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«Divine Brilliance (Web Novel) - Chapter 119 Rabbit and the Tiger

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Chapter 119 Rabbit and the Tiger

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Xuanyuan Yiren’s body rose and fell as she passed the forest. Using spiritual techniques, she crossed the sixty miles distance in mere minutes.

In a short moment she saw a thirtyish red-robed man sitting on the ground.

In front of him was a pill furnace, beneath it a flame was started and light smoke rising. Beside it was an eye of a spring giving off a chilly aura, spiritual energy sprouting up and a cold mist spreading all around.”

“Senior brother Yuan Ding?”

Xuanyuan Yiren smiled, stabilizing her body as she stood a thousand feet away, her face revealing a lost expression.”Why did Senior Brother used the fire signal?”

That red-robed scholar raised his head. He had a hatchet like face, a coppery red in hue, and was wearing a smile. “Junior Sister Yiren came at the right time, I obtained three Nether Fruits and in a moment of happiness I decided to see if I can refine a few Nether Spirit Pills to strengthen beast spirits. In the end my spiritual ability wasn’t good enough and I nearly destroyed the pill. Since junior sister, is here you can help me control the fire!”

“Nether Fruit, Nether Spirit Pill?”

Xuanyuan Yiren was startled, her eyes looking towards that pill furnace in shock. She instinctively walked towards it. Just as she came within three hundred feet of it, she frowned. “Senior Brother, why did you lie to me? This isn’t the Nether Fruit! It is just the smell from smoke rue grass and ordinary light fruit. The spring beside you is also not the ice vein spring used to refine Nether Spirit Pills…”

As she said that, she realized something, her body flashing and rapidly retreating. She turned into a red light and charged into the sky.

When the red robbed scholar saw that, he couldn’t help but sigh, “No wonder master said that you are the person in the Sect that could most probably exceed him. Maybe in terms of spirit and martial cultivation talent you aren’t extraordinary, but in terms of pill refining, we are miles off your level. This mix is what I cracked my brains to think of and felt that it was perfect, however even that couldn’t get past you.”

He suddenly tossed out an item like a red yarn ball, which exploded in the sky, numerous red threads spread out. In an eyeblink it formed a giant cage and covering a thousand feet in every direction.

The entire space seemed to have became independent of the world, numerous threads locked down and many runes appeared.

Xuanyuan Yiren took out a red wooden word, the fiery glow around her body glowing bright as she chopped down. However she was unable to break through, instead repelled by an invisible strength.

When she landed, her face turned really dark as she looked at the man, the raging flames in her eyes evident.

Yuan Ding felt guilty as she stared at him like that, subconsciously moving his head away, “Don’t blame me, Junior Sister, Senior Brother lent me this Red Spider Thousand Thread Cage. Without this, I wouldn’t be able to trap you. However with my ability it will at most last for two hours. At that time you can just take your leave.

“This time I am under the orders of the Sect. That Zong Shou has dual meridians and can’t cultivate and isn’t a good match for you. Master said that the Mysterious Moon Wood Brilliance Method seem to have some weaknesses. The Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect has a Ancient Mystery Chill Pill passed down from the Desolate Era which can help you. I have no choice but to do this, Junior Sister please understand…”

Xuanyuan Yiren didn’t say a word, turning around and chopping with her sword once more, causing ripples on the invisible barrier. Along her body numerous talismans rose and burned. On that wooden sword, a fiery glow shone brightly. After cutting tens of threads it ended up in a stalemate with the power of the Thousand Thread Cage.

Seeing that she was unable to break through, Xuanyuan Yiren spat out a fire pill and hit it at the thread, making it burn. She then took several pills consecutively, making the sword glow even brighter.

“Junior Sister, why are you doing this!?” Yuan Ding shook his head, “Do you know who the ones attacking are? Yuanxia Mountain’s Deceitful Sword Ren Qianchou, Rage Sword Yun Tao, and Mist Sword Xie Jun. Even among Xiantian masters they are at the top. Although that prince has a Xiantian master and Li Yunniang, he is far from their match. Any one of them can easily handle them. Based on what I know, apart from them three, the Yunxia Mountain Lord hired a person to follow in the dark, just in case. Your fiancé has no chance of surviving. Even if you rush back you won’t be able to do anything.”

Xuanyuan Yiren bit her lips, fresh blood dripping out. Her jade hands flipped and took out numerous golden needles to pierce into herself.

That fiery energy increased once more, strengthening by several times.

Yuan Ding’s eyes constricted. “Junior Sister, are you crazy? To use this Crazy Demon Needle Technique for that trash!”

