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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4641: Madman

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Chapter 4641: Madman

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Tian Feng has reached the level of being able to intimidate older big shots. His true form was a rare and powerful frog demon.

However, his precious bloodline and cultivation didn’t define him. When people talked about Tian Feng, they would mention his fanatic love for battle. He himself never refuted this notion.

His battle intent was palpable and affected others. They felt the need to fight to the death while being in his presence - a nightmarish feeling.

Tian Feng was the same way, never backing down even against powerful foes. He had fought thousands of ruthless battles since his debut.

Rumor has it that during his birth, he actually killed a far larger frog with a celestial bloodline. He nearly died as a result.

He had fought numerous races since birth and gained countless injuries and scars. This made him increasingly stronger.

His most famous exploit happened at nine years of age. He alone attacked the Evil Dragon Camp, the most notorious gathering of evil cultivators. It was comparable to a great power yet feared by many due to its heinous conduct.

Therefore, a nine-year-old attacking it alone was suicidal. The result was expected - Tian Feng’s body was destroyed. His true fate nearly turned to ashes as well.

Nonetheless, this defeat didn’t stop him. He attacked the camp again a year later. He was decimated and had to escape.

He tried again the next year, losing some limbs in the process to the sovereigns there before fleeing.

At twelve years of age, he finally obtained victory and was unstoppable. He massacred them including the sovereigns. From then on, Evil Dragon Camp was no more. Its notoriety became a stepping stone for Tian Feng’s fame.

In Sky Border, cultivators enjoyed talking about the five conquerors, especially their nobility and brilliance. However, they usually never talked about Tian Feng’s background or talent, only his madness.

Some spectators’ legs were trembling after seeing Tian Feng. He instilled an instinctive fear into those near him.

“Husband, he is the one who killed my older…” Voidburn Saintess was elated to see him and reported.

“Ugh!” However, she couldn’t finish because Tian Feng grabbed her throat and raised her into the air.

This scared the hell out of her. She turned pale and screamed: “Husband, it’s me…”

“Fool.” He glared at her with nothing but battle intent in his eyes. He added more strength to his grip.

“Senior Brother, show mercy!” Jadedragon Monarch saw this unfavorable development and shouted.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Cracks could be heard coming from the saintess’ neck. She died instantly with her eyes wide open, never expecting to die to her fiance.

“Long hair, little knowledge.” He tossed her corpse onto the ground.

The crowd became slack-jawed after seeing this. In their opinion, there was no problem in her seeking revenge for her fallen brother. In fact, Tian Feng should be on her side since Li Qiye didn’t give him any face by killing his brother-in-law.

He should have been furious and started a fight with Li Qiye upon arrival. To take ten steps back, even if he thought Li Qiye was too powerful, he just needed to convince his fiancee to drop this matter.

However, he actually killed her in public. This broke all sense of reason and logic, fully astounding the crowd.

“Senior Brother, you were too hot-headed. You shouldn’t have killed her regardless of her mistakes.” Jadedragon Monarch complained.

“Even the gods and devils can be killed, let alone her.” Tian Feng was a madman.

“She was your fiancee, not a devil.” Jadedragon said.

“So what, using my name for her own agenda is foolish and deserving of death.” Tian Feng didn’t think that this was a big deal.

This was rather strange as well. Tian Feng was impulsive and bloodthirsty but Jadedragon didn’t show any qualm while complaining like a housekeeper. Why didn’t Tian Feng kill him?

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