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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 752: Terrifying! Ms. Fairy Dragon’s Full Blow

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Chapter 752: Terrifying! Ms. Fairy Dragon’s Full Blow

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Beams of light were ejected from the huge castle, accurately hitting the airships that dropped the bombs. The airships were very weak in maneuverability in the air, so they became easy targets and crashed one after another.

The aerial legion of the Bloody Empire seemed to wake up from a dream, and the dragon riders tried their best to control the panic demonic beasts and attack the huge castle. However, in the face of such a huge, fully armored aerial castle, even the demonic beasts of both elite legions had a feeling of helplessness. Whether it was the wyvern’s poison or the normal energy attack of the dragon rider, they couldn’t damage the outermost armor of the castle. The light shone from the castle became the nightmare of the dragon riders.

The castle moved slowly as the energy cannons flashed one after another. The dragon riders and flying demonic beasts of the Bloody Empire fell from time to time. The 2 legions of the Fallen Angel Empire had already withdrawn to the ground under Shea’s order.

After a few rounds of attacks, the airships of the Bloody Empire were mostly eliminated, and the 2 aerial legions suffered countless casualties. The passive situation completely suppressed the aerial legions who initially had the absolute upper hand, and the military morale on the ground was also greatly affected. On the contrary, the morale of the Warlock Fortress rose.

A figure suddenly appeared on the broken wall of the front line where Shea was. Strangely, none of the female imperial guards beside Shea showed hostility. Instead, they bowed respectfully to the figure who was wearing a mask and a cloak.

Shea took a deep breath, put away the excitement in her eyes, and nodded, “You are here.”

“Sorry, I’m late, this big guy encountered some difficulties in moving.” The man in the cloak was Chen Rui who returned from the Dark Shadow Empire. He didn’t rush to the Warlock Fortress immediately. Instead, he went to the Loeb Mine of the White Feather Estate and activated the ancient alchemy civilization castle, the City of Stars. It broke out of the ground, flew all the way, and finally arrived at the Warlock Fortress.

“How’s the news over there?”

Chen Rui understood that Shea was asking about the Dark Shadow Empire, and he sighed, “Her Majesty has already seen the situation clearly long ago. She probably would dispatch the troops… but the timing of dispatch… I’m sorry.”

“She wants to take this opportunity to gain more benefits. The mutual exhaustion with the Bloody Empire is also an important benefit for her.” Shea slowly shook her head, “In this situation, if it’s me, I will do the same too. You have done quite well. There’s no need to apologize.”

“Shea…” Chen Rui was actually apologizing for another matter. Before he could say anything, the light flashed. There were already 2 more women around him, Ms. Fairy Dragon and Ms. Emerald Dragon. Ms. Fairy Dragon even carried a translucent onion in her hand.

It turned out that this time Chen Rui used the [Star Gate] to return to the Dark Moon and took away Zola, Dodo and Krobelus. The blue dragon couple was unwilling to participate in the war, so they continued to stay at the Dark Moon to protect Olypheus. As for Roman, the Dark Shadow Empire’s envoy team would contact him to leave.

After months of hard work by the gremlins, the production equipment and the overall structure of the City of Stars had been completely restored. The gremlins had urgently repaired the flying thruster and drove the castle all the way to here. Only a small part of the castle’s weapons had been repaired, and the production of army units had just started, so the number was seriously insufficient. Otherwise, the flying demonic beasts that were attacking the castle would have been easily wiped out.

Therefore, the current City of Stars had more than enough defense but severely insufficient offensive power. Nevertheless, its deterrent effect on the Bloody Empire Army was still quite obvious. After all, no one knew what unknown strength this terrifying behemoth would have.

Shea looked up at the clouds in the distance between the black sky and the bloody mist, “Paglio and the others are engaged in a territory battle. The enemies are greater in number, so go and support them quickly.”

“Let’s go now.” Krobelus showed an expression of anxiety when she heard that Paglio might be in danger.

When Chen Rui nodded, the slime took the opportunity to break free from the evil claws of the madam and landed on the master’s shoulder. The 3 figures flew into the air together. Before they got close to the chaotic space, they sensed the terrifying pressure and couldn’t get close immediately.

Chen Rui had a thought as he stopped Zola who wanted to make a move directly. There was already a mask on his face, and he activated the [God Eater] power of the God-Eating Mask. In an instant, all the spirit power and magic power nearby were all devoured.

Although the 2 territories were not entirely constructed by magic or spirit power, they were also unavoidably affected. The turbulence of the black sky river and blood mist stagnated for an instant as the color faded. The figures in them could already be seen.

The ‘Secret Shadow’ wand appeared in Zola’s hand. She drew a circle, and easily broke a big opening in the mixed territory space. The Demon Overlords, who felt that the territory power was rapidly weakened, stopped their movements at the same time. They looked at the 3 new people (and a bug) in surprise.

Just as Shea’s concern, the Fallen Angel Empire had been suppressed to an extremely dangerous level. Disjaro, Stebil, and George lost their combat power due to serious injuries and were protected in the rear. The rest were injured.

Paglio turned into a dragon form, so he was not seriously wounded except for some torn wings, but the Overlord Armor on his body had many dents which showed the fierceness and danger of this battle.

