known as the final and ultimate Lord."

Rudy, still unable to move, listened intently to the conversation, his posture seemingly alert despite his statue-like condition.

The realization that the decision to destroy the universe was seemingly thrust upon Rudy against his will weighed heavily on their discussion. He never sought these powers, nor did he ask for this duty. Thus, the notion of ingratitude was brought into question.

The girl's voice carried a tone of frustration as she retorted, "Are you on my side or his?"

"I am on neither side. I am neutral," the kid responded with a measured tone, "And I would also like answers to my and his questions."

The girl, although unexpressive due to her nature, acknowledged the truth that had been presented. "Yes, everything you've said is true. But if it wasn't him, someone else would have been chosen in his place, and they would have done the same thing. Perhaps the world might have already been destroyed, which would mean that Rudy and all his loved ones would have met their demise. You must grasp the fact and accept the reality that, regardless of the choices made, they culminate in a singularity."

"The custom of names was introduced later. The early people simply used to mimic the person they were trying to refer to. Although, yes, naming each other made it easier for everyone. However, I do not need a name. I am alone, interacting with no one except the lords, elder lords, and the overlords. I don't need a name," she stated, underscoring her solitary existence and her unique role as an overseer of the Lords and their worlds.

The kid nonchalantly remarked to the girl, "You said the same thing to me when I asked you the same question when we first met 15,000 years ago."

The notion of a 15,000-year history piqued Rudy's curiosity. '15,000 years ago?' he inquired. 'I thought you were supposed to be 18 years old.'

The kid provided an explanation, shedding light on the peculiar nature of their existence. "Well, my current age is only 12 years old. But my soul is 15,000 years old," the kid disclosed. "Your soul is the oldest in existence."

Rudy remained puzzled. 'I don't understand.'

The kid exchanged a meaningful look with the girl before elaborating further to address Rudy's perplexity.

"You have reincarnated three times so far," the kid explained. "As I said earlier, the duty of the overlord is to destroy and start a new reality. We are currently in the third reality, which means you are the third overlord."

This revelation left Rudy with more questions. 'But I was told that all the lords possess the power to start a new reality…'

The kid clarified further, "That is true to a certain extent. You see, the Lord can destroy the universe and create a new one, but it would take place in the same reality. The previous lords have done that, and it hasn't changed the reality. Only the overlord possesses that power."

"However, Nyxia was an exception. She changed her fate," the kid added.

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