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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 2047 Demonic Red Dragon of Wrath Transformation

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Chapter 2047 Demonic Red Dragon of Wrath Transformation

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As Agatheina was fending off the Barbarian Demons coming from Satan's army with her many powers, she glanced at the battle between Kireina and Satan, feeling utterly shocked by how Kireina was handling him like a ragdoll!

Not only did she devoured one of his true arms, out of the six giant ones he has on his true body back on Hell, but she had now blew up his vessel's chest twice in a row, all while his body was constantly being covered on deadly wounds, while his energy was being drained away.

"Kireina-sama… So much domineering power, such strength!" Agatheina thought, feeling excited, blushing, and beginning to breathe heavily. "T-This is WHY I feel in love with her! So much strength! So much authority! Not even the Archdemon of Wrath himself can keep his composure before her!"

Agatheina was literally orgasming as she saw Kireina's domineering power, the Demons she was fighting were being slaughtered one after another, blood splattering everywhere, which she continued drinking or controlling to fight back even more!

Her Level kept rising, so her stats had increased quite a lot. Right now she was already almost at Tier 4 of a Supreme Goddess of Blood Realm! The Barbarian Demons were being pushed back constantly, even those that might be comparable to Supreme Gods of Rank 8 were being constantly weakened by her many spells and skills.

"Why is she so damn strong?!"

"Compared to the Gods of other worlds, the Gods of Genesis are truly on another level!"

"This is the only world we've not been able to conquer even when the Hell Gate was placed in there for eons!"

"It makes sense now; the Gods of Genesis are truly incredible…!"

"Keep attacking, eventually she'll grow weaker!"

Although the Demon Barbarians were holding on that hope, Agatheina was seamlessly slaughtering them all as they came…

"Fufufu, there are so many of you, let's make sure to give Kireina-sama a good show!" She laughed. "Ah, I better save your corpses so she can eat them later!"

Meanwhile, Kireina blew up the chest of Satan's vessel a second time, throwing him several meters away. His large body collapsing over the arid lands of Ravenfolt.


"URGH…!" Satan vomited a mouthful of blood, feeling his bones shattering.

He quickly attempted to recover and regenerate his vessel's body once more. If Kireina could do it, he could clearly do it as well!

However, the moment he tried, he felt like he couldn't. Millions of small, microscopic, little worms were slowly devouring his body through every wound, inhibiting their regeneration.

This was the power of Kireina's [Soul Feasting Abyssal Caterpillar Jaws] Fusion Skill, which not only could be used as deadly swarms, but also to weaken foes and inhibit their regeneration.

Kireina knew very well that the stronger a foe, the more their ability to regenerate became, so she always had to have some trump card to stop that from happening, or at least slow it down!

"W-What the…?! What are these things?! Worms?! Parasites?!" Satan panicked. "S-She can do this too?! ARGH…!"


Kireina's heels quickly pierced his open chest wound, even after his heart was blown to bits, his vessel was still alive. Of course, it was still as strong as a World Devourer Realm, even if a mere vessel…

"Your Vessel is truly powerful." Said Kireina. "But this is the end, Satan. I'll devour it all…"

Kireina greedily and gluttonously glanced at Satan's vessel, as her aura slowly transformed into a gigantic jaw, ready to devour him!

"Hahahah… No, I don't think so!" Satan laughed manically.


An almighty shockwave was unleashed from his body! Kireina attempted to devour it but she was unable to devour everything so fast, being quickly sent back several meters away from him.

"What are you doing now?" Kireina asked angrily, suddenly noticing something. "Oh?"


Thousands of Demonic Souls were all flowing towards his destroyed body, which slowly disintegrated into ashes, his Will emerging and fusing with the souls!

"This is why you shouldn't had messed with me, Kireina!" Laughed Satan. "I am an almighty Archdemon, someone way, WAY above you! You're nothing but an annoying cockroach, that keeps on coming back no matter how many TIMES we stomp on you!"

"{Demonic Red Dragon of Wrath Transformation}!"

His body slowly started to transform, using only the souls as his new vessel, a gigantic beast was born, overflowing with perhaps ten times as much Demonic Power, slowly taking the form of a monstrous, demonic dragon made of dark red and black demonic energy, covered on crimson wrathful flames, and with three heads, four wings, six arms, and five tails, covered on crimson scales!


"Hahaahha… HAHAHAHA! Admire my power! This is the mighty Authority that I bring upon this pathetic world! I am well known in the description of the Bible's Apocalypse! Do you know of… the Red Dragon?!"

Each of his heads held a golden crown as well, further enhancing his power. Each crown represented a fragment of his real body's power!

"Hoh, the Red Dragon?" Kireina smiled, looking at Satan not as a threat, but as one mightily tasty snack instead. "I barely known that one, do you really think you're that recognizable?" Laughed Kireina, looking at the gigantic being exuding an almighty aura, so hot that it burned and melted his surroundings, generating a volcanic landscape in mere seconds.

"You really never stop joking around, even before death, huh?" Laughed Satan. "Is this your coping mechanism, Kireina?! {Wrathful Draconic Infernal Claws}!"


In a split of a second, Satan appeared above Kireina's body, his gigantic claws descending towards her and unleashing an almighty barrage of attacks! His size of over three hundred meters made it so his six gigantic claws were at least as big as sixty meters each!



Kireina was quickly overwhelmed, her entire body slashed, burned, and crushed dozens of times in just a few seconds, followed by a gigantic kick into the skies!



Satan opened all three of his gigantic jaws, unleashing a triple breath attack!

"{Wrathful Red Dragon's Triple Breath}!"



Kireina faced the three breaths, incapable of fully regenerating in time, her skills were unable to destroy the flames either!

She was… truly overwhelmed!


Or was she?

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