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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 755: Breaking Heaven Barrier

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Chapter 755: Breaking Heaven Barrier

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A sword explosion caused the surrounding Cultivators to dash into the distance. They were really afraid that Zong Shou would slash over or punch over and wipe them out.

Zong Shou’s eyes were filled with rage.

Those people really felt that he would definitely die? They were so arrogant and didn’t worry at all!

Even after wiping out dozens of Taoist Factions and killing Wu Xu, he couldn’t threaten and scare them?

He looked around with a murderous gaze. Zong Shou scoffed coldly and kept his Nameless Sword and continued to travel toward the Southeast.

A moment later, he saw that 9,000-foot tall platform.

It stood tall, pretty much rising into the clouds. It was several miles long and above was a giant hall.

This was the main body of the platform. There were several other sub platforms, some 8,000 feet some 4,000 only. There were a total of 364 of them, all different sized and built differently. However, if one looked coldly, there was a certain pattern to it.

On each platform was a Spell Altar with Spirit Masters. On the 8,000-foot platform, there were several Spirit Realm Experts. On the 7,000-foot platform, they were Grade-9 Experts. Then, the grades decreased with height. These were the most dependable people in Gantian Mountain.

They were all sitting still and cultivating. However, when Zong Shou’s intent reached them, they all awakened.

The entire Spiritual Formation trapped the 50 Dragon Veins here, causing it to be filled with Spiritual Energy.

Including the Blood Cloud Cavalry, there were 600,000 troops at the bottom.

Zong Shou smiled. This was 200,000 more than he wanted.

Without thinking, he knew that this was done by Hu Qianqiu and the others. They kept it a secret from him and shifted 200,000 more men over.

He couldn’t help but shake his head, knowing that these few Elders were still worried about his safety.

However, although they were loyal and didn’t have bad intentions, he still needed to punish them as this precedence couldn’t be opened.

However, he didn’t worry about it now, landing on the center of the platform.

He entered and stepped right in the middle. He was slightly shocked and looked toward the woman holding a silver spear. She was in silver armor, giving off a heroic aura. It was Kong Yao.

“Aren’t you supposed to be commanding the troops below, why are you here? Aren’t you going down…”

Once the calamity struck and the war began, with her Grade-8 Peak Cultivation, she wouldn’t be able to defend against those Cloud World experts from hundreds of years ago.

She would be destroyed right away.

Looking at her, he noticed that her aura had risen. She had stepped into Grade-9.

However, so what if she was Grade-9? How long could she last?

When she heard this, her face turned white, she bit on her lips with a wronged expression. She stood there and didn’t speak.

Kong Rui’s laughter spread out from behind, “Ruler calm down. I told her to come up to solve your calamity…”


Zong Shou turned around in shock. He wasn’t surprised that Kong Rui was here. This huge formation needed this deep cultivation Imperial Astronomer to take charge.

“That’s right! Ruler did you forget my bet with Zhongxuan? My daughter had the calamity of death. A year earlier she caused many problems for Ruler.”

Zong Shou naturally knew about it. He recruited her because of her talent. One reason was because he had no talents under him and another was because he didn’t want to see her die from being stabbed in the back.

Only after did he find out that Kong Yao was a jinx.

He frowned, “However, hasn’t the calamity been solved?”

“Although her’s has been solved, your bad luck is still there.”

Kong Rui calmly explained, a glimmer in his eyes, “One must solve the root cause and if you want to solve your calamity, you need Kong Yao by your side.”

Zong Shou had an enlightened feeling as he listened on.

No wonder recently his life was filled with killing, it was due to this bad luck!

He still didn’t fully believe in it. He felt that Kong Rui was just bluffing him.

He was also worried about Kong Yao’s safety, “She is just Grade-9! Aren’t you worried for her safety? Those people can crush her with just one finger. I might not be able to protect her then…”

This platform wasn’t like being in a huge army.

Kong Yao was so furious that her lips turned purple. If not for her father’s orders, she wouldn’t have come to this platform.

In the end, she was scolded for her good intentions.

Until she heard Zong Shou’s last sentence did she relax a little.

She could hear that this fellow was truly concerned about her.

However, she scoffed coldly and suddenly stabbed at Zong Shou’s neck.

It wasn’t fast but it had the aura of a huge army and an unstoppable power.

Zong Shou’s heart jumped slightly. His face suddenly became serious.

He felt that Kong Yao had merged with the 600,000 troops below.

Even the entire Gantian Mountain, Donglin and Huizhou. Millions of troops were her shield.

This was Thousand Army Breaking!

Dozens of years later, Kong Yao would rely on this to sweep the battlefield. She would kill generals and enemies. The Top Spear Technique that went up against Celestial Realm and God Realm experts, the top Army Path Martial Arts.

At this moment, it was just a rough shape, but it had a suppressive aura!

