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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 1759 Great Gains

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Chapter 1759 Great Gains

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[Your Party has defeated [Giant Fiery Red Ant Soldier (A+ Rank)] x126!]

[You earned 4410000 EXP!]

[Your Party has defeated [Giant Fiery Red Ant Queen (Rank A+++)] x1!]

[You earned 1500000 EXP!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 73 to Level 74!]

[All Your Stats have increased!]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points.]

[The rest of your Egos and Summons have acquired a large sum of EXP]

[Bubu] Level has increased to Level 48!]

[Colora] Level has increased to Level 45!]

[Shadrach] Level has increased to Level 40!]

[Shadrach] has reached Max Level]

[Shadrach] can now evolve]

[Black] Level has increased to Level 41!]

[White] Level has increased to Level 41!]

[Aquamarine] Level has increased to Level 41!]

[Silva] Level has increased to Level 38!]

[Yggdra] Level has increased to Level 50!]

[Yggdra] has reached Max Level]

[Yggdra] can now evolve]

I guess everyone got their level ups and all, but for me, I also got some new Skills and Titles, I didn't noticed them when I fought, but now that I look closer, the notifications are all in there, hehehe…

Now time to check the Status!


[Name]: [Kireina Chaos Lucifer] [Rank]: [B-]

[Race]: [Primordial Chaos Phantasmal Nightmare Butterfly (Divine Species)]

[Job Class]: [Nightmare Master]

[Subclass]: [Phantasmal Sorcerer]

[Level]: [67/80] -] [74/80]

[EXP]: [410000/2700000]

[HP]: [85150/85150] -] [88300/88300]

[MP]: [529500/529500] -] [554000/554000]

[Strength]: [67850] -] [71000]

[Agility]: [70750] -] [73900]

[Vitality]: [73650] -] [77500]

[Intelligence]: [109100] -] [114000]

[Dexterity]: [79900] -] [84100]

[Divinity]: [26900] -] [27250]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Primordial Power: Supreme Goddess of Chaos and Demise: Lv2] [Primordial Elemental Affinity: Lv--] [Divine Caterpillar's Endless Growth: Lv--] [Origin Fragments: 3/10: Lv--] [Item Box: Lv--] [Spear of Khaos Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv--] [Spear of Ginnungagap Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv--] [Necklace Of Aquamarine Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv--] [Dao Summon: Lv7] [Dao Barrier: Lv5] [Dao Aura: Lv5] [Divine Authority Summon: Lv7] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Evil Eyes of Malice: Lv6] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Primordial Chaos Wings: Lv5] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Chaotic Claws of Demise: Lv5] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Exoskeleton Armor of Chaos: Lv5] [Body Shapeshifting: Lv5] [Maxima Summon Connection: Lv3] [Divine Element Embodiment: Lv3] [Intimidating Chaotic Aura: Lv3] [Cosmic Energy Comprehension: Lv3] [Abyssal Dream Domain: Lv3]

[Body Skills]: [Divine Species: Lv7] [Legendary Beast Body: Lv7] [Mana Drain: Lv9] [Health Drain: Lv8] [Deadly Venom Production: Lv7] [Insectoid Legs Creation: Lv8] [Miasmic Ooze: Lv7] [Overeating: Lv9] [Toxic Scale Powder: Lv6] [Supernatural Sense Perception: Lv7]]

[Resistance Skills]: [Strike Damage Resistance: Lv10] [Darkness Resistance: Lv10] [Fire Resistance: Lv9] [Pain Resistance: Lv10] [Light Resistance: Lv7] [Fear Resistance: Lv5] [Poison Resistance: Lv10] [Ice Resistance: Lv6] [Wind Resistance: Lv6] [Chaos Absorption: Lv--] [Blood Resistance: Lv5] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv5 [Death Resistance: Lv4] [Earth Resistance: Lv5] [Acid Resistance: Lv5] [Cosmic Resistance: Lv2] [Dream Absorption: Lv--]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Mighty Caterpillar Bite: Lv10] [Acrobatic Maneuvers: Lv10] [Roll: Lv10] [Harden: Lv10] [Spike Attack: Lv10] [Explosive Projectile Body: Lv8] [Cooking: Lv5] [Haste: Lv9] [Soul Eater: Lv6] [Commanding: Lv7] [Shadow Spearmanship: Lv6] [Magic Knife Arts: Lv6] [Armored Body: Lv3] [Cooking Arts: Lv2] [Alchemy Arts: Lv2] [Smithing Techniques: Lv2] [Agricultural Arts: Lv1]

