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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 2263 The Mocking Aberration

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Chapter 2263 The Mocking Aberration

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The horrid scream of the Spawn reverberated across the entire dark palace, almost half of its internal structure now in shambles. It was being constantly pulverized by a gigantic mechanical titan, a culmination of Charlotte's unfinished creations, further powered by four of Kireina's wives Cosmic Souls.

It resembled a stylish and incredible mechanical titan, its torso being dark silver in color, with both arms being gold, and both legs being red, it was embedded with countless magical and cosmic jewels to power every inch of its body.

In the back, there were a pair of long feathers, part of Nephiana's specialized falcon-shaped mechanoid specialized on speed and movement, its wings now unleashing slashing attacks made of emerald winds, constantly cutting through the Spawn's defenses.

Redgaria also unleashed his attacks, explosions of Nether Flames, capable of consuming flesh and making it decay, alongside burning souls themselves, constantly exploded, engulfing the aberration with them.

Yet relentless, the aberration continued trying to regenerate endlessly, its flesh and bones were being crushed, but they bubbled, moved, and groaned in unison, rapidly unifying back together.

They were constantly trying to reform anew, to be born anew!

"What is this thing?! It's creepier than anything we've fought before!" Nephiana cried.

"Isn't Kireina kind of like this too, Nephiana?" sighed Altani. "But you're right, this is strange…!"

"It won't die!" Faylen cried. "We can only buy time until Kireina's-"

"Focus!" Charlotte called for their focus, as the aberration suddenly attacked.

As its body burned and regenerated back constantly, it suddenly grew several mouths at once, each mouth gave a different scream, invisible sound shockwaves hitting the mech from several points, creating huge explosions.


The Cosmic Mech was powerful for a reason, resisting the deadly blows yet gaining several cracks and internal damage. Charlotte's powers allowed her to easily repair such errors and damage towards mechanical creations, but it was still too slow compared to the amount of damage it was accumulating.


Redgaria finally completely snapped, rushing towards the monster and fusing with many more Undead at once, becoming larger and monstrous himself, resembling a giant made of rotten flesh, and covered on an armor of black and white bones, with a veil of phantasmal flames.

He grew a second weapon, a huge spear made of bones and phantasmal spectral energies, impaling the monstrosity with it and then slashing it with his scythe, constantly attempting to stop it from doing what it was doing!



However, the aberration roared with utmost fury of its own, quickly spinning in midair and growing several gigantic, red-skinned hands, smashing through Redgaria's defenses with mighty punches that released explosions of Abyssal Blood Soul!



Redgaria could not continue to keep up with the monstrosity, his energy reserves were finally beginning to run low. The only reason he had lasted this long was because of Phantasmas energies, which he inherited after fusing with her last fragment.

But even that now was running out!

"You've got to be fucking with me!" he screamed in frustration. "RAAAH!"

He swung his scythe horizontally and vertically, as a cross-shaped wave of cosmic prowess reached the aberration, whose body was regenerating rapidly.

This time, it didn't look skinny, somehow, through this process of destruction and regeneration, it was only growing stronger.

Its new body looked more and more muscular, its empty eye pockets gained bright crimson eyes, and it even was growing blonde hair over its head, and black horns!


With a maniac laughter, the Spawn rushed forward, using his six bare fists to block Redgaria's powerful attack.

"It evolved?!"

Redgaria gritted his teeth as he gathered all his last energies into this attack.

He channeled once more that power, the ability that he gained by manipulating and using Maxima Essence combined with his attack.

The power to skip through space, to literally "summon" an attack elsewhere within his visual range!

"Dammit, come on, come on!!!"

Redgaria screamed as all his cosmic energy was used in that split second.

Demiurgus' Spawn's six giant, blazing fists ended hitting the empty hair, its crimson eyes widening as it saw the attack Redgaria unleashed reaching its back instead.

And not only that, but multiply itself not once, not twice, but ten times!



Before it could process what was happening, the aberration was cut into ten pieces, shredded into bloody pulp, it collapsed over the floor completely, its eyes kept looking at Redgaria, as the necromancer collapsed on the ground.

"Hahh… I-I did it…?"

He looked at the aberration, its flesh…

Was beginning to sew itself together again.

"No way…"

Redgaria's crimson eyes opened wide again.

It felt like it was all for nothing.

This thing would simply not die.

Whatever Demiurgus original powers were, they had begun to endlessly evolve the moment most of his body was destroyed.

"Haahhh… Haaahhh…"

The beast started gasping for air as it started to regrow anew, new limbs, new heads, new everything. its body and shape becoming larger, more defined, not too muscular this time.

It was as if it was slowly improving its own body shape, becoming stronger, more refined, more perfect.

"A… Aaah…"

It tried to speak with its head, slowly forming into the handsome face of a demon and angel-like man, with long blonde hair and pointy black horns.

"Aha… Hah… Hahah… HAHAHAHA!"

And it laughed at Redgaria.



The thing didn't even speak, it just laughed.

It mocked Redgaria's weakness, and then it looked at the mech over the floor.

And it laughed at it too!

"Kahahaha! GRAHAHAHA!"

It couldn't stop laughing.

For a being that could endlessly evolve and grow more perfect…

Everything was just a joke!

The internal desires of Demiurgus gave birth to this monstrosity.

His true power, his true abilities, it was all around giving birth to this thing.

An ultimate embodiment of his true desires.

The endless pursuit for power, and to stand above all else.

Since his previous life that he was like this, it was something he suppressed, and that was only born once he died.

"Aha! HAHAHA!"

The monstrous half-demon and half-angel-looking Recessed Spawn slowly started to walk towards Redgaria, conjuring a giant spear of red and golden light.

The spawn opened its mouth, about to speak at long last.

And its first word ever was…




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