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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 977: Creation True Law

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Chapter 977: Creation True Law

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Zong Shou was in a great mood, so he decided to play along. His expression changed slightly, acting really surprised, “Nine Capital Celestial Emperor? Why are you here?”

He looked opposite in ‘shock’ at the nine Saint Realm Cultivators beside the giant ship.

When Yexuan saw this, he shook his head and felt speechless. Why was his young master such a bad person?

Those hundreds of people beside the ship felt that it was expected and they all laughed coldly.

Liu Muchen’s lips curled up coldly, a cold mocking gaze appearing in his eyes.

He was here today, so no matter what Zong Shou prepared, he was going to make him lower his head and back out of Yuanlian World!

Zong Shou’s expression struggled a little before he took in a deep breath and gritted his teeth, “My Great Gan Celestial Dynasty never backs down without a fight! It is just Death, what is there to be afraid of? Let’s home that you won’t regret it!”

Liu Muchen wasn’t surprised when he heard this because in his eyes Zong Shou really had no choice.

However, the last sentence was probably a threat on behalf of Dragon Shadow.

End Realm?

Liu Muchen laughed coldly. He wouldn’t bother much about just one Dragon Shadow. If this Saint Venerable really came, then naturally there would be someone to handle him.

He turned around and didn’t bother, looking toward those dozens of Taoist Faction people. “Is that Cloud World Taoist Faction Princess Qingming? I have heard about your father’s name for a Long time. I heard that in a few months he can enter End Realm and live forever. I regret not being able to head over to watch. Princess please help me greet him!”

Qingming felt the roots of her teeth itch up and she was tempted to buy someone. Thinking to herself, “How did Liu Muchen still have the mood to talk about all this now?”

They had already reached such a stage and they weren’t even sure that they could survive today. He actually wanted her to pass on words for him. He would already be dead, so why would she bother to help him say anything.

His life was in so much danger, but he didn’t sense anything at all. He was still so arrogant and felt like Zong Shou was something that was definitely his?

She also felt really disgusted with Zong Shou’s actions. It was so exquisite but it filled one with disdain and made one want to vomit.

Liu Muchen said with a profound gaze, “I heard that your sect has huge animosity toward Zong Shou and hates him to the bone right?”

Qingming kept silent and didn’t reply. Rongbi who was beside her didn’t say anything either.

Naturally, she wished to slice Zong Shou up into millions of pieces.

However, it was tough for them to even escape today, so why bother to speak about all of this?

However, the entire atmosphere didn’t remain so awkward. A person beside Liu Muchen slightly bowed, “I heard that Great Gan Ruler is known in the Cloud World as the Blood Sword Monster Lord and he killed 300,000 Taoist Faction disciples. He even killed the former Daoling Vast Habitat Head. It was something that had never happened in the 10,000 years of Taoist Faction legacy. To say that it was a huge humiliation and huge animosity is true.”

When he heard this, Chengxing and Rongbi’s faces became filled with anger. Their red eyes looked toward the person who spoke.

Zong Shou recognized this person. Lu Wubing introduced him as Liujue. In the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty, his position was just below Liu Muchen. They came from the same race which was why he was trusted. He wasn’t that strong among people of the same realm but was a typical intellectual person.

At this moment, with Chengxing and Rongbi staring at him, he didn’t bother at all, “There are rumors that Huayun died because of him. Qingxuan also couldn’t do anything. The few sides worked together and could only allow him to leave.”

Chengxing and Rongbi’s gazes were dark and sunken.

Qingming gave out a helpless sigh. What they said was totally true.

As expected, Liu Muchen smiled and asked, “Brother Kunming will obtain eternal life and I have to give him something. Since this kid is so problematic, I will capture him as my gift. Is Princess Qingming willing to accept it?”

These words were really polite and meaningful. Capturing Zong Shou also meant that he would incur Dragon Shadow’s wrath.

“Nine Capital Emperor Lord, you think too much!”

An expressionless sentence shocked him as he looked over toward Qingming with a doubtful expression.

He could hear the helplessness in her words and also the mocking intent within.

Why was this?

“My Taoist Faction and Zong Shou are naturally on opposite sides! As long as you can capture him, naturally I dare to take him. But that depends on whether you can.”

Seeing Liu Muchen still totally confused, Qingming said casually, “In my eyes, if you retreat now, you might still be able to escape.”

She hoped that at least three to five of the 10 Saint Realm Experts here could escape.

Then, the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty would have a chance to restrict Zong Shou.

The moment she said this, not only was Liu Muchen stunned, but the people around were all astonished.

Qingming and Rongbi both sighed. Looking at energy, he could sense two people coming over, each taking a side. Their auras completely locked down this entire space.

