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«Emperor of Steel (Web Novel) - Chapter 679: Swords Clash 3

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Chapter 679: Swords Clash 3

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“Really, they are meeting in the mansion right now?”

It was a scene in the Symphonia Royal palace Prime Minister’s office.

Baron Hudson, who answered Hans’ question, nodded.

“Yes, it seems that they are plotting something, just as you expected.”

Before leaving for the city of Lamer, Luke called Prime Minister Hans and the Intelligence chief, Baron Hudson, and asked them for the surveillance of the spies of Libiya.

As a result, Hudson monitored Paradise Salon, which was suspicious for its growth, and found out that they were spies of the Libiya Kingdom.

“Are they trying to agitate the dissatisfied men to revolt, just as His Majesty said?”

“It seems like some nobles and extreme republicans have already fallen in the trap.”

At Hudson’s words, Hans titled his head for not being able to understand.

“But even if they incite those men, they can’t threaten the capital or dominate the power. so why…?”

After the founding of the Symphonia Kingdom, the strength of the nobles was weakened a lot, thanks to the new military reforms Luke had enforced.

With low-level Gigants, and the Knights which were there for the noble families were all they had.

As a result, the estates were all downgraded to the level of only maintaining their own security and subjugating the rampant monsters, the nobles didn’t have the power to rebel against the ruler.

“By any chance did they import the Gigants or trade them in with some unknown channel?”

Gigant’s were the power needed for rebellion.

It was because most of the war on land would start with Gigants and end with Gigants.

At Hans’ question, Hudson shook his head.

“It isn’t possible to trade the Gigants in our Kingdom or outside, especially since Argos has eyes everywhere. And if their reason is to make us unstable and cause confusion, they don’t need the support of the strategic materials Gigants. Don’t we already know that there is something more powerful and dangerous than the Gigants itself?”

“No way…?”

In response to Hans’ reaction, Hudson nodded his head.

“Recently, many unidentified men were recruited by the Libiya Kingdom, and they were all the warlocks of the Veritas Magic tower.”

There was a saying in the Southern Continent, an enemy’s enemy was our comrade.

If Shaikan broke off the alliance and decided that Symphonia was his enemy, there was no law that said that he shouldn’t hold hands with Veritas Magic tower which didn’t like Luke at all.

And if the warlocks decided and made a mess, it was only a matter of time before the city got destroyed.

“Huh! I can’t believe it!”

“Did Prime Minister know that Your Majesty returned from his last expedition to the Southern Continent and went right away to defeat the remnants of the Veritas Magic Tower who were hidden in the Hells Island? At that time, some warlocks were said to have understood the situation in advance and moved over to Libiya Kingdom.”

In response to Hudson’s words, Hans was shocked.

“How could His Majesty not even speak to his own retainer about doing that?”

After returning back from the Southern Continent, it felt strange that Luke was taking a defensive position against the Libiya Kingdom.

But for him to have such clear sight and not say anything!

“Because he thought that the information would leak out. Even at that Paradise Salon, there were quite a lot of political figures who were always on our side.”

“Ugh, all this…”

Hans was unable to take the frown off his face and asked Hudson.

“Fine, that could be right… what is important right now is to stop their men. Is there any way to respond to that? Any way to stop them from infiltrating our cities with their warlocks?”

“About that, His Majesty has already told us to seek advice from the Black Tower.”

“Black Tower?”

Hans didn’t like the sound of it.

They wanted to use the warlocks to counter the enemy’s warlocks, but Hans didn’t want to owe anything to the warlocks or give any merit to them.

Honestly, Rakan’s memoir revealed the truth about the Devil King Saymon.

However, that didn’t completely erase the prejudice which had accumulated over the warlocks for all the years.

There were instances where southern ports were all hit because of the very warlocks too.

However, Hans couldn’t express his displeasure when his nation was in danger of extinction.

“If they come up with a good plan, there is no reason to reject them. But if they betray us in any…”

“That won’t happen. Many of the warlocks currently recruited into the Black Tower were those who succeeded in the legacy of Saymon. They have grinded their teeth sharp to bite off Veritas and the Baroque Empire.”

It was the Veritas Magic Tower and the Baroque Imperial who defeated Saymon and called him evil.

The warlocks could never hold themselves back when it came to those two.

“Well, that is a good thing then.”

At Hudson’s words, Prime Minister Hans decided to trust the Black Tower warlocks.

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