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«Dragon Monarch System (Web Novel) - Chapter 300: Princess Lara

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Chapter 300: Princess Lara

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“My name is Lara Murphy. I am the 8th Princess of the Great Starry Sky Empire that existed a long time ago. I have been sleeping in this world till my husband woke me up from my long slumber.” Hearing this pale skin young girl calling Aditya her husband, Alicia felt complicated. She didn’t know what to say.

Watson, Amber, Nathan, Spencer, and Sophia were shocked. Aditya had disappeared for more than 30 days and now he had found another wife. Just what happened? All of them had the same questions in their mind.

Riya sighed in relief after Aditya was healed completely. The goddess was about to express her happiness of seeing her beloved one after so many days when she heard the words that came out of Princess Lara’s face.

Hearing these words, the look on Riya’s face changed instantly. Lara’s maid Rose and others suddenly became alert sensing Riya’s killing intent leaking out of her body.

Lara’s attention was soon drawn to Riya when she stood up and walked in front of Alicia. Princess Lara took this opportunity to closely observe the face and appearance of the woman with silver hair. It was obvious that this silver hair woman was very close to her husband as how she didn’t know.

Princess Lara didn’t know what she should say to Riya as she already had introduced herself. She believe that now it was the other party’s turn to introduce themselves. However, Riya did not speak even a single word. The goddess just continued to stare at princess Lara.

The deadly silence gradually grew, making the atmosphere tenser. Rose prepared to fight all these people if in case this silver-haired tall woman tried to harm her Highness in any way.

Watson couldn’t take the silence anymore. He was about to step forward and stop Lady Riya before she made any irrational moves. As Aditya’s personal and only butler, Watson can tell that His Master really cared about this young girl. And if Lady Riya does anything to this young girl, Master might become upset. Also, Watson didn’t wish to see Riya harming His Master’s potential future wife.

However, Watson’s intervention wasn’t necessary as the killing intent coming out of Riya’s body was suppressed. Riya hatefully glared at Aditya who was lying unconscious a few meters away from her. ‘This evil man. He left us for 34 days. After 34 days, he is suddenly with a young girl who calls herself his wife. When he wakes up, I will take my sweet time in torturing…cough…I make him tell me everything.’

“Hello! My name is Riya Tombrook. I am the Princess of the Celestial Terrain. I am also Aditya’s 3rd fiance and his 3rd future wife. It’s really nice to meet you, Princess Lara.”

The reason Riya did not take out her anger on Lara is that she noticed that Princess Lara was really weak. In fact, it was not just Princess Riya, others who came with her also noticed this. Everyone noticed that Lara’s Aura was really weak. Lara appeared to be weaker than normal humans of her age. But no one said it out loud as they wanted Aditya to explain everything when he woke up.

‘I was right. So we will become sisters in the future.’ Princess Lara smiled. She was happy to meet the new members of her new family. Meanwhile, Lara’s maid Rose sighed in relief seeing that Riya is not attacking Her Highness.

‘Now that the Great Starry Sky Empire no longer exists, I must protect Her Highness with all that I have got. I will make sure that no one can bully Her Highness.’ When Rose was appointed as Lara’s maid, she had sworn to protect and forever stand with Her highness. Rose has guarded Lara for 53 years in this world alone without ever interacting with any human. Rose is even willing to fight beginner 5th-order Riya to protect Her Highness.

“My name is Alicia Osburn. I am the Princess of the Ethereal Empire. I am Aditya’s second fiance and his second future wife. It’s really nice to meet you. You can call me Big sister.” Compared to Riya, Lara found it easier to talk with Alicia.

“Okay, Big sister.” Princess Lara innocently nodded her head. Her eyes were really pure. Compared to everyone, Princess Lara was the most innocent one.

Being weak, Princess Lara spent the majority of her life in her bedroom. Princess Lara very rarely socialized with anyone. This is one of the reasons why she appeared to be more innocent than girls of her age. While girls of her age mostly had boyfriends and went out to date, Princess Lara never had been touched by any male other than her father and her brothers. Aditya was the first male Princess Lara ever hugged in his life.

