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«End of the Magic Era (Web Novel) - Chapter 1237 Humiliation

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Chapter 1237 Humiliation

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At least, comparing this sensation to previous knowledge could give an estimation of Lin Yun’s rank.And this estimation was based on the sensation emitted by Extraordinary Power, it absolutely couldn’t be wrong. Zeith was in daze, convincing himself that the Extraordinary Power’s sensation was wrong. Advancing to the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm in half a year was simply unbelievable. This was too scary.

Recalling the outcome of the discussion with the Artisans of the Starry Sky College two days ago, Zeith felt dizzy.

Lin Yun’s research of the truth runes had completely changed between the first three months and the last three months. Zeith and the others thought that Lin Yun had been looking for the most suitable research method.

They couldn’t determine how many truth runes he had researched in the first three months, but in the last three months, the data recorded by Lin Yun could be used to guess how many truth runes he had researched.

And the outcome of the guess scared all of them. The conservative estimate was 900 truth runes. Some of them were mysteries that the Starry Sky College had already deciphered, but the greater part was a large amount of data that the Artisans of the Starry Sky College couldn’t speculate.

Through these, they could only speculate and were unable to determine the approximate data because there were too little clues.

Zeith recalled the previous speculations and was completely stunned as he felt Lin Yun’s rank. Not only had he researched at least 900 truth runes, he had also advanced again within half a year. This was a complete monster.

Zeith was stunned, but it was different for the others. Those Artisans, who had been focused on studying truth runes, didn’t know how many truth runes Lin Yun had researched, and they also couldn’t feel Lin Yun’s advancement.

Like Layford, he hadn’t noticed anything. He could sense that Lin Yun’s strength was no different from six months ago, because he simply couldn’t sense any Extraordinary Power on Lin Yun’s body. His perception simply couldn’t break through Lin Yun’s shield.

Seeing Lin Yun, Layford sneered and slowly walked over.

“Mafa Merlin, I really didn’t expect to see your face. It’s been such a long time, have you even researched a hundred runes? Did you hide to whimper in your room?

“Just say it if your research had too little results. Look at me, I’m such a kind person, I’ll tell you about the mysteries I researched.”

Layford had a proud expression on his face. This was the first time he came here. During the last gathering, the other Artisan of the Jackson Family had come over as he wasn’t in Noscent.

More importantly, one’s first study of the truth runes was the only time when one could get great results. As long as the family had more than one Artisan, they wouldn’t let an Artisan come twice in a row.

After all, the first study brought the greatest benefits. It would be quite good if they ended up researching a few dozen truth runes the second time.

Layford held a crystal plate on top of which countless runes moved about. There was also a large amount of data flickering frantically.

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Layford and really didn’t feel like caring about him. In this space, the Starry Sky College definitely wouldn’t just watch people fighting. He had yet to reach the Heaven Rank half a year ago and had been at a disadvantage against the dark curse mage back then.

But Lin Yun was already at the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm, he was 100% certain that he could kill Layford. Since he couldn’t attack now, he didn’t feel like caring about him.

Seeing Lin Yun remain silent, Layford became even more excited.

“Mafa Merlin, why aren’t you speaking? Isn’t it said that you are extremely good in the field of alchemy? That you are not only a potioneering expert, but that you are also quite proficient in the field of array, refining, and puppeteering?

“Ah, you are really admirable. You must have researched at least five hundred truth runes this time, right?”

Layford’s words sounded like praise, but unconcealed disdain could be seen on his face.

As for the other Artisans, they had already stopped their research. It had already been half a year, and the Starry Sky College just notified them that the spatial transfer could soon be activated and that when the time came, they would have to leave this space.

No one discussed truth runes with others during this gathering. They might have just finished studying them, but it still wasn’t time for that. Once the gathering was thoroughly over, these Artisans might get together with their acquaintances to discuss truth runes.

Most of the Artisans watching what was happening on this side were just spectating, and almost all of the Odin Kingdom’s Artisans were sneering in disdain.

They all saw Lin Yun’s actions for the past six months, and none of them took him seriously. Even if they didn’t know how many truth runes others researched, they could more or less guess based on their performance.

They had all occasionally glanced at Lin Yun in the past six months and seen his terrible performance. None of them believed that Lin Yun researched many runes.

The two Artisans of the Mosh Family had disdainful gazes. Gurrig seemed to despise Layford and he looked at both Lin Yun and Layford with apathetic disdain.

Albert raised his head to glance at Lin Yun and sneered before looking back at his crystal ball.

