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«Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1214 Confrontation

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Chapter 1214 Confrontation

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Knight Commander Henry never expected that a day like this would ever grace his life. Although he had been recently given the title of Knight Commander after the previous one's disappearance, he was brimming with happiness and the desire to prove his queen he was a worthwhile servant of the Sea God.

Through his entire life he had always thought he was better than others, but never truly recognized. A man with an incredible intellect and magical potency, born in a family of High Mermen, who lacked fish features aside from their gills, scales, and long tails. Strangely enough, the less "impure" their features were, the higher these noble families were in society.

He envied the brutish "lowly" mermen of the country and hated the previous knight commander. Learning he had most likely die by the hands of a new enemy filled his vile and selfish heart with joy. It hasn't even been a week ever since his death but now he, finally obtained the title that he always felt was only for him.

And to make things even better, he was granted a divine mission by the sea god himself through the oracles that the queen was able to hear! Armed with incredible new equipment blessed by their god, Henry gathered his strongest men, over a dozen mermen with the best constitutions, coming from the highest noble families, and who were all, at least, Rank 5 in Cultivation!

"Fufu, the previous knight commander merely had a very high compatibility with these God-given armament, but his current rank was always quite low. Isn't it good that we, the truest inheritors of the legacy of our families have been given the opportunity to show our god we are worthy of his trust?" He laughed, commanding his army who all agreed with him.

As he utilized a small compass enchanted by their god, which showed the fluctuations of energy emanated by the blue shards and helped him detect where the "Evil Dragon" was moving to, he slowly glanced back at the suburbs.

"Such an unworthy sight of our country… Soon, I will make sure we erase from our country all the unworthy. Only the highest races must inherit the earth and our island's plentiful treasures… Once I defeat the Evil Dragon with my God-given powers, I might earn enough reputation to begin the cleansing! Father and mother will be rather happy."

Like many of the corrupted nobles of this island, Henry believed in racial superiority and elitism. He was taught since he was a child that he was superior to others, and through his advanced intellect and magical powers, he was always given the reason of his superiority to the other "lowly ones" that lived in the suburbs.

The "cleansing" was nothing but a disgusting plan the heads of the many noble families had been plotting with the new Queen of Aquaias, which would ultimately sacrifice all the lives of the poorest of people and those they deemed as "lowly ones" for the cleansing of the country, so no "filth" would remain in the island, and the true elite would inherit it all.

Holding into his sword tightly, he scanned his surroundings utilizing his Rank 5 Mana Sense, enchanted with his divinely enhanced gear. In seconds, he finally sensed the presences of his targets.

"We found them." A cheeky smile surged on his flawless and pretty face, his long blonde hair fluttering by the cold wind of the Salty Swamps. "Men, follow me!"

He quickly led his army, rushing towards his targets, and finally meeting them face to face. His eyes opened as he gritted his sharp teeth, anger clear in his face.

"We've finally found you, Evil Dragon, herald of the malice of the outside world!" He roared, pointing his sword at a very tall Ice Giant man wearing clothes not of this country, more wester-like in attire than the Arabic-like clothing of this country.

His tall height, powerful musculature, and sharp, draconic eyes pierced through Henry's weak soul and will, yet his stupidity and the power of his gear helped him gain bravery from nowhere other than his endless selfishness.

"Evil Dragon? Me?" Asked the man.

Henry quickly realized he was not alone, accompanying there were two other Ice Giant women, a tall and muscular one, resembling an Amazonian goddess wearing a suit of silver scaled armor, and the other, a smaller ice giant woman, was wearing a black dress with silver heels, looking like a lady of the darkness.

And behind them, there were two little ice giant children, curiously glancing at the men, yet not fearful at all of their presence.

"Don't try to play around now, you evil-born lunatic! The compass of our god doesn't lie! Show us your true form!" Roared Henry, his aura growing stronger as all his knights prepared for battle.

The ice giant man in front of him smiled confidently, his eyes growing redder as a darker, evil aura surged from his body… a powerful and malicious aura which combined black and red colors grotesquely, his ears grew pointier and his fangs grew longer, an immense bloodlust emerged from the man.

"T-That aura…!"

"Is he…?!"

"Could it be, an accursed vampire?!"

"But how come he can walk in the middle of the day?!"

Henry felt surprised by his target's true nature, a dreadful vampire! He had only heard rumors about these monstrosities, but they were said to be a menace.

Many years ago, this island was infected by a vampiric curse, and it took many generations to completely get rid of them from this country. It was truly frightening to know these monsters were back.

Even then, Henry valiantly did not hesitate.

"If you're not going to respond our questions, then there's little point in talking! Men! Attack! Do not go easy on the children either, they are the accursed kids that defeated the other knights!" Henry roared, the knights auras exploded with powerful divine essence.

However, as they confronted their targets… they all smiled confidently.

"How generous of you to bring us such a nice aperitive." Said the man, his shadows suddenly spreading into an endless swarm of bats.


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