“My name is Julia Onard. This is my mother Sophia and this is my father Adam. I am Aditya’s 1st fiance and his 1st future wife. You can call me Big sister as well. Let’s get along from now on.” Julia’s mood had significantly improved as Aditya lay on her lap. There was a gentle smile on her face as she spoke to Lara.

Sophia and Adam were surprised to see their daughter act so maturely. If it was the Julia of the past then she would have lost her calm meeting a young girl who is claiming herself to be Aditya’s wife.

“My name is Watson. I am his Majesty’s Butler.”

“I am Spencer. I am the Prime Minister of the Istarin Empire.”

“My name is Amber.”

“I am Nathan.”

“I am……”

After everyone introduced themselves, it was decided to go out of this world. Rose had informed everyone that if they didn’t leave this world, the portal might close down. And this time the portal will permanently close down. This means everyone will be trapped in this world if they do not leave now.

“I will carry his majesty” No one stopped Watson. While Watson picked up unconscious Aditya Princess Lara was picked up by Rose.

‘Her Highness cannot keep up with others so I will just have to carry her.’

Before stepping inside the portal, Princess Lara took one last glance at the Icy Shattered Ruin world. This place has been her home for more than 53 years. She has slept in this place for so many years. This was the place where she had last seen her parents before she was put to sleep. This world held a special place in her heart. But sadly after the portal closes, she won’t be able to come to this world anymore.

‘This would mark a new chapter of my life. Father, Mother, please watch over me from Heaven.’ Princess Lara swore to move on with her life. She would carry the dear memories of her family and hold them closely in her heart.

‘At least, in this new journey of mine, I am not alone. I have Rose with me. And most importantly, I have found the fated one. Someone who wouldn’t hesitate to put his life at risk to protect me.’

Princess Lara and Rose looked at each other for a second before Lara nodded her head. Rose smiled with a nod before stepping inside the portal.




On the other side of the portal, many surprises were waiting for Princess Lara and her Maid Rose. As soon as they stepped outside the portal, Princess Lara and Rose found themselves surrounded by 1,000 Istarin Soldiers.

All the soldiers were surprised and shocked to see their Majesty being carried by Watson. Although Aditya looked perfectly fine, the bloodstains on his clothes spoke of the brutal battle that their King had fought inside the portal.

At this moment everyone understood why Watson ordered them to guard this place and not allow anyone to get near. It was because their King has been trapped in the Icy Shattered Ruin World.

“Welcome back. How is His Majesty?” Asked the Dark elf Scott. The generals now looked much more relaxed than before. Now that they have found their Majesty back, all of them could stop being worried and focus more on their work and on their cultivation.

“His majesty should wake up soon. There is no need to be worried.”

Meanwhile, Spencer looked at all the soldiers. “Everyone, what you have seen today must never be revealed to another soul. If anyone leaks what has happened here today, then I swear on his Majesty’s name, I will personally behead that person and torture his entire family for eternity.” Spencer added a little bit of his killing intent.

His words worked perfectly. Nearly all of the soldiers trembled in fear. Unlike the previous acting Prime Minister who was kind and friendly, the new Prime Minister was very strict. In the last few months, Spencer has gained a reputation for being The Cold-Hearted Minister of the Dragon Monarch.

Spencer proved himself as The Cold-Hearted Minister of the Dragon Monarch by mercilessly slaughtering everyone single person who was closely related to the Dragon Slayer guild. After the attack from the 7 members of the Dragon guild slayer, Spencer, and Nathan personally worked together in catching the spies of the Dragon Slayer guild that the guild had sent to the Istarin Empire’s capital in order to gain more information on the Istarin Empire.

The unfortunate ones who were captured by Spencer were publicly executed. And Spencer was the one who publicly ended their lives. The image of Spencer killing all the spies of the Dragon Slayer guild was still fresh in everyone’s mind. That day, Spencer had turned into a demon. In the end, Spencer’s entire body was covered in the blood of the spies.

Not just that, he even publicly released a statement that anyone who is conducting any sort of business or is related to the Dragon slayer guild will be publicly executed. From that day, The Istarin Empire made it clear to the world that the Dragon Slayer guild is their mortal enemy. Also on that day, the close allies of the Istarin Empire also released a similar statement and cut off all connections with the Dragon Slayer guild.

