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«Earth's Greatest Magus (Web Novel) - Chapter 2149 The Ideal

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Chapter 2149 The Ideal

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After his intense audience with the queen, Emery made his way to the royal burial grounds. The sky mirrored his turmoil, dark clouds gathering as heavy rain began to fall, drenching him as he walked with resolute steps. Each drop felt like a reminder of his failures, of the pain and loss that had brought him to this moment.

He arrived at Silva's grave, a solemn monument amidst the lush, rain-soaked garden. In his hand, he held a small, ornate cube—given to him by the queen—a recording of Silva.

With a deep breath, he activated it. A holographic image of Silva appeared before him, as vibrant and beautiful as he remembered, yet a spectral presence that twisted the knife of his sorrow even deeper.

Silva was in her wedding dress. Her serene smile was contrasted with the evident strain in her eyes and the tremble in her voice, revealing the sickness she had endured.

"Emery," her voice, though weak, resonated with warmth and love. "If you are seeing this, it means… it means I am no longer with you."

"I am deeply sorry to have kept her from you. I didn't know what I was thinking—I was conflicted."

"When I first heard about it, you were in Ouroboros prison. Part of me thought if you knew about her, you would accept my mother's offer, and we could finally be together. But another part of me couldn't stand knowing you would not be happy."

"Oh, how much I wanted to grab your hand and follow you to the academy that time."

"I did what I had to do so our daughter could have a life."

"Sigh… I really couldn't bring myself to tell you about her… I don't want her to be the reason you stay. I don't want her to keep you from achieving your dreams."

"…My brother—he is foolish, but he will take care of her as his own. My mother, difficult as she is, will grant my wishes. I know… I know it's not ideal, but she will be loved."

"I am selfish, I know. I was a coward… But today, I feel much braver to say it… after all, you do love me."

"Oh, I have to go now. I have a wedding to attend."

"I love you."


Hearing this, Emery dropped to his knees, overwhelmed by a torrent of emotions. His heart felt like it was being torn apart. A vivid memory once again flooded his mind, taking him back to a particular moment.

"Silva… I believe in a world where humans and half-bloods can live together hand-in-hand… This is what I want my world to become,"

His voice was full of conviction.

Her eyes shimmered with unshed tears

"There… there must be another way we can make this work… Is there really nothing I can say or do that would change your mind? Is there really nothing at all?"

"I'm sorry, Silva."

Emery's heart ached as he remembered his reply and her look of resignation.

"Your ideals… will be the death of you."

Unfortunately, it seemed her love for him had brought a curse upon herself. Silva had lied out of love for him and to save their daughter, but now she was taken.

This was not the time to wallow in regret and self-pity. Standing in front of her grave, rain pouring down, he made a solemn vow.

"I promise, I will not fail you this time… I will get our daughter back!"


When he returned to meet the Queen, she gave him an ultimatum.

She had been in the midst of a war meeting when Emery barged in, preparing her armada to demand Shinta's return. However, she refused to let Emery join without making a crucial decision.

"My daughter's will was clear. This is our family problem. Unless you finally let go of your ideal, you will not be part of this. Announce that you are one of us, and you will have a claim for her… This is the last time I offer my invitation."

The queen didn't give the ultimatum out of spite; she wanted Emery to understand the stakes. She explained that Ouroboros was one of the three main serpent bloodlines. Despite having ten Grand Magus individuals, they lacked a Supreme Magus, a position that hadn't been filled for over a thousand years. In contrast, the Supreme Serpent had become the leader of the serpent bloodline, securing support from the two other main clans.

As she spoke, the gravity of their situation became clearer. The queen revealed that the armada was only a show of force to emphasize their intentions. The real objective was to gain a proper claim over Shinta. Emery might be her father, but without being part of Ouroboros, he had no legitimate claim.

"But you are her grandmother. Surely, you have some claim!" The queen's expression hardened, and she revealed another devastating truth.

"Who do you think Silva's father is?" Emery was stunned to learn that Silva, unlike her brother, was one of the many offspring of the Serpent Supreme. The queen revealed that the patriarch's intentions were purely about power, which was why she had never wanted Silva or Shinta to live among them.

Her annoyance was evident as she said, "I don't need another fighter. I need someone who can help me gain a claim over her. But unless you are one of us, you are worth nothing to me. We will be leaving in 12 hours. Make your decision before then!"

Emery didn't make his decision right away. Instead, he returned to his Magus domain, and traveled through Khaos waypoints, meeting with trusted allies and seeking advice. Each information helped him clarify his thoughts and solidify his resolve. When everything was clear, he made his decision. His answer was decisive.

"No, I can't join you. However, I have an alternate plan," The decision led to Emery joining the Ouroboros armada. This choice, however, meant that Emery would not be attending the Magus Academy instructor battle—a sacrifice he had to accept as a father.

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