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«Dragon-Marked War God (Web Novel) - Chapter 2716 - A Blue Light

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Chapter 2716 - A Blue Light

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A Blue Light

Yu Huagan and Jiang Chen immediately recognised it. Dongpo Tianchi and Feng Luojiang dared not look down upon it. They knew the reason why Yu Huagan fell into slumber now, it was because of the tiger-shaped demonic beast that he met a few hundred years ago.

“These three fellas shouldn’t be too strong. Kill them quick.” Yu Huagan said.

Dongpo Tianchi and the others followed him, as Yu Huagan had experience in facing these beasts.

The three beasts did not stop even though the three were rushing towards them, the beasts immediately released a ferocious attack in retaliation. Their vigour and aura felt like they were filled with unspeakable anger and jealousy towards humans. Their eyes were filled with slaughter and carnage, their blue luminous eyes were really creepy.

Although their bodies were skinny, they were extremely sturdy, their attacks were kamikaze-like, one without fear of death. Yu Huagan and the others felt pressured by their attacks, however, they were still able to kill them by shredding them apart as the beasts were just at the Half-Step Divine King realm.

“Do any of you know about these tiger-shaped beasts?” Jiang Chen said.

Dongpo Tianchi and the others shook their heads.

“This thing… could it be the demonic beast of the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan?” Yu Huagan frowned.

He still shuddered thinking back on those three fearless beasts, he would have to tread with caution…

“Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan?”

It said the same thing as the demonic beast that was within Yu Huagan’s mind, the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan.

“Are you sure? It’s just a legend.” Dongpo Tianchi and the others said, not believing Yu Huagan.

“What legend?” Jiang Chen asked with a frown.

“The Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan is a legend of Liao Bei, but it existed long ago. There are traces of this legend, rumours have it that they’re ancient savage beasts, the royals of Liao Bei, one of the stronger clans of Lone Dragon County. However, they were punished by the heavens and vanished from the lands of Liao Bei. My ancestor’s note mentioned that they’re the leaders of Liao Bei and all of them were killed by a catastrophe. I did my research and asked around but no one knew about their existence anymore.” Yu Huagan was obviously guessing, he wouldn’t spout nonsense without solid proof.

“I, too, had only read it in my family’s ancient text. However, the Yu Family has been in Liao Bei much longer than us, and not even they have a clear record of it. This Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan may not be real. Even if they were, why is it that nobody knows them? They’re probably extinct, how could they appear in this mine?” Dongpo Tianchi was extremely confused and filled with disbelief.

Those demonic beasts were somewhat like a tiger, like a wolf but not completely like them.

“Actually, judging from this cave, there are no signs of mining. This is not man-made. No matter if it’s the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan or not, we’ll have to investigate it.” Jiang Chen raised the Divine Bright Stone and shone upon the dark cave and said quietly.

“Alright, I’ll lead.” Yu Huagan said.

It was his Yu Family’s mine, he, as the leader of the family, should be the one to lead and investigate this mysterious situation.

Yu Huagan led the way with the Divine Bright Stone in his hand. The dark cave was pretty simple, there wasn’t any pattern, Yu Huagan noticed how empty the cave was. There weren’t any human traces, Jiang Chen was right, their miners did not enter this cave.

“Wow… Astonishing” Dongpo Tianchi whispered

Although it wasn’t magnificently perfect, it’s pretty impressive for an underground work. It was pretty hard to open up such a long tunnel underground. Plus, there were many forks up ahead.

His view towards those demonic beasts was changed once again after meeting the tiger-shaped beasts.

Everyone held a Divine Bright Stone to lit up the surrounding area, a thirty-meter radius was finally lit up.

“Sir, where should we go next? There are many forks ahead.” Yu Huagan looked at Jiang Chen. He greatly respected Jiang Chen.

“This place is weird, there’s a strong divine origin qi around the area but the traces are slowly fading away.‘ Jiang Chen said.

“Meaning?” Feng Luojiang looked at Jiang Chen with confused eyes.

He dared not cause more trouble although he did not know the guy out of respect towards Yu Huagan. Moreover, the guy was able to take on the pressure of the three of them alone. Although they have never truly fought, an average Divine King would’ve been overpowered by them. The Mid Divine King Great Elder was an example.

“This place was once filled with countless Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones, but now it’s just a plain ol’ cave.” Jiang Chen said.

At this moment, Yu Huagan and the other two finally felt something was amiss.

“Yes, there’s a thick divine origin qi but it’s gone now. The lingering qi is certainly much thicker than a High-Grade Ore.” Dongpo Tianchi nodded.

They were pretty shocked by Jiang Chen’s keen observation. Meaning that those countless forks were once filled with Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones, however, they were all gone now.

Yu Huagan took a deep breath and silently asked himself, could those beasts dig out that many ores? No…

“Let’s be alert on our way in.” Jiang Chen continued forward.

Transparent crystals could be seen along the path, they weren’t Divine Origin Ores but simple crystals.

Several forks appeared on the path and nobody knew what was ahead.

Yu Huagan dare not be careless as he had almost died here. He’s extremely vigilant now. As for the legend of the Ice Emperor’s Wolf Clan… he didn’t put much of his heart upon it.

“Look, there’s a blue light over there.” Dongpo Tianchi said.

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