How would they be able to escape easily?

Just now was actually their last chance to escape, but under Zong Shou’s Sword Intent, they had no choice but to remain.

He was filled with many questions like how did Aokun’s injuries heal so quickly?

Although he grasped the Destruction and Existence Dao, there were still obvious weaknesses in it.

Although he won against Huayun, he himself also suffered heavy injuries. His Dao foundations weren’t complete and still required decades of cultivation.

How did he fully heal in just a few years?

“Palace Head Qingming must be joking!”

Liujue burst out laughing, not bothering, “Since my Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty has gone all out, we can’t return empty-handed. Moreover, this Blood Sword Monster Lord…”

His voice suddenly stopped as he looked at the serious expressions of Chengxing and Rongbi.

No matter how slow he was, he could sense that the situation wasn’t right.

The few Saint Realm Cultivators behind him were also filled with doubt.

What was the reason that the both of them were so worried? Even terrified?

They all focused their eyes on Zong Shou once more.

Zong Shou also retracted his playing laugh and looked at that Nine Capital Emperor Lord on the carriage.

“I remember you said that I was crazy and arrogant in your decree. That I was making a fool of myself?”

Liu Muchen frowned in deep thought as he looked at the 184 sword soldiers wearing green shirts behind Zong Shou.

While they were speaking, their energy meridians were all linked up as one.

Like they were born as one like they were just alone! No, it should be said that they were just one sword…

He felt a fierce and vengeful killing sword intent hidden within.

He was wary in his heart. Without him instructing those 300, Nine Capital had already spread out and formed two Nine Capital Lifeless Blade Formations.

The other God Realm Cultivators were all tensed up.

It seemed like the battle today was far from as easy as they expected.

Zong Shou’s aura was slowly climbing.

“You once said that even if Hong Jiuchen was wrong, he was your men. As for how to deal with him it was up to you, how could I interfere. You said that I was preposterous…”

Liu Muchen didn’t speak, he did mention these words in the decree. He wasn’t willing to reply or give a statement.

A buzz rang out from Zong Shou’s hand.

A weird phenomenon appeared around him.

A black cloud exploded at his brow and dozens of specks of light shot out. It continuously expanded and formed millions of stars. The complicated and messy laws were all born along with it.

“You also asked if I, the Great Gan Small King Zong Shou, was crazy? That I didn’t want to live? Or if I was an idiot like the rumors had said?”

Liu Muchen’s brow furrowed and he could hear the cold killing intent in Zong Shou’s words.

If it was before, he wouldn’t bother at all. However, it was different now.

But where did this person’s confidence come from? What was Chengxing and Rongbi worrying about?

Chengxing was stunned as he looked at the area around Zong Shou.

Was this the scene of creation?

A moment later, he sighed and closed his eyes. All his doubts were solved.

So that was the case, didn’t Aokun lack the Creation Dao?

A Dao that no one was able to comprehend and grasp since Xi Zi!

However, Aokun only needed a slight look from it and he would benefit a lot.

He might not be able to complete his Dao foundations, but it would be more than enough to heal his injuries!

Liujue was deep in thought, seemingly thinking about something which he didn’t want to think deeper about it.

Zong Shou didn’t fear other people looking and knowing the foundations of his Dao.

Actually, he was also really helpless. He grasped the Return to One Sword Intent.

Each time he merged the Daos together, the Black and White Dharma would naturally join in.

Each time the sword intent was abundant, it would form such scenes.

Recently, the Massacring Sword Intent also merged in. Now he couldn’t control it or retract it easily.

It caused him to comprehend; death, Killing, even evil, and demons were parts of Heaven and Earth and couldn’t be lacking.

If he wanted to truly perfect his World Shocking Spirit Art, he had to understand and cultivate those techniques.

However, it was far from that time now.

He pressed onto the sword, the Sword Intent which was at its peak was slightly retracted.

“You also said that ants like me won’t know how strong your country is. That you will gather your allies and send your army to invade Yuanlian! To not return without winning?”

He didn’t give him a chance to reply, his brow rising up, “Since you were willing to give me a chance, then I will do the same. Hand out all the culprits and give up 30 small-sized worlds, kowtow and admit your mistake. Then, destroy your cultivation and I will let you leave!”

Liu Muchen’s eyes turned red and his chest was filled with rage.

A girl to the side laughed coldly, “How arrogant! In my 5,000 years of lifespan, this is the first time I have seen such an arrogant kid. Why are you sprouting so much nonsense? Just directly kill him…”

A nine-colored ribbon shot through space. The red shadows shot out and locked down a patch of void.

At the same time, a voice rang out, it was Liujue’s, “Creation True Law, it is Aokun! Aokun is healed!”

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