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«Endless Path: Infinite Cosmos EPIC (Web Novel) - Chapter 2292: Accidental Exposure

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Chapter 2292: Accidental Exposure

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Staring out across their shared battlefield, a veritable sea of animal girl bodies, nearly a hundred different Vahn's couldn't help succumbing to a profound reverie. They had been fighting for so long that they completely lost their sense of time. However, in the end, it was not the horde of cute, beautiful, and incredibly enthusiastic girls that won out. No. Once again, it was the Sage Dragon Emperor that had emerged supreme.

"We did it…"

Hearing the soft utterance of their brother, the other Vahn's all nodded their heads in concert. Then, starting from the periphery, each began to disappear into thin air. In the end, only a single Vahn remained among a field of more than ten thousand panting, mewling, and twitching women.

Just as Vahn was about to begin his search for the original, one of the 'surviving' Sis Corps members nearest to his feet grabbed his ankle. He looked down to find a petite cat girl with hazy pink eyes and ashen grey hair that extended well past her lower back. He immediately recognized her as Kaya, one of the 'Nekomini Maid Corps' that had assailed him near the beginning of the battle. She was nearly identical to her twenty-seven sisters, but Vahn could tell each of them apart without issue.

Putting as much strength as she could manage into her grip, Kaya issued a euphonious, "Myaastah…don't go…"

"Still got a bit of fight in you, eh…?"

Though he risked setting off a chain reaction in the surrounding Sisters, Vahn waved his hand to levitate Kaya from the ground. She was a little on the small side, around 144cm, but he still drew her close and gave her an intense kiss as she locked her legs around him and willfully guided the tip of his glans to her steamy entrance.

Fortunately, though Kaya cried out with a cataclysmically loud mewl when she dropped her hips, Vahn was able to suppress the sound as it escaped her lips. A few of the surrounding Sisters began moving about and making sonorous noises, but that was primarily due to the 'resonance' caused by Vahn's Sex Divinity…


After making his way through several other 'survivors', Vahn finally arrived at the epicenter of the cataclysmic battle, a large circular region occupied by a single slumbering figure with short black hair, tanned skin, and feline features.

Sensing Vahn's approach, the figure immediately stirred away, a dreamlike smile developing across her face as she teased, "Long time no see~? Oh my…"

Even before the cat-like woman had finished speaking, she found herself lifted into the air and supported by three nearly identical men. When they propped her up and spread her legs, she offered absolutely no resistance. Instead, she extended her left hand, willfully spreading apart her vulva to reveal a thin yet constant stream of lubricating fluids as she inquired, "Is this what you came for~?"

Without any hesitation, Vahn inserted himself into the woman in a single thrust. Her back arched as a silent scream emanated from her throat, but that wasn't enough to deter the four men surrounding her. Instead, they began to knead and caress every part of her body as the version of Vahn directly behind joined his counterpart in probing the woman's depths. He just took a very different route.

Feeling something hot and thick invade her rear, a giggle emanated from the woman's throat as she mewled, "Naughty boy…". Then, using her own version of the Hands of Nirvana, she began dexterously stroking the glans and shafts of the two Vahn's flanking her…

Breaking the woman's concentration, the Vahn in front of her leaned in as if he were about to kiss her. She eagerly extended her tongue to receive him, but before their lips could meet, he whispered, "You've been a very bad girl, Sis…"


Surprised by Vahn's words, a feeling of panic washed over Sis, her mind racing to understand what she had done wrong. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as she was expecting. Following his words, Vahn brought lips close enough to touch hers as he added, "If I had known you were this lewd, I would have claimed every version of you years ago…"

Feeling a sudden and pleasurable heat spreading through her body, Sis became keenly aware of the fact that two of the Vahn(s) had inserted their rainbow-hued hands into her body. She could feel them caressing the literal core of her existence, her features rapidly shifting between her ten-thousand-three-hundred-and-thirty-nine offshoots as Sisters across the battlefield began to disappear.

"Vahn…wait…it's too much…"

Shaking his head, Vahn allowed his other selves to disappear as he fell with Sis against the pillowy surface of the bed-like realm she had created near the start of the 'battle'. Then, with his fingers linked through hers, he leaned close enough that his lips tickled the delicate hairs within her cat-like ears as he said, "No matter what happens, I will always love you…just as you have always been here to pull me back together, I will do the same for you…"

As her rapid transformations came to an end, Sis's body tensed as Vahn's mind completely blanked. His previously steady heart began beating like a drum in his chest as he asked, "Is this the 'real' you…?"

Pulling her hands from Vahn's, Sis hurriedly covered her face, furiously shaking her head as she insisted, "It's a misunderstanding! This is just the form closest to your heart…!"

While doing his best to suppress the shaking of his body, Vahn scanned the pale and petite woman pinned beneath him. She had short, somewhat messy auburn hair, a lithe body, and, before she had hidden it away, Vahn noticed that were a shade of leafy green set within a lightly freckled face. The only differences between her and the woman Vahn was imagining were her tiny horns, her pointed ears, the lion-like tail protruding from her lower back, and the reptilian scales covering her hands, forearms, calves, and feet.

Feeling a sudden and overwhelming urge to pull out for the first time in his life, Vahn nearly did exactly that until he noticed the tears escaping from beneath Sis's hands. His panic and confusion were immediately replaced by a feeling of guilt as he pulled her into his embrace before shifting to a seated position and hugging her as tenderly as possible.

