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«Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 986: Business (4)

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Chapter 986: Business (4)

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People who were not aware of what happened might wonder what she had gone through from her extremely loud screaming and crying.

Mo Beihan and Gu Qingyao were totally aware of Zhou Furong’s personality. Both the Old Master Mo and Grandma Mo knew about that as well. That was the reason why they did not bother to interfere for so long.

Mo Beihan said impatiently, “Tell her to keep it down. We still have elderlies in the family. Such an old person still cries for help?”

Steward Zhong, “…”

She was still trying to show how pathetic she was by crying and screaming, hoping the Mo family would help her take revenge.

“Yes, I understand.”

Mo Beihan did not bother to care about that person and brought Gu Qingyao back to the room.

“You have been busy for the whole day. Take a good rest. You still need to wake up early tomorrow!”

Gu Qingyao nodded and lied on the bed.

“We are not going to care about Aunt?”

Mo Beihan said, “There’s no need for that. Anyway, they will be chased out of the family soon. They have no relationship with the Mo family; why do we bother to care?”

Gu Qingyao did not ask further and lied down to rest.

Mo Beihan said, “I’ll go with you in the morning.”

Gu Qingyao was startled, “Is it appropriate? You’re the Master of the Mo family. Many people in the capital can recognise you. You’re going to sell noodles at a stall…”

Mo Beihan raised a brow, “You’re the Madam of the Mo family and the most famous Young Lady in the capital.”

Gu Qingyao: “…”

Mo Beihan continued, “Yao Yao, we grew up in the Qing River Brigade. Though our identities are different now, you’re still the same person. When we meet our friends from childhood, you’re still Sister Gu from the Gu family and so am I still Brother Mo.

“The two children were with us when we were young. They called you Sister, and they called me Brother. Now, we need to help them.”

Gu Qingyao smiled and was delighted. “Big boss Mo, help me sell noodles tomorrow then.”

Mo Beihan patted her head. “Okay. As long as you like it, I can help you sell noodles for our whole life.”


Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan woke up early the next morning. They arrived at Chen Qingqing’s house before the sky brightened.

Chen Qingqing and Chen Feng had finished their preparations. They put everything onto the hand cart and headed towards the market.

They did not go to the small alley they went to yesterday. Instead, they arrived at a busier alley. After finding a spot to place the tables, they heated up the stove. Soon, the fragrance of the soup could be smelled everywhere nearby.

Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan did not eat breakfast. They asked Chen Qingqing to prepare two bowls for them.

Noodles were commonly seen here, but it was rare to see people like Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan.

Their appearances were gorgeous. Normal people had never seen such pretty people.

They must be from a renowned family based on what they were wearing. And they were sitting at the stall eating noodles. The noodles were in a large bowl with a lot of sliced pork. The fragrance and the appearance of the noodle made it so appealing.

The first person who wanted to eat was a ten-year-old child. The child’s mother asked for one bowl since her child insisted on trying.

“How much is it for one bowl?”

Chen Qingqing smiled and replied, “Forty cents. You can sit by the table there. If your child can’t finish one bowl, I can give you a smaller bowl to share.”

The lady’s eyes sparkled.

‘It works this way?’

Two people sharing one bowl and it only cost forty cents. It was really worth it, considering how much meat was inside.

“Sure, I’ll get one bowl!”


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