He didn’t dare to let her continue, but just as he stepped forwards he saw her glance over, her eyes ice cold. Yuan Ding was frightened, stopping in his tracks. After thinking for a moment, he had an idea and took out a few talismans.

“If Junior Sister doesn’t cherish herself, I don’t have a way to stop you. But I am good in talismans and if I go all out I can stop you for a few hours. If you continue like this I will go all out to make you stay here for a day! Madam Xuanyuan has agreed to end the marriage and even the lord is tempted. That Mysterious Cloud Spirit Sect Han Ni Shui was chosen by Senior Brother! Junior Sister, are you not going to listen to your parents and your seniors?”

Xuanyuan Yiren was startled, the hand that was wielding her sword couldn’t help but tremble. She looked calmly in the direction she came from, the flame not reducing but instead becoming stronger.

The anxiety in her eyes disappeared and instead turned into one of determination.

“I will be filial towards my parents and teacher in the future. But I won’t listen to such orders and do such unrighteousness things! Even if the technique is flawed, I would rather die early. If you flip my name it means kindness and righteousness, that is my martial path!”

Without hesitating she stabbed the last golden needle between her eyebrows. That sword glow charged out like a dragon, just one sword cut a large half of the threads.

Yuan Ding sighed, numerous spiritual talismans flew out, turning into spiritual light. In just that moment, the cage stabilised, the broken threads weaving themselves back in.


Coincidentally at that moment, an indiscernible sword aura spread out in the distance and reverberated. Even tens of miles away one was able to sense it.

Yuan Ding’s brows rose up, joy appeared on his face. Xuanyuan Yiren on the other hand grit her teeth.


Within the forest, the aura was really cold and serious.

“Yunxia Mountain Mist Sword Xie Jun greets Prince Zong Shou!”

That handsome man that looked like a scholar walked over. His aura formed, looking like a mist spreading in the mountains, illusionary and indiscernible. It was coordinated and resonated with the illusionary orange sword aura of Ren Qianchou.

That big man gave out a vicious smile, “I am Rage Sword Yun Tao, here with my big brother to take your life!”

He raised his head as he stepped forwards, ferocious as a fierce beast, giving off a frenzied and intense aura. He stared coldly at Zong Shou, like he was observing prey.

Lian Fan’s eyes squinted, his breathing became really heavy. He pulled out his weapon, a shiny hook sword Spiritual Weapon, his face cold.

On the other hand Li Yunniang laughed, backing two hundred feet away and standing far away.

Deceitful Sword Ren Qianchou nodded slightly towards the woman, “Is that Miss Li Yunniang? Before this someone contacted us, this matter doesn’t concern you. We brothers will make things clean here and won’t let Miss Yiren find out. Zong Shou and I have some grievances and that Zong Weiran is enemies with our Mountain Lord. This time our brothers won’t let him die easily. If you can’t bear to see it, you can wait nearby.”

Li Yunniang shook her head but showed no intention of moving, “I am not at ease, it’s better if I watch here. I have killed so many people, so what kind of scenes hadn’t I seen? Who cares what methods you all use, as long as he dies.”

Chuxue was furious, staring viciously at Li Yunniang. Zong Shou rubbed the sides of his head, thinking to himself, -What kind of situation is this? Four rabbits in front of a tiger discussing how to kill it and split the corpse? Aren’t they a little too arrogant?-

When Ren Qianchou heard that he grinned, “That’s good, too. However, my methods are gory, so I hope you can bear it and not vomit.”

His dark gaze once again turned to the half-monster teen under the tree. Just as a killing intent exploded out in his eyes, Zong Shou shook his head. Not standing up as he instructed, “Xue’er there is an Out of Body Realm spirit master ten miles south, you and my lion go over and get me his head! I give you fifteen minutes. If you exceed it, I’ll smack your butt…”

Chuxue stopped staring, and without replying charged south into the forest without hesitation.

Not only were Li Yunniang and Lian Fan startled, even Ren Qianchou and the others were.

Li Yunniang felt furious and amused. To ask her to leave was to let her escape? But would these three people stop and do nothing? Even if there was an Out of Body spirit master, how could Chuxue deal with them?

On the other hand, Ren Qianchou was astonished. There was in fact a spirit master ten miles south, but how did Zong Shou know?

He instinctively wanted to stop her, but Zong Shou suddenly got up and casually flicked off the leaves and dust on his clothes. He pulled out his sword, a Lightning Tooth Sword, revealing many small white teeth, smiling casually at them.

“I treat people well, and I can’t think of any violent and sad way to kill, much less torture people. As such I can only let all of you die cleanly…”

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