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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 2143 Surpassing All Limits!

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Chapter 2143 Surpassing All Limits!

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"[Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Body] + [Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Ego] + [Impenetrable Primordial Chaos Armored Cocoon Body] = [Void-Piercing Spear Arms Of Umbral Chaos: Hades]"

Kireina transformed four of her six arms into four gigantic spears, piercing Shub-Niggurath's body after she warped behind her. The hard armor the Outer Goddess materialized around her body of almost no use. As she was instantly impaled four times, miasma splattering out of her wounds.



Shub-Niggurath's body divided into two, as she swiftly spun both body parts at the same time. Her arms swung a gigantic silver spear made of Materialized Decelerated Time Flow, piercing Kireina's body countless times, enormous holes appearing over her body. Her armor finally broke, blue blood oozed out of her body.



With a furious roar, Shub-Niggurath took ahold of the Time Flow of her surroundings, trying to drain as much out of Kireina to accelerate her own. At a speed that most would only see as simple teleportation, her second half transformed into a huge pair of jaws, attempting to eat Kireina whole.

"I'll eat you and be done with it, you annoying piece of-"

However, in the stopped time, Kireina moved. Her eyes shining with bright cosmic light, her blood transforming and changing shape. Her skills activating in unison. Her Authorities fusing and emerging out of her Wing's automatic cosmic domain. A wave of Demonic Flames, Freezing Miasma, and Spiritual Essences of many elements fused with her blood.

"[Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Blood] + [Absolute Cosmic Enchantment: Ego] = [Star-Consuming Poisonous Needles Of the Chaotic Abyss: Nyx]"

All of her blood absorbed her cosmic powers and her Authority Aura, before the Outer Goddess could react, the barrage of needles pieced her entire body and shattered her armor once more. The needles then injected deadly poison made out of purifying and holy Chakra, Mandala's powers activated, burning Shub-Niggurath's insides as explosions of golden flames erupted out of her body.



Shub-Niggurath felt her own past and present converge, memories of her life coursing through her mind, tormenting her. Memories of her upbringing, of her struggle to grow stronger, of all the monstrosities she did, of all the lives she destroyed. Of all the worlds she ruined. She felt little about such things, she wasn't a being that could even feel guilt to begin with. But through Mandala, she was tormented by them, she felt their weight like never before, and she also felt the agony of the lives she made suffer.

"S-Stop this…! Such an annoying power! How come… You possess Mandala?! That's not something a mere mortal like you should have!" Shub-Niggurath grew mad, her arm-tentacles materializing more gray-colored Time Spears, attacking Kireina while being on a state of confusion and wrath.

"It's the power I was born with." Kireina answered, she definitely didn't sound like the Kireina from before. She talked as if she had just been born.

"Is that really Kireina?" Asked Gaby, looking concerned. "It feels odd… Like there's something weird about her. Has she ever been this cold and emotionless before? Even when she gets angry and merciless, she's not like this."

"It feels almost robotic, yes." Alice nodded. "But it is definitely her, she evolved…"

"She gained a name, you girls." Lucifer smiled. "You might not be too familiar with that yourselves. But she has evolved into an Outer Goddess and has been given a new name. This most likely conflicted with her sense of self… She is now what her name is. But might go back to normal over time."

"She's struggling though! That Shub-Niggurath's too strong! Does she really plan on killing that monster?!" Aarae cried. "We should help her somehow!"

"I understand you care about your mother…" Lucifer said, her sharp eyes glowing with bright golden light. "But I would recommend you leave her on her own. The amount of powers and abilities she gained has warped her sense of self, alongside her new name. She might not recognize any of you."

"W-What? Mom… would not recognize us?" Valentia muttered. "That's bullsh*t!"

"Valentia, calm down." Gaby sighed.

"Lucifer, what do you mean?" Agatheina asked the Archdemon King of Hell.

"I mean what I said." Lucifer said. "And also, because she has become so emotionless and… robotic, it also means she's not taking risks without considering them properly. Kireina, despite her Realm being confined at Tier 10 of the World Devourer Realm, is much stronger than that. I can feel it, within her, a constant connection to another Universe, fueling her with enormous power."

"The Maxima Universe?" Wondered Luminous. "I do remember she killed the ruler of that place using a combination of Ego and Abilities… Her [Defiance] trait made it possible for her to destroy Concepts."

"Concepts, I see. Makes sense now." Lucifer nodded. "I think her evolution has given her that very ability, but now she can unleash it passively… Although not to its full extent yet."

"What?!" Luminous coughed. "T-That's… How strong is that Shub-Niggurath monster anyways?"

"Probably a Pseudo Primordial right now. As strong as a Galaxy Ruler of Tier 10, I believe." Lucifer wondered. Everyone lost their minds after she said her estimations. "You know how many Realms above Peak World Devourer are those? Four whole realms, each one with ten tiers… World Devourer, Star Eater, Nebula Assimilator, Black Hole King, and then Galaxy Ruler. Yet she's dealing so much damage… It's incredible. It is as if Kireina's whole build, skills, and abilities were made for her to fight beings several times stronger than her. This must be her [Defiance] taking effect. It thrives the more uncertain and hopeless her situation becomes. And grants her the power to breakthrough all with defiance against the heavens. After all, it is a Reality-Rank Trait, the highest Rank a Trait could ever achieve."

"W-What? I'm not following well…" Valentia was slightly confused.

"It is as if she was a baby holding a gun capable of killing Shub-

Niggurath in a hundred shots, right?" Luminous asked. "Meanwhile, Shub-Niggurath is an adult. Much stronger, much more powerful, yet Kireina still has the gun that can kill her. And nothing changes that."

"Exactly, a good way to put it~" Lucifer giggled as she saw Kireina fight. "Now, I wonder if she'll make history again. Show me what you can truly achieve, my dear Kireina."

"Mom, please… Win!" Valentia cried. "You need to win so we can save Scarlet!"


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