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«Earth's Greatest Magus (Web Novel) - Chapter 1987 Tournament

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Chapter 1987 Tournament

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Among the 5000-plus warriors that had gathered, the most eye-catching group that drew everyone's attention was the Romans, adorned in their imposing centurion armor. Marching in with authority, Marc Anthony led a contingent of two hundred elite fighters, all of whom had undergone special Roman training.

As the Romans made their entrance into the temple yard, a tangible sense of anticipation and rivalry filled the air, particularly noticeable among the formidable northern warriors.

The impactful summit events hosted in Rome half a decade ago had left an enduring mark on numerous Earth kings and warriors. While the message about the impending calamity may not have been fully embraced, the undeniable might of Rome left an indelible impression on the attendees. In the aftermath of the summit, rulers across different realms were motivated to enhance the training of their warriors. The current gathering at the Bodhi temple now acted as a platform to showcase the outcomes of this intensified training, especially among the kingdoms situated along the borders of Rome—comprising the Gauls, Belgae, Germanians, Tharcians, and others. These powerful warriors, with bodies towering over their counterparts, exuded a fierce aura, adding an extra layer of tension and excitement to the occasion.

As the various groups continued to arrive at the temple yard, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation. The Egyptians, with their Medhai warriors led by the formidable high priest Ihmotep, exuded an air of mystery in their black attire. The Han warriors, under the command of the legendary duo Flying Snow and Broken Sword, brought a touch of elegance with their silk clothes, bamboo hats, and sheathed swords.

Among the unfamiliar faces were the Mayans, warriors with a savage appearance from across the sea, whose presence had been facilitated by Klea's assistance. As Emery's eyes roamed, he also witnessed the arrival of the northern warriors—Danes, Vikings accompanied by the formidable Vanir warriors, led by Brandt and a select group of female Valkyrie warriors.

The northern contingent extended further with the arrival of Brittania knights, earning a playful remark from Klea, "Your favorite knight has arrived." Despite their modest number, all eyes were drawn to the group, captivated by the striking presence of the stunning female knight, Gwenneth Lioness. Her entrance stirred a sense of nostalgia in Emery, evoking memories from the past.

The grand assembly in the temple yard had swelled to nearly 5000 people, creating a vast sea of warriors. The sheer magnitude of the crowd stirred a sense of anticipation and, for some, anxiety. Questions lingered about how the tournament would unfold with such a massive number of participants. Emery shared the common sentiment.

Klea, as the event organizer, sensed the concerns and reassured, saying, "Don't worry, all has been properly prepared." Her meticulous planning extended to coordinating with the Bodhi temple monks, ensuring the tournament would run smoothly.

To facilitate the competition, Klea had arranged for two dozen power-measuring machines. These devices would allow all participants to gauge their battle power accurately.

Keen on remaining behind the scenes, Klea delegated the task of explaining the tournament rules to one of the elder monks from the temple. The tournament was meticulously organized with two distinct categories. The first, known as the "Strongest Fighter" category, allowed only the top 256 warriors with the highest battle power to participate. Simultaneously, the second category was tailored for those under 20 years old, also vying for the top 256 positions.

Incentives were set in place, creating a hierarchy of rewards:

[Top 16: High-grade spirit potions]

[Top 8: Additional medium-grade skills]

[Top 4: Further supplemented with medium-grade artifacts]

[Champion: Rewarded with high-grade skills and tutoring]

The arrangements for the tournament revealed Klea's intention to identify and nurture young talent within the group. While the majority of top fighters understood the reasoning behind such categorizations, a sense of disgruntlement lingered among those who had traveled from distant lands, realizing that only a limited number would be able to showcase their strength. To avert any potential disruption, Klea swiftly cast a simple spell that pacified the disgruntled voices, bringing about compliance with the rules.

"Good one!" Chumo commended, offering a thumbs-up to Klea for her deft handling of the situation.

With an air of calm reestablished, the elder monk declared, "Let the tournament start!" Hundreds of monks efficiently managed the power measuring machines, ready for the ensuing competition.

Warriors from various parts of the world stepped forward one by one, employing their most potent skills to strike the machine, using fists, kicks, and even weapons. Each participant was given three opportunities, and the highest score among them was recorded.

"32 battle power!"



The recorded battle power scores ranged from 30 to 60, categorizing individuals within the Earth realm. Those who managed to achieve a score of 100 or higher were deemed comparable to saints. While the power-measuring machines didn't provide substantial benefits for those who specialized in magic, Emery recognized the importance of establishing a minimum standard of battle power for effective combat skills.




Expressions of disappointment filled the faces of those who received lower scores, while those with decent scores could only hope there weren't too many participants with superior strengths.

"101!" The announcement of this impressive score echoed through the temple yard, drawing attention and creating a buzz of anticipation among the spectators.

The revelation of a three-digit number on the power measuring machine captured the attention of all participants. The owner of this remarkable score was none other than Brandt, the formidable Vanir warrior and disciple of Fjolnir. Emery wasn't surprised by Brandt's achievement.

However, soon after, a wave of shock rippled through the participants as they witnessed Brandt's score being surpassed by a female knight. Gwen achieved a remarkable score of 119 with her sword strike. Emery couldn't help but be impressed, noting that she achieved such a high score without the aid of Excalibur

Anticipating Klea's usual characteristic remark, Emery looked toward her, only to notice her deep in thought, it was as if she was waiting for something. Concerned, Emery inquired, "What happened, Klea?"

Klea's initial hesitation to answer Emery's question shifted as a particular message reached both of them from the Moon Base.

[We have a visitor requisition permission to enter the planet]

"They are here!" Klea responded with a smile.

Emery was taken aback, realizing that Klea had extended an invitation to another guest for the event. To his even greater surprise, the guests turned out to be a group of magus alliance officers.

A myriad of questions reflected on Emery's expression, prompting Klea to swiftly explain, "I invited them here to assess our strength." she declared, her tone conveying both confidence and a strategic purpose behind the decision.

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