"Shhshhshhhshhh…it's going to be okay, Sis. What did I just finish saying? No matter what happens, I will always love you. I was just…really, really surprised…"

After a fair amount of sniffling, Sis lowered her hands to reveal a pair of large, green, teary eyes. Vahn could feel his heart seize in his chest the moment they made eye contact, but he quickly suppressed any and all feelings of discomfort as he tentatively inquired, "This is just a form you adopted…right?"

Understanding Vahn's concerns, Sis sniffled a few more times before resting her forehead against his exposed chest and meekly replying, "It's difficult to explain…however, no matter how things might appear, I'm not your mother. It's just…there was a time when I really wanted to become her…"

With most of Vahn's memories being recycled through the Kaleidoscopic Wheel of Karma, the most prominent image within his mind at the time of Sis' creation was the memory of his mother. Vahn had actually been lying through his teeth when he claimed to have always wanted a big sister to take care of him. In truth, the one thing he had always yearned for, even after thousands of years of existence, was his mother's embrace.

Long before she had taken on the traits of people like Chloe, Sis had silently watched over Vahn in the guise of his mother. She would even visit him whenever he had nightmares, slowly weakening their influence over his mind by introducing Vahn's most significant source of comfort. This was the actual reason Vahn rarely dreamed back in the Record of Danmachi. Sis had actively suppressed them so that he wouldn't have a mental breakdown upon discovering her in the form of his mother.

Exhaling a breath he didn't even notice he was holding, Vahn surprised Sis by releasing her from his embrace, an indescribably affectionate smile on his face as he asserted, "You're so fucking adorable…"


Since it was pretty unusual for Vahn to curse, Sis was momentarily taken aback by his words. Before she could form any further thoughts, however, Vahn's hands suddenly slid down her body, firmly grasping her hips as he began to rock her in his lap. A shiver of pleasure ran from her core to the crown of her head, but, fearing Vahn would regret his actions, Sis shakily inquired, "Are you sure about this…?"

Letting a soft chuckle emanate from his throat, Vahn put a bit of force into his shallow thrust, eliciting a yelping moan from Sis as he said, "No matter what form you take, it doesn't change the fact you're still my beloved Big Sis. I won't lie. It is more than a little disconcerting, but, at the same time, I can't help feeling obligated to 'reward' you for being so cute…"

As his right hand made its way to the small of Sis's back, supporting her as he continued to hasten his movements, Vahn's smile gained a wolfish quality as he teased, "Besides…you're far from the first woman who has wanted me to call her Mommy…"

With her jaw and teeth clattering each time Vahn invaded her depths, Sis found herself wholly unable to respond to his words. Her emotions were going completely haywire, but none were more powerful than the feelings of love and devotion she felt towards the boy, no, the man sitting in front of her. She still intended to view him as her beloved little brother, but Sis knew their relationship would never be the same after this…


After a surprisingly easy 'battle' against the Rattenfanger Community, Sandora, Yo, and Asuka watched as the 130 spirits slowly disappeared from the Little Garden.

"To think that the 'true legend' of the Pied Piper of Hamlin was something so mundane…tragic, but mundane…"

Though she was delighted to have acquired a new Gift in the form of a giant, seemingly indestructible red golem, Asuka couldn't help feeling a little empty inside. It turned out that the 130 children hadn't been killed off by a natural disaster or sacrificed by some demonic entity. They were simply a group of children who left home with the goal of forming a small community away from their oppressive parents. As for the cause of their deaths, it was entirely natural causes. Most of them had starved to death, while others had simply succumbed to the elements…

"At least with this, the matter has largely been settled. We just need to get out of here and inform the people they can return to their daily lives. After all, I'll arrange a commendation ceremony to make it known just how important a role the No Names played in the quick resolution of events. It will take a day or two to get everything organized, but it should give your Community a substantial increase in influence."

Regaining her smile, Asuka had to restrain the urge to give Sandora a big hug as she said, "I'm glad you're such a prudent person, Sandora. Let's be friends from now on, okay?"

Hearing Asuka mutter her trigger word, a radiant smile developed across Yo's face as she pulled together both girls and enthusiastically exclaimed, "That's right! From now on, the four of us will be the best of friends~!"

Though she initially smiled wryly in response to Yo's words, Asuka quickly noticed the discrepancy in her statement, asking, "The four of us? Do you mean Lily…?"

Answering in place of Yo, the tiny Earth Spirit hiding in Asuka's cleavage poked her head out, her mitten-like hands waving eagerly as she happily chimed, "Asuka~! Friend~! Friend~!"

Surprised that the tiny Spirit hadn't disappeared along with the rest of the Rattenfanger members, Asuka was briefly at a loss for words. In the end, however, she just accepted it as a good thing, smiling as she said, "Looks like Deen isn't our only new member. Welcome to the No Names…Merun?"

Tilting her head to the side, the diminutive fae pointed toward herself, asking, "Merun?" in an adorably confused tone. In response, Asuka just nodded her head, stating, "That's your name. We can't keep calling you Earth Spirit, now can we~?"

Though she didn't fully understand Asuka's words, Merun happily flew around the trio of girls, her voice a mixture of laughter and excitement as she sang, "Merun~! Asuka~! Merun~! Asuka~! Ehehehehehehe~!"


(A/N: Bet no one saw that coming (O w O)…')

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