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«Earth's Greatest Magus (Web Novel) - Chapter 1820 Last Day

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Chapter 1820 Last Day

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On the last day of their training, the facility received an unexpected visitor. It was none other than Delbrand, the renowned Grand Magus known as the Ghost of Lymhurst. He had come to observe the progress of the young human magus, offering valuable pointers and guidance to each member of Emery's group. As a final gesture, he gathered the ex-Magus Academy class together to address them.

Emery's group of five, Mera, Abrafo, YunXiao, Dyoo, Zetto, Jai Strider, Mahinder, Eeshoo, and Jinkan. There were a total of 14 members from his graduating class in this faction. Delbrand shared his concerns, particularly about the escalating war with the elves, and expressed his worry that the elves might make a move during the upcoming expedition.

He emphasized the importance of staying alive and fighting another day, a lesson often overlooked by young and talented magus. Delbrand's words carried a weight of experience and wisdom.

After his address, the former headmaster approached Emery and conveyed some troubling information. He informed Emery that his name was among the top on the elves' wanted list. However, he gave Emery a solemn warning: "Keep your eyes open, Emery. The elves are not the only ones who wish you dead."

Emery nodded gratefully and replied, "Thank you for your warning." The warning from the former headmaster was a stark reminder of the dangers that awaited him beyond the training facility.

After receiving the warning note, the grand magus, Delbrand, left the training facility to head to the event location earlier and with their training complete, Jinkan extended an invitation to all participating magus for a grand feast at the Amarhik's palace.

Upon arrival, they were met with a magnificent sight of multiple renowned figures from the Amarhiks faction hosting the event. The atmosphere was filled with merriment and warmth as a magus of different backgrounds came together to socialize and build connections.

The event took a slight turn when one person entered the room, capturing everyone's attention. It was none other than the head of the Amarhiks family and the leader of the faction himself. Ajax Nephilims. His presence was commanding, and his aura exuded a palpable sense of authority.

"Father, glad you can come" Said Jinkan with a deep respect to her father.

The supreme being stayed at the gathering for a mere ten minutes, taking the opportunity to personally greet the young talents. He paid special attention to Jinkan and Eeshoo, showing a keen interest in their potential. Before leaving the feast, Emery noticed that the faction leader cast a searching glance in his direction as if probing him for something. Then, with a warm smile, the faction leader left the gathering.

That evening, after a satisfying dinner at the Amarhik's palace, the Earth team returned to their shared residence. Delbrand's warning had left them with a sense of apprehension, but they were resolute and ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

As the night wore on, the group gathered together for what they knew might be their last evening of togetherness before embarking on the expedition. The atmosphere in the room was a mix of excitement, anxiety, and determination. They discussed their strategies, shared stories of their past, and laughed over shared memories. It was a bittersweet moment, knowing that they would soon part ways for a while.

Amidst the camaraderie and preparation, Klea finally found the courage to visit Emery's room. She entered quietly and spent the night with him. They both understood the challenges they were about to face, and their embrace was a source of comfort and reassurance, reminding them of the love that bound them.

That night, in the quiet moments they shared, their love bloomed and offered solace in the face of the uncertain path that lay ahead.


As the sun's first rays heralded the morning of the long-awaited expedition, the excitement and anticipation hung heavy in the air at the magus facility. All 100 magus, including Emery, had gathered, their voices filled with a sense of purpose and determination.

Yet, amid the hustle and bustle, there were two surprises that awaited Emery. The first came in the form of a sleek steel box prepared by Jinkan, and as she presented it, the weight of anticipation became almost unbearable. Emery's eyes lit up as he gazed upon the container, understanding that it held something precious, something he had been eagerly waiting for.

"As promised," Jinkan said with a smile that hinted at the grand revelation within.

[Gentle sword]

[Long Sword - Tier 6]

[Length: 1.1 meter, Weight: 85 kilograms]

[Masterpiece Quality]

[Legendary soul binding]

[Savage Blade]

[Long Sword - Tier 6]

[Length: 1.1 meter, Weight: 142 kilograms]

[Masterpiece Quality]

[Legendary soul binding]

Emery's anticipation and excitement grew as he beheld his upgraded swords. [Gentle Sword] and [Savage Blade] had undergone a remarkable transformation.

The two swords gleamed with a newfound brilliance, their surfaces adorned with intricate engravings and the telltale marks of a high-grade weapon. While the additional layer of metals had significantly increased their weight, it felt as though the swords had grown with him, now perfectly balanced and harmonized with his strength.

"Thank you, Jinkan,"

The other surprise came in the form of one figure, walking into their midst was a figure that drew Emery's excited attention—a last-minute addition to their team. The magus couldn't hide his elation at the sight of the half-human and half-machine figure.

"Atlas!! You made it!!" Emery exclaimed, his face breaking into a wide grin. It was clear that Atlas had not only fully recovered from his previous injuries but also undergone significant upgrades to his machine components. As a half-moon magus, Atlas had made remarkable progress and had quickly secured his place among the top 5 of the fire team.

With the unexpected reunion and the team now fully assembled, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation. All preparations were complete, and it was time to embark on their expedition into the celestial ruins. Their leader, Jinkan, took charge with a commanding presence.

"Let's go!" she declared, her voice resolute.

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