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«Emperor’s Domination (Web Novel) - Chapter 4133: Curious

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Chapter 4133: Curious

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Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

Illusory Princess lost in just one move or even fewer. After all, Li Qiye simply tossed out some refined jades, proving to everyone that his dirty money was quite effective.

Most fantasized about teaching Li Qiye a lesson. However, his followers prevented them from doing so.

At this point, it seemed that he didn’t need others to help him at all. Just he and his money alone could slaughter them all. There was nothing they could do despite being annoyed at his pompous style.

This exacerbated their foul mood, feeling helpless against someone they deemed inferior. This dawning realization silenced them

“I’m sure everyone has eaten enough, it’s time to leave.” Li Qiye’s eyes swept through the room and said.

They hurriedly left without any complaints. This was especially true for those who supported the princess earlier. They had an awkward expression and just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

However, some lingered around - Goldflow Young Noble and Snowcloud Princess.

“What, still got some business?” Li Qiye stared at the thick-skinned duo sitting at his table.

“Due to my lack of ability, I have some questions to ask you, Young Noble.” Goldflow showed no sign of embarrassment, only a bright smile. He didn’t let his reputation as the number one ranker of the Ten Sword Prodigies stop him from seeking answers.

“Very well, since I’m in a good mood. Ask.” Li Qiye yawned and agreed.

“I heard that you have a supreme sword art.” He pondered for a bit before revealing his intent.

“Go on.” Li Qiye said.

Goldflow knew that this was a sensitive topic since it pertained to someone else’s cultivation. He said: “Your great technique defeated the disciples of Sea Emperor right away…”

“I know that you’re referring to Sword Point, correct?” Li Qiye interrupted him.

“This is only a blind speculation, I hope it won’t offend you, Young Noble.” Goldflow said. He had listened to the details of that fight outside of Hallowed City and became attentive to this matter.

Today, he had a chance to ask Li Qiye despite it being quite improper to ask someone else about their cultivation and arts.

“You’re right, it’s Sword Point.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

His admission left Goldflow shocked and speechless. After all, Sword Point was created by their Sword Emperor and could be classified as a technique from their sect.

However, Li Qiye had it now. No one would admit to having access to another sect’s secret but Li Qiye was so casual about it.

“Your talents must be impeccable.” Goldflow calmed down and took a deep breath: “I tried for several decades and couldn’t even find the door.”

He wasn’t angry at all - a rather uncommon reaction to this scenario. Most would be furious since an outsider had access to their secrets. This might result in hunting the culprit down since all disciples had the responsibility of protecting their sect.

“Not mad at all?” Li Qiye smirked at him.

Goldflow smiled wryly and shook his head while speaking with pride: “No, Young Noble. Our ancestors believed in spreading the dao of the sword so our techniques were readily available to the world. How can we, their descendants, go against their way?”

Sword Emperor preached the dao of the sword to many people. That’s why many sects currently had deep ties with Virtuous School. Thus, it was fine for Li Qiye to have Sword Point.

“I am merely curious since I’ve been trying to learn this technique. This shows just how amazing you are, so I humbly ask you for guidance.” Goldflow said.

“It’s not that I don’t want to teach you, it would only be a waste of time on your part to learn it.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Could you elaborate, Young Noble?” Goldflow didn’t expect this answer.

“You cultivate the Nine-sun Sword Dao so don’t worry about Sword Point. The difference between the two is too great.” Li Qiye said: “Both your ancestor’s Nine-sun Sword Dao and the Mad Sun Heavenly Sword focus on uncontrollable ferocity while Sword Point is the opposite. Thus, there is no need for you to seek Sword Point. The gains do not make up for the losses, your greed will be detrimental to your growth.”

Goldflow carefully digested this information then bowed deeply towards Li Qiye: “Your advice is worth more than years of cultivation, I truly appreciate it.”

Li Qiye was right. He trained in the Nine-sun Sword Dao created by Sword Emperor. The emperor had created many sword dao in the past. Later on, he found the Mad Sun Heavenly Sword after becoming a dao lord.

However, he didn’t obtain the equivalent sword dao. Therefore, he created his own dao instead after studying the sword - Nine-sun. The result was quite impressive. It might not be as strong as the legendary dao but was still unbeatable.

Due to Goldflow’s innate gifts, he was considered an elite disciple worthy of training. He started learning Nine-sun at a young age.

Nonetheless, he was still interested in another sword dao of the emperor - Sword Point. Unfortunately, this made him taste failure and it became a thorn in his side.

This was the reason why he became interested in Li Qiye after hearing the story. Alas, he wasn’t a stubborn person and knew that Li Qiye was right.

Li Qiye smiled and accepted the gesture.

“There have been records of Sword Point being left by the emperor in Duality Academy. Is this true?” Snowcloud Princess asked Li Qiye.

“You’ve learned quite a bit.” Li Qiye smiled.

“My shallow knowledge is nothing compared to yours, Young Noble…” The princess said.

“Stop, no need to find out who I am.” Li Qiye stopped her and dismissed them.

The duo was smart enough to know that it was time to leave. They bowed and left the restaurant.

Li Qiye then turned his sight towards the old daoist and asked: “Shouldn't you be sleeping in the courtyard?”

“I-I’m here to find you, Young Noble.” Daoist Peng chuckled.

He initially wanted to recruit Li Qiye but eventually, he realized something and wanted to find Li Qiye. That’s why he left the island and embarked on a search, not expecting for trouble to come knocking.

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