This meant that the Dragon slayer guild was banned from the entire Eastern region of the Dying Isle continent and half of the Southern region of the Dying Isle continent.

The reason Spencer hasn’t attacked the Dragon Slayer guild yet is that he was waiting for his Majesty to return and decide how he would want to see the Dragon slayer guild end itself.

“Good” Spencer was satisfied with the soldier’s reaction.

“Let’s head back.”

‘So they are the soldiers of the Istarin Empire.’ Lara was impressed. She noticed that even the weakest soldier had a 1-star weapon and wore 1-star armor. With such equipment, the soldier should have no problem defeating even a beginner 2nd-order.

‘In our Empire, only the soldiers whose cultivation was above Mid-2nd-order were given such weapon and armor set.’ Although Princess Lara has mostly spent the majority of her time sleeping, she knows a thing or two about politics and how an Empire works.

‘Mother Empress told me that giving 1-star weapon and armor set to 1st-order soldiers was very expensive for their Empire. A big majority of the troops in our Empire were 1st-order soldiers. Giving each 1st-order soldier a 1-star armor set and the 1-star weapon could cost them billions.’ Lara now had a much better idea of how powerful and how influential the Istarin Empire was in this time period.

It was because of Aditya that the current Istarin Empire was able to give a 1-star weapon and 1-star armor set to all the soldiers. As he was the one who collected all these armor and weapons during the goblin invasion.

Lara’s attention was soon drawn to the shadow of a big giant that flew over her head. When she looked up, she was surprised to see a giant dragon flying above them. The size of the Dragon was 50 meters. The dragon had crimson and brown mixed scales.

‘It’s an Earth Dragon. I have never seen a Dragon of this massive size.’ The Earth Dragon was a Peak 4th-order powerhouse. This Dragon was one of those dragons that have submitted to the Dragon Monarch. As a reward, Aditya gave this Earth Dragon a drop of his Divine Blood which helped this Earth Dragon grow both in size and power.

The Earth Dragon Soon landed a few hundred meters away from the village. By now the portal had completely closed down. Since they have found their Majesty and Julia’s father back and the portal of the Icy Shattered Ruin world had been closed, there was no more reason for the soldiers to stay here.

“You guys can go back. Your duty here is over. All of you will be rewarded an extra 50 gold coins for your hard work.”

“Thank you, Prime Minister.” For the soldiers, even 50 royal gold coins were a lot. The soldiers were really happy that they can finally return home with extra 50 royal gold coins with their usual salary.

Soon everyone climbed the back of the Giant Earth-Dragon. Spencer rubbed the back of the Earth Dragon. “Go head to the nearest Istarin Empire’s territory.”

The Earth Dragon nodded before taking off from the ground. At the same time, a bubble-like sphere formed around everyone. Lara found that this sphere prevented the strong wind breeze from affecting them.

The speed of the Dragon Earth was really fast. The Peak 4th-order Earth Dragon soon arrived at the nearest Istarin Empire city. The Earth Dragon landed outside the city. Due to its huge size, it cannot land inside the city without harming people and destroying buildings.

The noble who is in charge of this city had been informed of their arrival in advance. As soon as the earth Dragon Landed, the noble named Bruce came to receive the members of the Royal Family with 100 soldiers and a big Royal carriage.

As Spencer and others got off from the back of the Earth Dragon, Bruce and the 100 soldiers behind him, all kneeled to the ground and greeted Spencer and the members of the Royal Family. “This humble servant greets the Royal Family. Welcome to the Snow White City.”

As the Prime Minister, Spencer had learned the names of all the nobles and known their background. “Get up Bruce. We won’t stay here for long. We will be using the teleportation array of the Snow White city to teleport back to the Capital.” Bruce got up and nodded his head.

“Please come this way.” Bruce noticed that his Majesty was being carried by Watson. Bruce didn’t have the courage to ask what had happened to his Majesty.

