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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1729 Pandemonium & Chaos

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Chapter 1729 Pandemonium & Chaos

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"So? I told you that being reckless wasn't a good thing, Pandemonium," the man shrouded in shadows greeted the king of demons with a mischievous smile.

Pandemonium was rather furious, he disliked how cocky this bastard was, and if it was up to him, he would have already killed him.

But there was a promise, an oath binding him. It wasn't that he was honorable enough to honor what he promised to the Flame Emperor.

However, as he was revived, the Flame Emperor used his last spark of divinity to reassemble him, binding his existence to an Oath.

That he would assist this man on winning the Inheritance.

"Tch, shut up."

Pandemonium walked away, standing rather far away from the shadowy man, as he saw the damage Drake had inflicted on his body.

His Left Arm was missing. Well, it wasn't exactly his complete arm, but a piece of his hand, including three fingers, what was missing.

An entire arm could never be found, as he had been divided into much smaller pieces when he was torn apart and sealed.

The rest of what made his arm was the flesh of monsters and draconic beasts that the Flame Emperor had secured and transformed.

Yet, even if it wasn't a whole arm what he exactly lost, he couldn't help but feel furious.

Drake not only stole it, but he also ate it. The connection he felt with that piece… immediately disappeared.

"Why he… Why he from all people had to obtain the Seed of Gluttony in specific?!" thought Pandemonium. "The only capable of regenerating endlessly… Dammit!"

As he complained, he opened a Demon Gate in front of him and then calling something inside.

"Legion, give me a new arm, the strongest you can create."

"Yes, master."


A mass of flesh with countless jaws, tentacles, eyes, and limbs surged from the gate, aberrantly expanding around his body, and then pulling back into the gate.

Once it dragged itself back into the Demon gate and it closed, Pandemonium now had a new arm, one he had specifically designed within his Realm.

Several eyes opened across his new arm, as he felt an intense amount of power surge from within it. After all, there were over ten million demon souls inside.

"This will have to do for now…" he sighed. "Nothing can truly replace a piece of my true body… But this… it should be enough until I can get it back. Alongside my lung."

He glared at Drake, who was being hugged by his family and friends, they felt relieved he was alive and fine. His crimson eyes were filled with fury and… jealously, tremendous jealously.

At first he only saw Drake as an ant worth nothing, but as they continued fighting until now, he got to know him better, and he learned to hate him even more.

Everything new he learned about him fueled his hatred. Their rivalry, merely something that just happened, now had become quite personal to him.

He had everything he could have ever wished for…

A loving family, friends, a place to belong to, and a fulfilling family.

He lived as a hero who everyone supported, and was a venerable, worshipped by all.

He was the last hope of the dragons, and their new ruler, the Dragon King…


And what was he?

He was sent here out of nowhere millions of years ago.

Turned into a monstrosity that slowly ate away at his own mind and perception of reality.

Went mad after being tortured by thousands of years to have his powers extracted…

And commands a legion of endless demons, who all are insane, horrendous beings that worship him only because he unintentionally created them.

The only spark of light in his entire horrible life…

Was her.


He looked at the wielders of the power she once had, squinting his eyes. The two women that accompanied Drake anywhere, his wives.

They held her powers, the powers that rightfully belonged to his beloved…

"I never cared when they split me apart, but even now I grieve you…"

He touched his heart, closing his eyes.

A fragment of her heart was within his core, yet she never responded to him.

Devoid of mind, devoid of her personality, of everything.

Fragments of his old memories flashed through his mind.

Of the first time he met her.

It was after two hundred years of torture.

When the Ancient Gods of Yggdrasil Summoned him, grabbed him, and placed him inside a Primordial Divine Artifact.

Which constantly drained his blood and energies, allowing them to wield his powers, which they then used to fight the Dragons and Titans…

The agony he felt every day, after having been pulled away from his seemingly boring, yet normal life…

Looking back at the life he had as a human he hated so much, he always thought how lucky he used to be.

It was after two hundred years that his first attempted escape happened.

He broke through his chains, still unable to properly understand his powers, and ran.

He ran and ran, as fast as he could from them.

The monsters that kept him chained, the monsters that kept torturing him without any reason.

The bastards that treated him like nothing but a tool.


And in that time, he broke through their enormous temple, reaching somewhere else entirely.

A huge underground hall, completely black, only faintly illuminated by the lights of the divine machines encompassing the entire room.

"Who… is it?"

And there, he saw her.

Perhaps the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his entire life.

Someone like him, chained, and endlessly bleeding.

Her once big fairy-like wings were broken, so she couldn't escape.

Her eyes were pulled out, she was blind, and could only have them closed.

With long, silvery-white hair.

Charcoal black skin, and a white dress, with a body battered, covered by countless bruises.

Her wounds constantly bleeding black miasma, an energy the gods were trying to use to create enough power to kill Ymir and Tiamat, the only ones stopping them from getting the world of Yggdrasil for themselves.

"You're… like me…"

Pandemonium barely could walk due to how weak he felt, crawling towards her.

He was enchanted by her beauty, and enthralled by the sympathy he felt with her.

"You… you're also from Earth?"

The girl asked him a question.

"I am…"

Pandemonium managed to reach her.

"H-Hold on… I'll break the chains for you, just wait there and-"

The girl suddenly shed a tear as he touched her little hands.

"You're so warm…"

Pandemonium kept trying to free her, but his strength was lacking.

He couldn't muster his powers as he could now.

"They're here… you have to run… away…"

The girl tried to tell him to leave her behind.

"No… I can't leave you behind! You're like me… We're on this together, now…! And…"

"There he is!"

"Catch him!"



His eyes widened as he saw three powerful Gods rush towards him, and a golden spear pierce his heart.


A tall, muscular old man quickly fell over his body, crushing his arms and legs and breaking them with his sheer power.

"Who said you could run away, dog?"

"L-Leave me alone! I don't want to go back!"

Pandemonium, against his will, was dragged back.

He glanced at her one last time, as she seemed to be looking down, full of despair.

"D-Don't despair!" he roared. "I'll… come back and save you! No matter what… No matter how long it takes me…! I'LL COME BACK!"

"Ah…" the girl lifted her head, as she felt moved by his words.

The first words of warmth she had heard after thousands of years…

"Do you promise it?"

"I… do…!"

"I'll be waiting… for you…"


The gates closed, as he was thrown back into his divine machine, reinforced and strengthened, constantly weakening him, and extracting his powers.


Pandemonium looked at the blazing letters that appeared in front of all participants.

The Second Trial was about to begin.



Pandemonium's eyes widened, as he immediately shed a tear.

Within the core of his very self, a small black and purple flame blazed.

The powers of chaos that were close to him, their essence seemed to awaken something.

"C-Chaos?! Are you there?"


"You're awake…"

"It… hurts…"

"I know it hurts… I know… It'll be okay. I'll be fine."

"Where am I… what… happened?"

"A lot happened… But I am still here, for you."

"Pan… I missed… You… I slept for so long… an endless… nightmare…"

"I know… That nightmare is not over yet…"

"It's not…?"

"Don't worry… You're in my heart now, you're safe. I'll recover your powers, and I'll revive you too."

"Pan… I… I love you…"

"I love you too…"

The father of all demons.

The mother of chaos.

Their love, that has lasted for millions of years…

At long last, they shall be united.

And once more, the world shall be plunged into the Grand Era of Destruction.



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