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«Emperor of Steel (Web Novel) - Chapter 681: End of Monster Legion 1

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Chapter 681: End of Monster Legion 1

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Kuek! Kuek!


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Large monsters such as trolls and ogres were beating the Gigants, which had their shields unfolded.

They pulled out the rocks and trees around them to knock down the Gigants, but the 18 Knights class and Warrior class Gigants didn’t move. They were like a solid wall that wouldn’t collapse.

Rather, the ogres and trolls ended up getting wounded and collapsed because of the counterattack, in which the Gigants would occasionally stab through the shields.

“Wh-why can’t we get through?”

Lenuk, who was watching the situation from behind, tapped his chest because of a bad feeling.

For the past few days, they were under the attack of the Symphonia troops which were blocking their path, and the damage from the monster legion increased every day.

That didn’t mean that they didn’t try for other methods.

They tried using various methods such as dark magic attacks and sending the monsters in roundabouts up the mountain, but everything failed.

In the end, he couldn’t help but come up with another decision.

“Bring out the Chimera monsters.”

“Huh? You really mean that? But it wasn’t part of the plan to use them…”

At Lenuk’s order, the subordinate warlock was shocked.

“Kuek! Since you incompetent men can’t do your jobs properly, why not send those ones in to break through those bastards! Go and let them out! Let them out!”

At Lenuk’s furious words, the subordinate went to give out the signal.

And then, monsters of quite bizarre shapes began to emerge from behind.



A monster with the head of an ogre, body of a troll, and limbs of a saber tiger.

A monster with two heads and six limbs.

They were monsters made by attaching the bodies of various monsters together, like a rag doll.

They were known as Chimera.

Among the forbidden magic of ancient times, there was a section of study which explored the origin of life.

And the school that studied it was Camaria.

However, the wizards of Camaria school went down in later times and forgot the original purpose of life and got obsessed with creating stronger forms of life.

And what appeared from their obsession was the Chimera, a man-made creature.

However, due to the unethical means and cruelty involved in the study, which included humans as subjects, they were taken down by the Holy Arthenia Empire 300 years ago.

The El Kassel denomination and many other denominations defeated the Camaria school’s abomination.

But the Chimera, which was said to have disappeared, was appearing again!

“Kukuku, one Chimera would be enough to deal with two or three Gigants. It is a pity that I ended up using them. I wanted to save them till I meet Luke, but I can’t help the situation I got in.”

A hundred years back, a magic book from the extinct Camaria school accidentally flowed into the Veritas Magic Tower through the black market.

It was Lenuk’s teacher who studied its contents.

Lenuk too used to help out his teacher and invested considerable time in the Chimera research, and the result of it was the synthetic Chimera made by extracting the best traits of monsters.

However, the other elders of Veritas or Arsene didn’t show much interest in the Chimera.

They thought that the undead like the Death Knight and Lich was better than the crafter monsters.

It was because the Chimera was at a disadvantage when it came to mass production.

However, Lenuk didn’t accept their words.

Even a Lich and a Death Knight weren’t easy to mass produce in the beginning.

It was his thought that if one was interested enough, then they could come up with a breakthrough method in mass production.

‘At this point, I will use all the Chimera to sweep away the Symphonia Kingdom and show that my teacher’s choice wasn’t wrong!’

How powerful the monsters would be if they possessed the sharp and agile movements of saber tigers, the regeneration of the trolls, and the strength the ogres.

That would be able to tear up quite a few Gigants with just its strength.

At Lenuk’s instructions, the Chimera screamed and ran toward the Gigant.

“Huh? What is that?”

Rogers retreated for a brief break and maintenance.

He seemed somewhat puzzled since it was his first time seeing such a monster. They looked like a monster but weirder than normal.

“They, they are Chimeras!”

The executive of the Katarina Magic Tower, who was there for support, seemed startled and screamed.


The wizards hurried and explained to Marquis Rogers, who didn’t seem to understand it.

Rogers, who heard the explanation, couldn’t help but show his displeasure.

“The Chimeras are that powerful?”

Although large monsters were strong, they were always inferior to Gigants.

Even since the invention of the Gigants, mankind had defeated several kinds of monsters, and the performance of the Gigants was always increased.

However, they didn’t think that monsters that were made using other monsters would outperform the Gigants.

“According to the rumors in the magic world, Gigants are like insects in front of them, and they are known to heal quickly. So we can’t rush in!”

Gigants today were far superior than that of 300 years ago.

It was because the magic engineering and technology had developed over time.

However, the making of the Chimera too had evolved, so it seemed like being headstrong wouldn’t be the right option.