Normal Spirit Realm Experts might not even be able to block one spear.

With a flick of a finger, it just nicely knocked onto the spear tip. A huge power exploded out between the two of them.

Kong Yao’s body lost control and was tossed into the sky, only regaining control after a 1,000 feet. Looking forward, Zong Shou was standing at his original spot, unmoving.

She was startled for a moment, a dejected expression appearing in her eyes.

At this moment, she was perfectly fine and uninjured, but she could feel that Zong Shou showed mercy. While forcing her back, he could protect her body.

It was the difference between night and day.

In the next moment, Zong Shou asked curiously, “You have cultivated the Army and Strength Talismans? They are your foundation laws?”

Kong Yao nodded and replied, “During this year I grasped the army and have also been through the battle against the Night Demon. I had some comprehension of the Army and Strength Talismans.”

She looked slightly dejected, her improvement wasn’t small, but it couldn’t compare to that pervert.

She also felt that she had no face to remain on this Sky Reaching Platform. However, right as she was about to leave, Zong Shou smiled.

“Forget it, having one more you won’t matter! This Thousand Army Breaking Spear is enough to deal with those weaker people!”

He was slightly distracted, “Army Dao Strength Dao, it is a little similar to that person’s Martial Path. No wonder you would lose to him…”

Kong Yao was first delighted and then she was at a loss. Who was that person? Similar? Was it another who trained in those two Daos? She didn’t lose to anyone?

As she thought about it, her face flushed red. He praised her once sentence and allowed her to remain on the platform, so why was she so happy?

Zong Shou came back to his senses.

He waved his arm, silver light flashed and there was a lot of clanging.

A full 54 Cloud Flame Flying Knives landed on the ground. They went through his Soul Power cultivation and were connected to him by thought.

They resonated with one another, giving rise to a Soul Power wind and stirring up the surrounding Spiritual Energy.

Lastly, the Nameless Sword stuck into the ground in front of him.

Zong Shou rested his arms behind his back as he looked forward with a mocking intent.

The wind blew and dark clouds gathered, covering the moon and the sky. It caused this 100-mile area to become pitch black.

Luckily, the formation started to activate, giving off pale bits of light just enough that people could see their surroundings.

Many Spell Altars got to work as Vast Spiritual Energy was shaking all over.

Beneath the platform, those 600,000 Elites formed into a giant formation and lined up outside to protect him.

The 7,000 Blood Cavalry roamed free.

Kong Rui had backed off to the other 8,400-foot platform, which was only slightly lower than the main one.

A few breaths later and he said seriously, “Ruler, everything is prepared, you may begin!”

Zong Shou’s brow rose and with a thought a Vast Aura burst out from his body.

The Heaven Barrier that he could sense was being smacked heavily by a giant force.

It shook, the crack got bigger and nearly tore it apart.

Zong Shou could feel that the barrier between him and Heaven and Earth had a line. His intent could touch the ‘real outside world’. It wasn’t like before when he was relying on the Spirit Essence Jade Marrow.

In an instant, his internal energy explosively increased, surging out from his Soul Ocean. It immediately filled his Nine Chakra Meridians and then swelled outwards…

Unfortunately, his body was trained to the extreme, his Meridians were also strengthened and really firm.

No matter how huge the internal energy was and how it surged, it wasn’t able to shake the Chakra Meridians.

His Soul Ocean was still expanding.

That layer was broken and numerous Xiantian Energy injected into his body.

A portion turned to True Qi while a portion expanded his Soul Ocean and strengthened his Spiritual Sense.

There was also a portion which went to strengthen his body.

Slowly, his body was like a black hole that was swallowing the ‘Origin Spirits’ from all around.

Fortunately, the 50 Dragon Veins here were enough to provide for his needs.

This also caused Kong Yao to look back in shock. It was just the start and there was such a commotion already.

At this moment, numerous lightning snakes flashed, filling up the sky. Their aura was terrifying, it also caused this place to be as bright as day.

His intent was like a knife and a chisel, once again smashing heavily down on the barrier.

A close to Spirit Level Absolute Beginning Sword Intent struck, finally causing this Heaven Barrier that had bothered him for decades to be smashed!

At this moment he relaxed, he had solved a Heart Barrier.

His Spiritual Sense and Soul Ocean were becoming more and more perfect.

Only now did he have the time to look at the sky and deduce the Lightning Tribulation strength.

“Nine Glory Xuankong Cycle of Reincarnation Tribulation!”

With a thought, a red flame rose up around his body.

“As expected, the more Xiantian Energy absorbed, the stronger the Lightning Tribulation! The more one kills, the weirder the Heart Demon becomes. Naturally, apart from Hanxi…”

Zong Shou didn’t bother as he curled his lips.

It had begun and it wouldn’t disappoint him!

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