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«Dragon-Marked War God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2790 Ulterior Motives

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Chapter 2790 Ulterior Motives

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Jiang Chen smiled and sent a telepathic message to Donghuang Taiji, “Sometimes, it’s not love if you push one away. It’s better to be together in hell than be separated in heaven. One will surely be happy with the other half is around.”

Donghuang Taiji was slightly stunned and silently nodded. Murong Yun’er looked at Jiang Chen with gratitude, her eyes became teary but she did not shed a tear.

“Oh right, I heard a commotion happening in the Linhe Boundary. Three Half-Step Hierarch experts from the Clear Stream Sect and other top three sects Supreme Elders were involved against someone. My friend said it was a devastating battle, he did not say who it was, said that it’s just a normal peasant that caused havoc in the region. Looks like no sect from Linhe Boundary is able to participate in the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties.” Donghuang Taiji curiously looked at Jiang Chen.

“It is me.” Jiang Chen said.

“What about those three Half-Step Hierarch Supreme Elders?” Donghuang Taiji looked at Jiang Chen with disbelief.

“Dead.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

Donghuang Taiji did not prod further; he had already deemed Jiang Chen to be a monster. He felt that Jiang Chen could even measure up against Donghuang Tai’a, Xuan Shenji and Gui Gu. Jiang Chen’s always that unpredictable.

The Battle Royale of the Nine Counties was near. Jiang Chen went to the City Lord Mansion to meet with Zi Ce, although Zi Qingtian had no power in choosing who would enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace, he still had the authority to allow who would participate in the competition.

Moreover, Zi Qingtian was troubled by the chaos in the Linhe Boundary, but to think Jiang Chen was able to quell the chaos single handedly. Decimating those super-power sects with his power alone. No one could certainly do such a feat. Zi Qingtian was pretty curious on how monstrous Jiang Chen was. The Battle Royale of the Nine Counties will be amusing.

“Thank you, Brother Zi. Please convey my thanks to the City Lord.” Jiang Chen said.

“Father asked for you to meet him at the back hall. However, he needs to receive the Divine Emissary of the Profound Connection Divine Palace now.”

Why did the City Lord ask for me? Jiang Chen thought but had a guess. It’s probably due to the Immortal High Grade Pill.

The City Lord already had some thoughts during the auction before, for me to help cure the Nether Cold Poison, however, he did not need to have it done immediately. Plus, at that time, I do not have what it takes to help him, now… I probably can.

A white-bearded old man wearing an extravagant robe, emitting an extraordinary aura, powerful and vigorous, his aura was as powerful as Zi Qingtian.

“Divine Emissary, how are you? Hehe, you still look as great as ever after ten thousand years.” Zi Qingtian smiled as he and the old man looked at each other.

“Reverend Zi, you too. The Battle Royale of the Nine Counties this time only has twenty entries for the Profound Connection Divine Palace. ” The Divine Emissary said.

“Battle Royale of the Nine Counties is near, we’ll have to trouble the Divine Emissary.” Zi Qingtian said.

“No matter, the Profound Connection Divine Palace is the Northern Cold Divine Region’s greatest academy, not anyone could just enter it. It’s best to be strict about it. Plus, the champion will obtain a Great Bright Lord’s Relic as a reward.” The Profound Connection Divine Emissary said proudly.

As the emissary of the Profound Connection Divine Palace, he was evidently powerful. Although not as powerful as the Reverend of the Nine Boundaries, it was still nothing to scoff at. The emissary of the Profound Connection Divine Palace was well respected from all places. Each one of them was at least at the Hierarch Realm.

“Great Bright Lord’s Relic, the reward for the Profound Connection Divine Palace is truly enticing this time. Even I would be moved, hehe.” Zi Qingtian chuckled.

“Hahaha, Brother Lian Cheng, it’s been ten thousand years, how are you?”

At this moment, Mojiu Zhi came in with a great laugh.

“To think Reverend Mojiu came too, it’s been long.” Liancheng Yanyun’s eyes shone brightly and smiled.

Zi Qingtian frowned when he saw Mojiu Zhi’s excited expression. This fella, what is he planning now?

“It’s been ten thousand years since we last met. I quickly came when I heard the rumour that Brother Liancheng was coming. To think I’m right about it, I’m truly lucky. Hahaha.” Mojiu Zhi smiled.

“Brother Mojiu, do not forget, this is my territory. Haha, are you really making yourself home now?” Zi Qingtian laughed.

The three of them looked at each other and laughed, their eyes were showing something else.

“Haha, I got too excited, sorry Brother Zi, my bad, my bad.” Mojiu Zhi smiled.

Zi Qingtian was uncomfortable when he took control when the master was around. This is Qi Lian Boundary, not Mo He Boundary.

“This time, my stepdaughter too will join Qi Lian Boundary’s Battle Royale of the Nine Counties. I wonder if the experts of Brother Zi’s Qi Lian Boundary will give her some chance?” Mojiu Zhi glanced towards Zi Qingtian.

“Lady Qingcheng is truly talented, she will certainly get a spot.” Zi Qingtian said without emotion.

At this moment, he was getting extremely curious about what Mojiu Zhi was planning.

“Of course, I hope I will not bring unnecessary trouble to Brother Zi.” Mojiu Zhi smiled.

“How would that be? The Battle Royale of the Nine Counties is exceptional, I have no say in it. They will have to use their own effort to gain the greatest result.”

“You’re right. Now that the competition is near, I wonder how many from the Qi Lian Boundary will emerge victorious. I can’t wait to see that.” Mojiu Zhi said.

Although it’s just a spot, she joined in the Qi Lian Boundary’s Battle Royale of the Nine Counties, causing one spot less for Qi Lian Boundary. However, his motive lies elsewhere.

“Well then, I also can’t wait for the result. Brother Liancheng, Brother Mojiu, I have some matters to attend to, I shall take my leave now.” Zi Qingtian then left the great hall immediately as Jiang Chen was waiting for him.

As for Mojiu Zhi, Zi Qingtian was already wary of him. This fella must have some ulterior motive. I can’t mess up now, with the Battle Royale of the Nine Counties at hand.

“You better pray that I do not find out you’re scheming something, otherwise, I will not go easy on you. Hmph…” Zi Qingtian harrumphed as he quickly rushed towards where Jiang Chen was.

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