“If that is the strongest the enemy has, I’ll have to deal with it myself.”

Rogers boarded his Orion and approached his camp, just in time before the Chimera could barge in.

Bang! Kwang!


“Tch, they are so strong!”

The moment five Chimera’s were about to bit the Gigant’s shield, six Gaius, who were shoulder to shoulder a moment ago were on the ground. The same thing happened with the Warrior class Gigants who were in the back supporting them.

Mayne Gigants were down, and those who were lucky managed to avoid the attack.

But, that wasn’t the end.


The Chimeras began to wield their fists and claws.

Kwang! Kwak! Scratch!

However, something shocking happened.

The shield made of steel broke because of their fists, and their armor began to get cut off like a sheet of paper.

“Don’t panic and fight back!’

“They are just monsters!”

The riders, who got back up, yelled and tried to cheer up the others.

However, it wasn’t just to encourage their colleagues but to make sure that the fear in their hearts would run out.

“Die, you monster!”

A giant sword that was swung by a rider of Gaius cut through the Chimera in the lead.

Its scales and leather were so tough that it failed to completely cut through the monster even with the Gigantic aura on it.

However, from the depth it went, it was a fatal injury.

“I mean, it is made of blood and flesh… No?”

The Chimera staggered because of the attack and the bleeding, but its wound healed quickly.

Flustered, the rider clenched his teeth and swung his sword again.

“Damn it, I will slash through it!”

But his attack didn’t go as intended.

The Chimera broke the arms of the Gigants and the attack missed.

To make matters worse, Gaius got pushed back.

“Kuak, don’t get pushed back!”

“Hold the line! Or all of us will die!”

The riders desperately blocked the road.

But things didn’t go the way they wanted.

The Chimeras’s attacks caused gaps to form in the Gigants’s line, and through those lines, small monsters such as orcs and lizards pushed in.

And the artillery, who was waiting behind, had to hurry up and start the shelling.

‘Damn it, are we all going to die now?’

The faces of the soldiers, who kept on getting pushed back by the monsters and Chimera, turned blue with every passing second.

Just then, a fierce sound from a core engine entered their ears.

“Stop them!”

The man of Hero class Gigants was none other than Marquis Rogers.

If the path got opened like that, everyone knew that the entire operation would fail.

“Riders open up and rearrange the lines! No more letting them pass!”


The Gigant of Marquis Rogers ran around and screamed out his orders.

The massive steel body, which left huge footprints on the ground, cut through the air and went for the Chimera.

At the same time as the landing, Orion’s giant sword swung horizontally with aura.


Two Chimera’s, who defeated Gaius, raised their arms to block the Gigantic aura.

However, Sword Master’s Gigantic aura, which could split anything is a single blow, cut off the Chimera’s hands, body, and its head at the same time.

The combination of the Sword Master and the Hero class Gigant called the one-man legion was terrifying.

Sword Expert rider started by chopping off the Chimera, who was going against the Knight class.

“It is the chief commander!”

“If you have time to speak, get up and start fixing the line!”

While Rogers was gaining time, the Gigant riders rearranged their lines.

When there was no further inflow of monsters, the small monsters, which entered through the gaps, were cleaned up.

It was fortunate for the Symphonia Kingdom but horrible for Lenuk, who was leading the monster legion.

“Damn, send in all the Chimeras!”



At Lenuk’s order, another group of Chimera rushed in.

There were 50 of those monsters, and they all rushed toward the Symphonia Gigants.

Rogers cut off the Chimeras by constantly swinging his sword.

Even if he was a Sword Master, it was impossible for him to stop all the Chimeras by himself.

However, due to the topography of the place, there was no way that the Chimera would have the chance of surrounding the man, and a major crisis could be avoided as the Gigants rearranged the lines.

‘The problem is…’

The Symphonia troops, which were blocking two other paths, didn’t have anyone with his skill.

If there were more Chimeras, it was only a matter of time before the line collapsed.

It was when Rogers was concerned about it, something flashed in the rear.

A sign that Marquis Rogers and the troops were waiting so long for.

‘It looks like they have finally completed the trap installation!’

Although it was delayed than the time ordered for its completion, they succeeded in doing it.

With a smile on his lips, he gave orders to the lieutenant behind him.

“Tell the orders of retreat to the units blocking the other paths. Implement the plan!”

“Yes, Sire!”

After a while, the Symphonia troops blocking the path began to escape with the artillery and infantry moving ahead.

As the troops went, Rogers and the Gigants troops pretended to be weak and withdrew from the place.

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