But noticing his gaze, Watson decided to explain. “His Majesty fought a powerful 5th-order monster. He was able to defeat the monster but in the process, Majesty had become too tried.” Bruce nodded and didn’t ask any more questions. But deep down, Bruce was really impressed with Aditya. Only if Bruce knew that the monster that Aditya has defeated was a beginner 6th-order monster. His reaction would be priceless.

Bruce stepped aside and lowered his head while everyone got into the carriage.

The soldiers made sure to keep the crowd out of the Carriage’s path. Everyone was forced to step aside so that the carriage can reach the teleportation array as soon as possible. As the Carriage entered the Snow White city, Princess Lara couldn’t stop watching.

Lara can’t believe that more than a thousand years have passed. The world that she knew had changed so much. This place feels like a foreign world even if this is the same world. Lara feels as if she had come to a different world.

She was like an excited child. She was barely able to calm herself. But she had to forcefully calm herself. As she was Aditya’s wife and a Princess. She had to act that way.

Sophia was able to notice this. Sophia barely was able to control herself from smiling seeing Princess Lara act this way. ‘I don’t know how Aditya managed to seduce such a young and innocent-looking girl.’ Lara was very cute. Seeing her, Sophia remembered young Julia who had almost had the same type of curious personality as Lara.

Around 12 minutes later, the carriage reached the teleportation array. The teleportation array had been temporarily shut down to the public for the King and his Royal family.

Getting out of the carriage, everyone stepped inside the teleportation array. Soon everyone teleported back to the Capital of the Istarin Empire. Since Princess Lara and Rose can’t get inside the Dragon Palace without Aditya’s consent and since Aditya was currently unconscious, they had to teleport to the Palace which was located at the center of the Azure city and was currently unused.



Scene change

While Aditya was being bought back from the brink of death, he was experiencing something very different.

“Where am I?” Aditya asked out loud as he found himself standing in an arena. The arena was very big. After looking around a little bit, his attention was drawn to the two thrones that were floating 100 meters above the ground.

There were two figures sitting on the throne and looking at Aditya. The throne on which they were sitting was made up of cyan color stones. For some reason, Aditya couldn’t see any of their faces. He can sense their Aura. It was clear that both of them were even more powerful than the Maneater Monster. Especially the woman sitting on the left throne and staring at Aditya with her crimson glowing eyes.

Under Aditya’s watch, the Man sitting on the right Throne suddenly jumped from the throne and landed 30 meters away from Aditya. At the same time, the woman snapped her fingers. This caused both thrones to move away from the Arena. Aditya didn’t have time to watch the thrones move away as his attention was drawn to the man standing 30 meters away from him.

Aditya still couldn’t see the man’s face. His face was blurred. When Aditya tried to see through the illusion, he suddenly got a headache. “Who I am shouldn’t really matter right now. Prepare yourself. I am about to end your life once and for all.” The man suddenly charged at Aditya at a frightening speed, Aditya widened his eyes in shock seeing the man’s immense speed.

In counter and to stop the man, Aditya created a wall of Crimson flame before him. At the same time, he began to activate his other passive skills.

Storm Summoning!

Dark Clouds began to cover the starry sky above Aditya. The woman sitting on the Throne was once again surprised to see the Dark clouds containing violent Crimson lightning bolts in them.


『Ding! The passive boost of the Storm Marshal class has been activated. The host’s mana has been temporarily increased by 50%. The power of lightning and wind-type attacks has been increased by 50%. Your Agility has been increased by [300+].』

Inferno Overdrive!

Storm Flight!

Lightning Armor!

Crimson Lightning Dash!

『Ding! You have activated Inferno Overdrive. You have entered into a berserk state. All of your stats except for Mana have been increased by 70%.』

『Ding! You have activated Storm Flight. Due to the storm, the agility boost from the Storm Flight has been doubled. You have obtained [200+] Agility points.』

『Ding! You have activated the Lightning Armor. Your defense has increased. You have obtained [100+] strength.』

『Ding! You have activated Crimson Lightning Dash. By consuming [20+] mana per second, you have obtained [200+] agility points.』

Aditya’s entire body was surrounded by Crimson lightning. The Crimson lightning formed armor around his body. ‘Thankfully the cooldown period of the Inferno Overdrive is over.’