[Magical Skills]: [Confusion Ray: Lv9] [Chaotic Beast Summon: Lv9] [Divine Aura: Lv10] [Divine Domain: Lv8] [Phantasmal Aura: Lv8] [Chaos Beam: Lv10] [Appraisal: Lv8] [Telekinesis: Lv9] [Fireball: Lv10] [Cutting Wind: Lv10] [Ice Spike: Lv10] [Purification: Lv10] [Holy Flames: Lv10] [Abyssal Ice: Lv10] [Chaotic Bullets: Lv8] [Blazing Meteor: Lv8] [Blood Feast: Lv8] [Blood Calamity: Lv6] [Soul Manipulation: Lv6] [Fartalk: Lv5] [Dirt Block: Lv6] [Yggdrasil Spirit: Lv5] [Purifying Blazing Holy Fallen Star: Lv4] [Spatial Blink: Lv4] [Phantasmal Puppeteer: Lv4] [Heaven's Gate Judgement: Lv4] [Nightmare Cage: Lv2] [Dream Drain: Lv2] [Phantasmal Flames: Lv2] [Invisibility Veil: Lv1] [Niflheim's Frost Queen Arts: Lv1]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [The One Cursed by The Root: Lv--] [Another World Summon: Lv--] [Cocoon of Chaos: Lv--] [Demon Lord Slayer: Lv6] [Saint of Purification: Lv7] [Terrifying Menace: Lv6] [Senseless Cannibal: Lv5] [Taboo: Uroboros: Lv4] [Beast Slayer: Lv6] [Mister Chef: Lv4] [Aberration: Lv5] [Vermin Slayer: Lv8] [Devourer of Souls: Lv4] [Abyssal Demon Fragment Wielder: Lv4] [Awakened Calamity: Lv4] [Plant Killer: Lv5] [Feared by the Gods: Lv3] [Dao Child: Lv3] [Undead Slayer: Lv4] [Magic Teacher: Lv3] [Monster Exterminator: Lv2] [Awakened Divine Elemental Deity: Lv2] [Eldritch Authority: Lv2] [Divinity Slayer: Lv2] [Supreme Divinity Of Chaos and Demise: Lv2] [Yggdrasil's Gardener: Lv1] [Fire Monster Exterminator: Lv1]

[Divine Protections]

[Divine Protection of Chaos, Primordial Deity of Chaos]

[Job Class/Subclass History]

[Job Class]: [Vampire]

[Subclass]: [Soul Shaper]

[Available Divine Authorities]

[Deadly Sin: Gluttony] [Divine Virtue: Humility] [Crimson Blood] [Primordial Chaos] [Destruction and Creation] [All Consumption]

[Available Daos]

[Fortune] [Defiance] [Demise] [Summoning] [Gates] [Demonic Sins] [Path Jewels]

[Path Jewels]

[Monarch of Gluttony: Lv3] [Void-Born Horrifying Spatial Aberration: Lv1]

[Available Stat Points]: [240]

[Available Skill Points]: [395]

[Can gain 10 Stat Points and Skill Points with each Level]

[1 Stat Point = 50 Stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity)]

[1 Stat Point = 100 Stats (HP, MP)]

[1 Stat Point = 20 Stats (Divinity)]


Nice, everything went up greatly and… Huh? I think I got two new Skills.

Oh yeah, I did!

[You learned the [Niflheim's Frost Queen Arts: Level 1] Magic Skill!]

[You acquired the [Fire Monster Exterminator: Level 1] Title Skill!]


[Niflheim's Frost Queen Arts: Level 1]

A special Skill that can only be learned by those that have mastered the power of ice control and have become one with the ice spirits, while comprehending the greater meaning of the ice element. Utilizing these techniques brings a greater connection with the element of ice and the primordial queen if ice, Skadi. Abilities Power and Effects increased by +25% with each Skill Level.

Available Abilities:

Level 1: [Reflective Ice Mirror] [Freezing Gaze]

Level 2: ???


[Fire Monster Exterminator: Level 1]

A Title awarded to those that have exterminated a large amount of fire type monsters. Increases Damage Dealt Against Fire Type Monsters by +50% With an additional +20% with each Skill Level. Additionally, increases Resistance to Fire Type Damage by +40%.


Amazing Skills as I expected.

These Skills granted me some new tools to play with. First of all the new icy skill grants techniques with each level, which is a mechanic I am up for. Reflective Ice Mirror creates small mirrors similar to those that Aquamarine can summon, but smaller and less potent.




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