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«Divine Emperor Of Death (Web Novel) - Chapter 3692 Resonation of Earth And Space

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Chapter 3692 Resonation of Earth And Space

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Flamerose and Frostrose waited with baited breath even though they didn't have a physical body.

They saw Isabella stand without any movement before she suddenly jumped and threw out a punch again at the sea. The very earth beneath her feet quivered, sending small tremors through the sand and stones.

The two of them couldn't see what was happening but Isabella could see her punch, infused with a earthen energy and spatial energy, created an invisible shockwave that rippled outward into the ocean.

Her vision registered space wobbling in front of her as though it was elastic. It even entered the sea, making the water quiver as though defying its own soft nature, causing it to suddenly crumble and collapse on itself with a terrifying force when it fissured.


The cascading water under the line of devastation that Isabella punched out echoed the magnitude of her ridiculous power. Water splashed high into the air, droplets catching the sunlight and creating a shimmering curtain of rain that fell on Isabella.

She stood poised amidst the chaotic reaction of the sea as her purple-gold robe billowed dramatically under the wind stirred by her attack, making her look like she was the daughter of the storm.

"I finally comprehended it…"

Isabella raised her hand and clenched her fist. She grinned, more so than ever, as she could feel her power rise drastically, although it didn't help her reach her prowess leap by one. But still, it was significant progress in her eyes, a step amidst the many that she needed to take to catch up to her powerful sisters participating in this trial.

Turning around, she walked with confidence.

However, came to a stop as her expression fell.


The number of spheres flying around simply left her shocked. She had no idea what had happened all this time. At least she was able to tell that since she was still here, the trial hadn't ended yet, and no one passed it.

When she got focused training here, she subconsciously relished the duty of winning to Flamerose and Frostrose as she believed they were capable but it seems like they still hadn't completed yet, causing her to frown.

'Did they die…?'

Isabella weaved through the spheres. At the edge, the spheres were still lesser in quantity, so she was able to make her way up the hill. When she was on the other side, she was shocked to see a crimson-blue crystal mountain cover the land in the inner region.

It at least covered a five-kilometer radius, leaving her shocked, but this also told her that a huge battle had taken place while she was training.

"Zahara, Yeyin…! I'm sorry!"

She screamed out embarrassedly while dodging the spheres, causing Flamerose and Frostrose to shake their heads. It wasn't like it was her fault, but they guessed Isabella felt responsible.

"I promise I will win this!"

Isabella declared, not knowing if they were still listening.

She looked at the ridiculous amount of spheres that she felt were comparable to a locust infestation. However, the number wasn't a problem for her. The speed of the spheres was a problem for her.

To mitigate it, she could go back to the edge where there were fewer spheres. This would allow her to track the speed and the position of the spheres better.

However, she closed her eyes, raising her hand and extending out her finger before tapping it.

A soundless and invisible wave rippled across space. It wasn't encompassing but branched across the space like a tree spreading out its branches, traversing while resonating with the matter in it.

It even came across other spheres, but the spheres didn't react at all; they were still flying past them.

Then suddenly, the resonation was complete, causing minute points of space to be affected, and in those particular points were hundreds of pigeon-egg-sized martial spheres. They came to a stop suddenly, shuddering as they were hit by the crumbling force of Isabella's energy and dropped to the ground.


Isabella laughed lightly.

The martial spheres that had given her so much trouble, even a sense of dread to her ability to control her tyrannical earthen energy, were now a piece of cake.

She had finally incorporated yin into her earth energy, yet she had gone further than that.

"Impossible…" Flamerose uttered in shock, "… did she just fuse Earth Laws, Space Laws and Yin Laws…?"

"No, that's the combination of Earth Laws and Space Laws blended with Yin Laws, Rumbling Laws… the resonation of earth and space transformed into a destructive force…"

"No way… since she has infused yin… doesn't that give her absolute control over her tyrannical earth dragon might…?"

"It just did…" Frostrose sighed at the comprehension ability of human geniuses, "This Supreme Law allowed her energy to seep into space without harming anything other than what she wanted, allowing her to obtain hundred and thirty-eight pigeon-egg-sized martial spheres just like that…"

They then saw her pat the space to her side, bringing down the white essence spheres, both pigeon-egg sized and fist sized.

They trembled and came falling down like they were dumbstruck by her powers.

"How terrifying… each branch of her rumbling energy carries her will, using tranquil or optimal force as she pleases…"

"Using this wide range attack, she could even kill Immortal Emperors within a small field without harming mortal children if they were present… that's how terrifying her control has become…"

Flamerose and Frostrose didn't know what to say over this sudden change in her power, allowing her to subdue multiple spheres with one attack. It was as though this trial was specifically made for her, making them wonder if this was fate.

"The difference in force used… that became her insights to incorporate yin into her energies…"

No matter how they thought, they still found it incredible she managed to comprehend Rumbling Laws in a short amount of time. Perhaps she was already secretly working on it. In that case, they could believe it was possible in a short amount of time.

Either way, they saw her tackle the soul spheres.

They figured it should be the hardest for her, but using the same Rumbling Laws using soul force, she brought them down, leaving them blinking.

It didn't take her a few tries to master it using soul force either…?

Hundreds of spheres dropped to the ground, and Isabella was too lazy to pick them up. She looked at the skies and saw her name appear as the victor of this trial, causing her to erupt with a terrifying force as she struck the space in front of her.

Her punch was like breezing through the air, calm and relaxed, yet it caused the space to wobble everywhere in her attack path, spreading out into a cone that encompassed thousands of spheres.

The pigeon-egg-sized spheres were struck with a tranquil resonation. Her immortal martial energy, immortal essence energy, and immortal soul force all traversed separately, taking care of the three types of spheres using the right force with incomparable accuracy.

Almost all the spheres in her attack range shuddered and dropped to the ground.

However, Isabella was no longer present here.

She appeared in some space, causing her to look around and see that she had arrived on an island, but it was absolutely empty with no spheres. However, she spotted three glowing treasure chests at the center of the island, causing her to look around and see that there was no one else.

She quickly appeared before them and opened them with a wave of her hands, causing her to look at three golden pills.

[Reward: Three Gilded Realm Ascendant Pills made from Minor Realms]

Isabella trembled as she read the string of lines that appeared before her eyes. She couldn't stomach having received three of these when it was guessed Davis almost met a calamity to obtain one of them, not knowing whether to be happy or feel it was fake.

She looked around again, wondering if someone was invoking her greed to lay a trap as the rewards were simply too good in her eyes, too good to be true for even an Empyrean, but she froze when she turned to look around, noticing the silhouette of a woman standing before her.

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