Also at that time, a wave of cold water rose in the air. The water wave hit the wall of Crimson flame. The Water was able to extinguish Aditya’s Crimson flame very easily. This shocked Aditya greatly as this was the first time he had seen his Crimson Flame getting extinguished by water.

The Temperature of the Crimson flame is so high that it can vaporize water at a very fast pace. Ever since he got the Crimson flame, Aditya never had to fear Water-type attacks. But today it was very different. The Water wave easily managed to extinguish his Crimson flames.

Seeing the Water Wave heading in his direction, Aditya flew up in the air. When he stopped he noticed the man with a blurred face standing above his head. Before Aditya could react, a powerful kick on his back sent him flying like a meteorite.


Aditya was sent crashing down on the ground. The ground beneath him instantly shattered like a spider web. Large cracks appeared around the ground beneath Aditya.

‘It hurts.’ Aditya groaned in pain. But he quickly stood up enduring the pain.

Standing up, Aditya searched for the man but the man once again appeared behind him without making a single sound. Aditya couldn’t even sense Man’s aura till he heard his voice.

“Young Dragon, you’re still not strong enough. You’re inexperienced.” When Aditya tried to turn around, a powerful fist landed on his right cheek.


Aditya fell to the ground. But just before he fell down, he manipulated the crimson lightning in the clouds. Just as Aditya fell down, several powerful bolts of Crimson lightning struck the man.

‘Got you.’ However, Aditya soon discovered that despite being struck by 4 powerful bolts of Crimson lightning, the man appeared to be completely fine. There wasn’t even a single mark on his skin.

The man just scratched his hair after he was struck by lightning bolts. “That was supposed to hurt? Pathetic. I expected something more powerful. How disappointing.” The man coldly stared at Aditya.

‘Still not enough. Then how about this?’

Enraged Lightning Spell!

Suddenly, a powerful Rainbow lightning bolt came from the sky and struck the Man. This time the attack sent him flying more than 500 meters away. The attack also left a giant crater in the Arena. Aditya used this time to get up.

‘Still not enough?’ Aditya asked himself while using Dragon Transformation. Facing such powerful enemies, Aditya should bring out all of his trump cards.

Dragon Transformation!

『Ding! As you have transformed into your Dragon Form, all of your stats except for mana have been doubled.』

『Ding! Your mana recovery speed has been increased by 60%.』

『Ding! 500+ extra agility has been added to your base stats.』

When the dust settled down, Aditya was shocked to see the Man walking towards him completely fine. He didn’t look the least bit injured.

‘This is the first Enraged Lightning has failed to harm someone. Then let’s try this.’ Aditya gritted his teeth while charging at the Man at full speed.

“Hit me with your strongest attack. Otherwise, you will die.” The man spread his arms and laughed out loud. Aditya felt as if he had fought Adam who is also hungry for Battles. But this man was on a complete different level than Adam.

When Aditya was 20 meters away from the Man, suddenly his entire body started to change into Crimson lightning. Seeing this the Man and the Woman who was observing Aditya both showed surprised look.

Aditya’s body changed into a Lightning bolt. The Crimson lightning bolt then split into 7 lightning bolts.

‘This is one my strongest attacks. Take this.’


From seven different sides, all the lightning bolts struck the man. When Aditya returned to his human form, he looked at Man. Only to find him still standing in the same place. ‘It didn’t work or what?’ Aditya asked himself in doubt. But then……


The man coughed out a large amount of blood before falling to his knees. Seeing this Aditya felt a little bit happy. “Not bad……Cough!” The man again coughed out a large amount of blood.

“Time to end your life.” Aditya charged at the man with the intention of ending his life but then he was horrified to find Man’s entire body turning into water. All of the blood that the man coughed out also turned into Water.

Aditya then realized that he has been under a powerful illusion. “Young Dragon Monarch, you would need to train 10,000 years if you want to kill me.”

Aditya’s entire body trembled as he heard Man’s voice behind him. As he turned his face, he was able to see the actual face of the man.

The man had black hair and red glowing eyes. He had thin lips and a big sharp nose. Overall the Man was really handsome. He looked like he was around 35 years of age.

