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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1611 Defeating The Boss!

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Chapter 1611 Defeating The Boss!

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It wasn't a fair fight at all. Although the Boss had the power to conjure deadly Phantasmal and Shadow Magic capable of damaging and piercing souls, with the combination of my Soul Gear, my Soul Shields made of Aether itself, and my potent blows, the beast was unable to harm me at the beginning.

I was also too big of a target, too many areas to hit, too little accumulated damage. My soul had become stronger, and when I converged its Demonic, Draconic, and Titan powers into one, it became several times mightier.

The combination of Divine Soul Pierce and Piercing Blow created an amazing synergy, these two Divine Abilities ended becoming the core of my damage. Combining their effects with my Divine and Demonic Weapons quickly overwhelmed the "small" dragon, which kept conjuring phantasmal flames, storms of them, attempting to engulf me with them.

However, it was futile most of the time, as I constantly conjured Holy Sun and encompassed my body on an Armor of Holy Light and Frost, managing to take a lot of the damage that should have gotten to me.

The circumstances were greatly different than when we fought against the fox. For once it wasn't an incredibly fast foe. Second, we were not being limited with our sizes because of the small environment, and third, I had grown rather good at using the Soul Ether Arts I copied from that monster, giving me a greater defensive and offensive power against powerful Soul Beasts.

Benladann and Miranda, naturally, also helped. The Phantom Dracolich constantly attempted to fly into the skies and attack from a distance, but it was being pummeled down over and over again by them. Their gigantic axe hacking through its bony body, tearing pieces off it constantly.

My attacks and Benladann and Miranda's blows were the ones that dealt the most damage to the physical body of the Soul Beast King, while our children, Benladra, Kate, and Drakda continued firing spells from afar. Miranda's robots were really useful at distracting it, and when fused with Benladra's holy light, they dealt effective damage against the Dracolich, weakening it severely.

It was a thing of time, after being overwhelmed with constant blows, the Dracolich slowly started crumbling down to pieces, its external bony shield disappearing, only to reveal its true form, a Phantasmal and Ghostly Dragon without physical body, capable of passing through physical matter and sometimes even ignore our attacks.

It was quite the surprise, but not something that made things more difficult, it did make them slightly more complex. But after I used Mimicry on it, I was able to also become pseudo-Phantasmal, a sensation I hadn't experienced in a while since my Mortal Dragon days when I evolved into a variety of Phantom and Death related Dragons.

With this Phantasmal Body, I was able to not only copy its abilities, but touch its body. Its Phantasmal Techniques were quickly neutralized as I used them against him, and when I cornered it down into the rooftop using my phantom body, which could touch its phantom body, Benladann, Miranda, and my kids ganged on it as much as possible, accumulating damage while I kept hacking, piercing, and slashing it with my weapons.


Eventually, with a loud, weakened roar, the Divine Soul Beast King perished, its entire Phantasmal Body shattering into pieces, as if it had become glass. It wasn't a hard fight at all, it took a bit of time, but through it all, it felt like we knew exactly what to do and how to win.

We've become better at handling Soul Beasts, that's for sure.

"I-It's done?" Wondered Benladra. "We did it! As family! We are the best and strongest family ever!"

"Yeah!" Celebrated Kate.

"Yes, well done!" Benladann separated from Miranda.

"You did well, Drakda! You did just as mommy told you and stayed in the back, amazingly done!" Miranda hugged our son.


"Well, it is done indeed." I nodded, slowly reducing my size to relax. "Let's collect everything first."

I collected all the bones and the crystalized, shattered phantasmal soul body of the Phantom Dracolich, as the message of the castle's workings finally arrived. fre ewebn ovel

[Congratulations! You have defeated the mighty boss, completing the [Phantom Dragon's Abandoned Castle] as a Party!]

[Rewards will be distributed based on the amount of damage dealt against the boss per person, and the amount of time taken to defeat it as a Party.]

[Total Time Spent: 6 Minutes, 39 Seconds.]

[Calculating, Party Member Drake has dealt a total damage of 37% to the Boss, Ranking 1st]

[Maximum Rewards Bonus has been given.]

[You gained: [+500.000.000 Divine Power] [Dark Dragon Blood Elixir (SS Grade)] x6 [Crystalized Phantom Heart (SS Grade)] x6 [Darkness Divinity Fragment] x40 [Phantom Divinity Fragment] x40 [Random Divine Ability Ticket (SSS Grade)] x2 [Divine Spirit Evolution Ticket (SSS Grade)] x2 [Divine Ability Fusion Marble (SSS Grade)] x2 [Dark Phantom Dracolich Weapon Treasure Chest (SSS Grade)] x1 [Dark Phantom Dracolich Armor Treasure Chest (SSS Grade)] x1]

A pile of rewards appeared in front of us, although the pile of rewards varied based on amount of damage dealt. I got the most rewards, followed by Benladann and Miranda who got an equal amount, then Benladra, Kate, and Drakda.

"Woah, this amount of rewards is insane, papa! I got so much Divine Power too!" Benladra celebrated. "I feel super-duper strong now!"

"Graarr! Rarr, rarr!" Drakda didn't knew how to use half the items, but he ate the blood elixir bottles and the phantom hearts.

"This is a lot of stuff…" Kate was overwhelmed. "I'll use it to see if my soul can get a bit stronger."

"So many rewards! Thank you so much for everything, grandmother-in-law!" Said Benladann.

"A-Ah, it's nothing, hahah." Grandmother laughed, looking at us with disbelief. "You sure massacred my dungeon… I guess now that's empty, I should repurpose it into a new one with new soul beasts later… Well done, nonetheless!"

"Thank you." I smiled. "Now, shall we celebrate with a big barbeque?"


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