Raphael frowned, hesitation visible on his face.

‘Sir Mafa shouldn’t have researched many truth runes, right? No, Sir Mafa is much better than me when it comes to alchemy and I already researched 108 truth runes…’

Zeith was calmly standing not far from there, not caring about this matter. His only duty was to make sure that no one attacked. He wouldn’t get involved in these Artisans’ matters even if they shouted like shrews. However, he was looking at Layford with a sympathetic expression, as if he was looking at an idiot.

‘The Jackson Family is getting more and more idiots… According to our speculations, Mafa Merlin researched at least 900 truth runes… How many could that guy have researched?

‘Hell, I forgot to use the crystal ball to record him. But he must have researched a bit over a hundred at best, and more than half of the runes should have already been researched by our Starry Sky College.

‘This kind of idiot thinks that Mafa Merlin researched less truth runes than him? He is even more stupid than the stupidest rodent. Stupid rodent wouldn’t even provoke lifeforms stronger than themselves…’

Lin Yun had just been wondering whether he should make a copy of all the truth runes he comprehended for the Starry Sky College when Layford came over. The latter firmly believed that Lin Yun had comprehended very little truth runes. The crystal plate in his hand flickered a few times before moving in front of Lin Yun.

“Mafa Merlin, with your abilities, you can definitely answer my question. It’s such a simple question, it definitely can’t baffle you. Didn’t you ask me to answer your question last time? I’ll give you the answer now, and you answer my question.”

Layford sneered as the crystal plate radiated with a bright light before projecting a ten-meter-big curtain of light on top of which were written a large amount of data and a large number of formulas. But the crucial part was blank.

This was an alchemy problem, and it was a problem he got from studying the truth runes.

Many of the surrounding Artisans were astonished as they looked at the curtain of light.

Surprise flashed in Gurrig’s eyes as he clearly discovered something. Albert raised his head and countless data rapidly flashed on his crystal ball.

“Eh, at least 250 truth runes need to be researched to ask this question…”

Albert’s words made Layford even more proud of himself. 250 truth runes was enough to put him at the forefront of this gathering. After all, most of the people of this gathering had already researched truth runes before, they couldn’t research more than Layford.

Researching 250 truth runes on their first gathering was considered a fairly good achievement.

Seeing the expressions of the surrounding Artisans, Layford’s mocking smile became even more exaggerated.

‘Foolish Mafa Merlin, I’ll ruin your reputation in front of everyone. You will die once you leave the Starry Sky College, but I have to ruin your reputation in front of the Artisans of the Odin Kingdom before I do so.

‘The Artisans present here represent many forces of the Odin Kingdom. Everyone will see how stupid a country bumpkin of the Andlusa Kingdom is.’

“Mafa Merlin, I’m asking you for guidance. Could it be that you don’t want to answer my question?”

Layford said that he was asking for guidance, but everyone could see that he wanted to use his comprehension of truth runes to shame Lin Yun.

Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Layford. He originally wanted to avoid showing off. In any case, the Starry Sky College definitely didn’t know how many truth runes he comprehended. He could always copy a few less to try and exchange for some stuff he wanted.

But now…

Lin Yun spat out a few law runes and formed a ten-meter-tall curtain of light. Data and formulas rapidly appeared on the curtain of light.

Then, more curtains of light appeared next to that one…

In less than ten seconds, a total of twenty three ten-meter-tall huge curtains of light floated in the air, all of them filled with data and formulas. The biggest character was no bigger than a child’s fist and looking at those made everyone dizzy.

Layford was stunned and foolishly looked at these twenty three curtains of light. Every single curtain of light was the explanation of a difficult problem, how to calculate every problem, what formula to use, as well as the deduction process. The details couldn’t be even more detailed.

Layford was caught unprepared because of the details.

Because aside from the final answer being correct, he simply couldn’t understand the process.

In an instant, the expressions of all the Artisans changed. The other Artisans started looking at Lin Yun. Lin Yun answering these questions meant that the number of truth runes he had studied was at least comparable to Layford.

Researching two hundred or three hundred truth runes the first time he researched the Whisper Crystal was a pretty decent achievement.

But the two Artisans of the Mosh Family, as well as Gurrig and Albert, looked solemn.

It wasn’t the first time they researched truth runes. They had researched truth runes many times, they had researched 500 to 600 truth runes and they were the Artisans that had researched the most truth runes.

They could understand some part of Lin Yun’s answers and reasoning, and just from what they comprehended, they could feel how terrifying it was.