As the Man touched Aditya’s right shoulder, his body began turning into Ice. Aditya panicked. He tried to stop his body from turning into ice by increasing his body temperature.

“Dear, I think you should stop now.” The woman who hadn’t spoken to Aditya till now finally spoke. The woman’s voice was sweet. Anyone who hears her voice would be under her seduction.

The Woman stood up. As she took the first step, golden stairs began to form beneath her feet. The woman elegantly started walking down. Aditya was able to see her face as well.

When he saw her face, Aditya was 100% sure that both of them were the Parents of Princess Lara. Aditya is not sure how he came to meet the Parents of Lara.

Lara’s mother whom Lara called Mother Empress looked 90% like Lara except that her face was much more mature and her body was more developed and seducing than Lara’s body. Lara was really cute. But her mother’s beauty was even more frightening.

The Vampire Empress had long black hair. She had large breasts which seems to bounce with each of her steps. She had a small waist and a big hip. She wore a black silk dress that covered her entire body. The mole under her lips made her look sexier.

Hearing his wife’s words, Lara’s father who was the Vampire Emperor stopped. He moved away from Aditya.

“I am just testing our son-in-law.” Lara’s father said while looking at his wife.

“Dear, I think you’re more than testing our son-in-law. Aditya is more than capable of protecting our daughter.” Just as the woman’s feet touched the ground, everything around Aditya began to change.

Aditya found himself sitting on a chair. Lara’s parents were sitting opposite him. On the round table, there were three cups of tea and some snacks which are meant to be eaten along with the tea.

It was evening time and they were sitting under a tree. ‘How did I come here? Or Is it some kind of advanced level of illusion?’

“I know you have a lot of questions. We can answer all of your questions but first let us introduce yourselves. My name is Lauren Murphy and This is Lara’s father and my husband, Jonah Murphy.”

“My name is Aditya Bainnith.”

Hearing Aditya’s last name, both Jonah and Lauren were once again shocked. “So you’re the descendent of the Bainnith Family. I never thought that the Celestial Dragon Empire would be able to maintain its dominance in the Main continent for this long.”

Aditya was surprised. From their words, it seems even 1,300 years ago, The Celestial Dragon Empire was a very strong Empire and Dominated the Entire Main continent.

“So things happened and Now I am no longer a part of the Celestial Dragon Empire. I moved to the Dying Isle Continent. Now I am the Emperor of the Istarin empire.” Aditya wondered if he should change his last name to something else. Since Aditya has been exiled from the Celestial Dragon Empire, he didn’t wish to use the Bainnith Name anymore.

‘I will think about it later.’

“I see. The future is indeed full of uncertain possibilities.” Jonah sighed.

“Aditya, do you have any fiance or wives?” Lauren asked.

“I have three fiancés. I was planning on marrying them a few years later. Right now, I don’t have any wives.” Aditya decided to not talk about the contract that gave him seven goddesses as his wives. At this point, the contract really didn’t matter. Aditya wasn’t going to force the goddesses to marry him. He was already more than satisfied with three Wives.

“Brat, you better treat my Daughter with equal love and respect.”

“I will try my best.” Regarding Princess Lara, Aditya was feeling complicated. On one hand, Aditya wanted to protect this girl. He liked it when she tenderly called him husband. But on other hand, Aditya was feeling conflicted regarding his feelings for Lara. Aditya didn’t believe in love at first sight. He believed that love is something that is cultivated between two partners.

Lauren could easily understand Aditya’s emotions. She smiled seeing Aditya taking the whole situation so seriously. Lauren was now sure that her daughter was in the right hand. She won’t have to worry about her. Someone like Aditya will definitely take care of her.

“What is this place?” Aditya asked in confusion.

“This is the spiritual world. It’s in your sea of consciousness.” Jonah replied.

Lauren added more information. “You see, originally we tried to create an army of monsters. The Maneater monster was a failed product of our experiment. The monster wouldn’t listen to anyone. In the end, we decided to place the monster into that world. But before leaving, we left a little bit of our consciousness and a small part of our souls in the monster. So that if one day, Lara’s fated one manages to defeat the monster, we will be able to meet him.”

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