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«Earth's Greatest Magus (Web Novel) - Chapter 2104 Burning Cloud

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Chapter 2104 Burning Cloud

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With newfound confidence, Ramos, the Blazing Wind, swiftly altered his tactics once again. Abandoning his previous reliance on long-range attacks, he opted to charge ferociously toward Emery. This time, however, there was a noticeable difference. Ramos seemed to seamlessly integrate his [Myriad Flaming Cloak] with his [Divine Eagle Claws], creating an aura of intense burning birds that streaked toward Emery with lethal intent.

Emery reacted swiftly, launching another [Dao Edge] to intercept the onslaught. Yet, as expected, the blast proved ineffective against the grand magus's advance. The burning cloak absorbed the brunt of the attack, while Ramos's claw strikes effortlessly deflected the remaining force.

"NOW BURN!!" Ramos exclaimed, his expression alight with pure joy as he reveled in his newfound advantage.

With this bold move, the grand magus succeeded in closing the distance, thrusting the battle into fierce close-quarters combat. His [Soaring Wind] spell proved to be a formidable counter to Emery's [Space Bending], allowing him to pursue his adversary relentlessly and launch a barrage of deadly claw strikes?to overwhelm Emery with sheer force and ferocity.

Emery found himself in a precarious position; his sword skills and tier 7 Savage Sword were his only line of defense against Ramos's relentless assault. Despite his best efforts, none of his strikes were able to breach Ramos's formidable armor, and the grand magus's rapid, ferocious attacks left him with little opportunity to mount a counteroffensive.

As Ramos pressed the attack, Emery found himself increasingly on the defensive, unable to muster the concentration needed to channel another [Dao Edge] attack. To make matters worse, Ramos's tier 8 Myriad Flaming Cloak began to exert its secondary function, its intense burning heat quickly breaking through Emery's defenses.

Within seconds, Emery's tier 5 [Sylvian Armor] was reduced to smoldering ashes, leaving him reliant solely on his Twilight Wolf physique and high regenerative abilities to withstand the onslaught. Though these attributes spared him from being reduced to charred remains, they offered little respite from the searing pain coursing through his body.

"Hahaha! I'm going to turn you into a crispy dog!" Ramos laughter echoes across the battlefield.

Ruthlessly, the grand magus unleashed another of his powerful tier 7 spells, [Burning Cloud], into the fray. Shifting his movements, he began to rotate around his target, manipulating the waves of flame to surround Emery and block off any avenue of escape. As the flames closed in, they merged together, forming a colossal, swirling sphere of fire that blazed like a roaring sun in the sky.

The spectacle did not go unnoticed by the other magus on the ground. Those aligned with the Kux faction cheered for their elder, their voices echoing amidst the chaos of battle. Meanwhile, Magus Beatrice and Tobin exchanged solemn glances, fully aware of the perilous situation unfolding before them. Despite their limited capabilities, they steeled themselves for action, preparing to intervene.

However, amidst the tension, a young woman with a swivel horn emerged from the shadows, her presence bringing an unexpected sense of reassurance. "Don't worry, Master has ways to deal with those flames," she declared confidently. Yet, it wasn't just confidence that radiated from her; there was a subtle undercurrent of joy, as if she had gained something valuable from the unfolding conflict.

Within the searing inferno of the burning sphere, Emery found himself enveloped by waves of scorching heat. As he took a deep breath to steady himself, a sense of resignation washed over him.

It was becoming increasingly clear to Emery that facing off against a grand magus who could effectively harness their cosmic energy was indeed a daunting challenge. These formidable adversaries possessed an almost unfathomable reservoir of energy, allowing them to effortlessly unleash multiple high-tier spells simultaneously.

Though Emery still harbored a few strategies to contend with the situation, he recognized the inherent risks involved. To name one, his [Aegis of Void] defense, combined with the innate regenerative abilities granted by his wolf lineage's [Undying Flesh], offered a potential means of weathering the onslaught for some time. However, he knew that relying solely on these defenses would consume a significant portion of his spirit energy, a precious resource that he could ill afford to squander—especially with his senior tribulation looming on the horizon.

With his options dwindling and the stakes growing ever higher, Emery made a decisive choice. He resolved to seek external assistance.

"Alright, you all can come out and help," Emery declared as he opened his aperture.

Meanwhile, outside the fiery sphere, Ramos, the Blazing Wind, maintained a confident smile, already envisioning scenarios that would protect his reputation once he had dispatched this lowly academy instructor. However, his demeanor suddenly shifted as he noticed an unexpected development—the raging fire of the sphere began to diminish, their intensity waning with each passing moment.

"What is going on?" Ramos exclaimed, his shock evident in his voice. Determined to regain control of the situation, he intensified his spellcasting, channeling waves of flaming energy into the sphere in a desperate attempt to reignite its ferocity. Yet, despite his efforts, the sphere continued to shrink, its heat gradually dissipating before his eyes.

"How could he do that?" Ramos muttered in frustration,

Despite his growing sense of unease, Ramos refused to entertain the notion that Emery, a mere half-moon magus, could withstand the searing heat of his burning sphere. He was convinced that his opponent's resilience was either a trick or a last-ditch effort to resist, so Ramos opted to bide his time.

Minutes passed, and as the fiery sphere continued to dwindle, Ramos's shock turned to disbelief as he finally sensed multiple movements within its diminishing confines. To his astonishment, hundreds, thousands, of tiny beings began to reveal their presence, accompanied by a low, buzzing sound that filled the air.

"What the hell is that?!" Ramos exclaimed, his voice tinged with disbelief.

It was a swarm of [Shadowflame Bees]—an army of creatures renowned for their ability to opposition fire elements. The cosmic-filled fire were a delicacy to the creatures; the thousands of tiny beasts glowed brightly as they flitted about happily, greedily absorbing the remaining flames.

Dumbfounded by the unexpected turn of events, Ramos hastily ceased his spell.

"Thank you for feeding my bees," Emery remarked with a hint of a smile while calling back the bees to his aperture with a simple gesture.

Enraged by the unexpected turn of events, the grand magus retorted, "Huh! Even if you have a way to resist my flames, you still have no means to break my armor."

"Oh… are you sure about that?"

Emery slowly raised the savage sword. This time, there was an unmistakable aura of intensity surrounding its blade—an energy that crackled with raw power. Emery was excited as he prepared to put the grand magus's tier 8 defence to the test with his one and only tier 7 spell.

[Void Blade]

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