Because this proved one thing, Lin Yun researched more truth runes than them!

The four Artisans with the highest alchemy achievement suddenly looked at Lin Yun with solemn expressions.

And not far, Zeith’s pupils shrunk to their limits as unconcealable shock could be seen in his eyes.

‘Unification Formula… Extreme Formula…

‘Feltis Effect’s core parameters… Spatial Wave’s calculation method…

‘Sh*t, how could Mafa Merlin comprehend that much?! He definitely couldn’t have just comprehended 900 truth runes. No, it’s absolutely impossible. The mysteries contained within 900 truth runes definitely couldn’t accomplish this. Not to mention, he took less than ten seconds and not only did he calculate the outcome, he even listed out detailed steps…

‘Damn, we were wrong all along, he comprehended at least 1,600 truth runes. No, he might have even comprehended over 1,700 truth runes…

‘So much details… I have been exposed to all our information regarding the truth runes, but there are still some parts that I can’t understand. I’ve never seen some of those data and formulas.

‘Heavens… This guy… this guy…’

Zeith almost suffocated from fright, ‘He studied the Whisper Crystal for the first time, yet he was able to research at least 1,600 truth runes. This completely shattered the Starry Sky College’s record.

‘Not only did it break the record, it surpassed it by several times.’

Lin Yun turned and looked at Layford as if he was looking at an idiot.

“Layford, do you understand now? I’ve already listed every single step.”

Layford’s face turned red as he foolishly looked at the twenty three curtains of light, unable to utter a single word.

What could he say? That although he understood the result, he couldn’t make sense of the process? Artisans were all around them, even if he wanted to act shamelessly, he couldn’t…

Next to Lin Yun, Raphael barely threw a glance at the complicated data and a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on his face. He then burst into a loud laughter and looked at Layford.

“Sir Layford, I comprehended over 100 truth runes, but I can’t make sense of what I’m seeing. You definitely comprehended a lot more than me, so you must have comprehended this with a single glance. Can you explain it to me?

“Sir Mafa already listed such detailed steps. I hope that you wouldn’t be stingy and that you would explain to me.”

Layford stood there with a dark expression. He remained silent and ignored Rapahel.

Even the dull ones understood what was happening.

Layford had wanted to humiliate Lin Yun by using truth runes, but he hadn’t expected that Lin Yun would actually humiliate him, and in such a ruthless way.

The other side had detailed every single step, but he, an Artisan, couldn’t understand them. How could this not be a humiliation…

Even if most of the Artisans here couldn’t understand anything, Layford was the only one humiliated. A few of them even had unfriendly expressions as they looked at Layford. Fortunately for them, they had remained silent. If they had joined Layford in humiliating Lin Yun, wouldn’t they have ended up humiliated like Layford?

As the farce was over, Zeith looked at Lin Yun with a strange expression and led everyone to the teleportation location, before calmly waiting for the transfer.

Layford had been humiliated in front of so many Artisans and might end up being the joke of the Artisan circle after this gathering. There might not even be an Artisan willing to cooperate with him due to his low intelligence.

Layford lowered his head and didn’t speak, his face almost as dark as ink. He stood at the end of the group and glared at Lin Yun’s back with gritted teeth.

‘That damned Mafa Merlin! How did he do it? Damnit… Could it be that the rumors are true? His alchemy proficiency is that outstanding?

‘I actually can’t understand a single of those detailed steps. That guy definitely did it on purpose, he pretended to not have researched many runes so that he could humiliate me.

‘He definitely comprehended a lot more runes than I did. Maybe he already comprehended over a thousand runes? F*ck, this damned guy actually comprehended so many truth runes?

‘The mysteries contained within these truth runes could form at least thirty unique things in my hands…

‘Whether it is potions or magic tools, any one of them could support an alchemy shop.

‘If I copied these mysteries and gave that copy to the Starry Sky College, what I could obtain would definitely be comparable to ten years of profits of our Jackson Family. No, I might even be able to trade for a plane. That would be a steady flow of income that would increase our Jackson family’s properties by 20%.

‘And I might be able to rely on that to enter the Elder Council and become one of the higher-ups of the Jackson Family…’

The more Layford thought about it, the greedier he became. He wanted to snatch what Lin Yun had comprehended. The steps he couldn’t comprehend were like the corner of a golden mountain spreading before him.

This was clearly a problem more difficult than 1+1=2, but Lin Yun used advanced mathematics to solve it. The solution was invariable, but the steps were terrifying…

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