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«Earth's Greatest Magus (Web Novel) - Chapter 1908 Report

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Chapter 1908 Report

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The news of Emery being asked to stay back did not sit well with his friends. Thrax protested, "What do they want with you now?" Klea, equally worried, expressed her determination to accompany him. However, their concerns were addressed when a familiar figure approached them. Delbrand, their former headmaster, came forward to ease their anxieties.

"Don't worry; he was being called to debrief only." Delbrand assured them with a steady voice.

With a trusted figure accompanying Emery, a sense of relief washed over the group, and they decided to wait for him back at the Nephilim planet.

Exiting the Nephilim ship, Emery and Delbrand soared into space. As they watched the majestic ship depart, numerous other vessels from various factions also disembarked from the space station. Among the departing vessels, some bore visible scars of the recent space battle—a testament to the trials faced during the celestial expedition.

"Follow me," Delbrand spoke with authority, leading Emery into a special area of the space station. There, three dozen figures had gathered, half of whom were grand magus, and among them were two exalted supreme magus: Imperio and the familiar face of Supreme Magus Altus Dresden. Alongside them stood prominent faction leaders, including Zach Talon, the commander of the Magus Alliance military forces.

As Emery entered, Zach just concluded his report, and the attention of the council, Grand Magus Fury Hammer, shifted to Emery. "Bring him forward," the council commanded

Delbrand initiated the introduction, highlighting Emery's pivotal role in halting the resurgence and venturing into the portal successfully. The revelation stirred astonishment among the gathered figures.

"How is that possible! He is just a mere magus!!" one council member exclaimed, expressing the disbelief shared by many.

As the council turned their gaze towards Emery, he sensed the probing scrutiny directed at him. Instinctively, his spirit defense, augmented by the [Emperor Focus], responded, creating an invisible barrier that resisted the probing attempts of the grand magus.

"He has very high resistance in spirit attacks… that is why," the council explained with a hint of amusement, acknowledging Emery's unexpected capability.

The revelation added another layer to the enigma surrounding the young magus, leaving the council both intrigued and curious about the source of his unique resilience.

Following the acknowledgment of Emery's remarkable resistance to spiritual attacks, he was tasked with explaining the situation. Emery, maintaining his composure, detailed the events, choosing, however, to omit his encounter with the celestial giants.

This prompted an inquiry from one of the elders who questioned his reasoning to do such act.

"Do you even know what being you're facing?" the elder asked, seeking clarification.


"Then why would you go to such an extent?"

"All I did was following the order of my leader," Emery replied calmly, attempting to downplay the significance of his actions.

Emery can Sense the council's skepticism and ready to probe deeper into his mind. However, Delbrand stepped forward, serving as a shield between Emery and the council saying "There is no need to probe further; I can vouch for him," Delbrand declared, diffusing the tension in the room momentarily.

The atmosphere revealed the lingering trust issues among the prominent figures, likely stemming from the betrayal by Oculus faction, one of the top-grade 5 factions within the alliance. Although Delbrand's intervention provided a momentary reprieve, the council remained unsatisfied and redirected their gaze toward Supreme Magus Altus. With a nod from the highest authorities figure, the council sighed, conceding, and addressed Emery, "You are excused."

Not wasting a moment, Delbrand led Emery out of the council chamber, the atmosphere thick with the weight of unspoken tension and intrigue.

Once outside the council chamber, Emery couldn't contain his curiosity and asked, "Elder, am I in trouble?"

Delbrand's reassuring voice responded, "No, don't worry. They are too busy with something else to be concerned about you lying."

Emery felt a mix of relief and gratitude hearing the elder's words. He heaved a sigh, the weight of the recent events lifting slightly. Sincerely, he expressed, "I am sorry, elder. I wasn't sure if I should explain these things…"

Delbrand, interrupting Emery gently, placed his hand on his shoulder. The warmth of the touch conveyed both understanding and wisdom. "You are not that young, naive kid anymore. You can decide what is best for you or for the alliance."

Emery nodded, appreciating the elder's guidance. "Thank you, elder…"

As they conversed, a figure approached them with purpose. It was Zach Talon. With a formal display of respect, Zach acknowledged Delbrand and stated, "The ship is ready."

"Good. We should go right away,"

Seeing the seriousness in Zach's tone, Emery sensed that something significant was unfolding. Unable to contain his curiosity, he asked, "Where are we going?"

Delbrand explained, "I am tasked to continue the investigation, to follow the Oculus faction trails."

Before Emery could respond, Delbrand smiled and added, "Well, not you… this is an official Magus Alliance mission, after all."

Zach, looking at Emery with a knowing smile, chimed in, "Well, if you want to join, there's a space for you on my unit."

The offer held a profound significance, triggering memories of an offer made eight years ago—an invitation to join the military together. It was a tempting proposition for Emery, but with the current complexities in his life, diving into another battle wasn't a decision to be made lightly.

Observing Emery's contemplative expression, Zach offered reassurance, saying, "Next time, maybe." With that, the two magi boarded the Taurus ship, and Emery watched as their vessel departed from the space station through the expansive observation windows.

As Emery pondered his route home, a figure approached him. "You can come with me." Emery was taken aback to find that he would be sharing a ride with Altus Dresden, the supreme magus. The unexpected invitation hinted at a unique journey ahead, one that held the promise of insights and revelations.

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