When Stiller saw Zola, she showed a relieved expression while Krobelus hurried to the poison dragon’s side.

“Hey, you guys are finally here.” Paglio sighed in secret and changed back to his human form. “If you don’t come, my Little Betty will be widowed.”

“Hmph! It’s just 3 guys. You don’t seem to realize your desperation yet?” Sharna’s voice sounded. The strength of [Bloodmist Territory] was weakened, and it could not be restored for a while, but the same applied for the [Incubus Sky River Territory]. Even if the opponent had 3 more people, they would not be able to regain the advantage.

1, 2, 3? The slime on Chen Rui’s shoulder counted his fingers and found that the other party seemed to have missed 1. It bounced on Chen Rui’s shoulder to show his existence, but it was a pity that Sharna directly ignored it, “It’s just 3 more deaths. The masked man should be Shea the Great’s Aguile. It’s a pity that your Royal Majesty Empress will be a widow before the empire falls…” This roasting smack talk stunned Chen Rui for a moment, “Who is this overbearing woman?”

“It seems to be Sarandi’s old lover. At that time, they broke up because she was insatiable, and now the love turned into hate. The sexual desire-turned resentment is an intense one.” At this moment, the poison dragon had given full play to his poisonous tongue attribute which was quite similar to the little mermaid princess’ meanness.

A cold murderous intent passed Sharna’s eyes, “Shameless dragons, I will cut off your tongue and feed the dog.”

“I said I would train you well. I will strip you naked…” As Paglio said, a familiar pain suddenly came from his waist, and he quickly added, “And send to you to your old lover’s bed.”

The Bloody Empire side did not continue to talk. The tacit understanding of these powerhouses was far better than that of the Fallen Angel Empire. Under the command of Sharna, dozens of attacks containing territory power attacked Chen Rui at the same time in an attempt to kill the ‘prince consort’ immediately to completely defeat the opponent’s fighting spirit.

“Dodo!” As Chen Rui yelled, the slime came out. Its figure was magnified dozens of times in an instant as if a huge jelly blocked the front. Its whole body suddenly released a terrifying breath.

The most conspicuous thing was the countless huge mouths appearing on the body which actually swallowed all the oncoming attacks indiscriminately. This move was once activated when the holy dragon was controlling Dodo’s body. Now it had become Sir Foodie Slime’s killing move.

In the disbelief gaze of the Bloody Empire Demon Overlords, dozens of powerful territory attacks cast by the Demon Overlords were quickly swallowed by the slime.

“This is too bitter; this one is too sour. The red one is more delicious…” This comment left everyone speechless. After eating in a burst, the slime’s devour slowed down. Due to its picky taste, some of the territory powers that were not devoured in time rushed into its body, exploding in varying degrees.

“It hurts so bad!” Dodo cried out tragically as his body finally couldn’t hold it anymore. The whole body exploded, and the attacks disappeared as well.

To the horror of Sharna and others, the exploded fragments quickly regrouped and changed back to the appearance of an onion without any weakening of the breath on its body. It looked flatteringly at Aguile, “Master……”

This title made everyone except the 3 dragons showed shocked expressions including his father-in-law, George - This terrifying monster, which has the strength beyond the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, with the immortal and devour talent, is actually Prince Consort Aguile’s servant!

Chen Rui did not waste the time that Dodo bought for him. He waved his hands in the fading [Incubus Sky River Territory] territory, and countless stars appeared. Within the range of the [Galaxy Territory], all the Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire received a complete buff which was more than the light wing buff of the [Incubus Sky River Territory]. Moreover, the effect was actually overlapping. On the contrary, the strength of the Bloody Empire’s Demon Overlords was greatly weakened.

Soon, the [Galaxy Territory] was filled with a kind of vigorous greenery. Under this green strength, the physical strength and injuries of the Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire began to recover quickly.

“Double territory!” The Demon Overlords of the Bloody Empire were all discerning people, so they were all surprised. The territory activated by the other party not only did not cause any interference to the [Incubus Sky River Territory], but he also activated another territory power with completely different attributes at the same time!

The territory full of vitality turned into a bleak feeling in the blink of an eye, and the weakened state of the Bloody Empire Demon Overlord further deteriorated. A kind of chaotic state involuntarily appeared among some low-strength intermediate stage Demon Overlord or early stage Demon Overlord as if the [Bloodmist Territory]’s effects were against themselves.

“Strike and kill Aguile with all your strength! Right now!” Sharna’s furious voice. I didn’t expect that Aguile is actually the most troublesome support territory in this group battle, possessing such a weird means. If we don’t get rid of him as soon as possible, it will troublesome if we let that terrifying immortal demonic beast and the powerful poison dragon take the opportunity to attack.

If Sharna made the mistake of ignoring the pet-like Dodo previously, now she had made the same mistake which was ignoring a certain stunning beauty with glasses. This beauty did not look very strong, and she was even blocked by ‘Aguile’, but in fact, she was the most terrifying of all the people present.

Even the ‘powerful poison dragon’ and ‘terrifying immortal demonic beast’ could only shiver in front of her.

Out of Chen Rui’s prior instructions, Zola had been waiting for the opportunity just now. Now that the enemy’s strength had been weakened to the limit, Ms. Fairy Dragon did not hesitate to make a move, and it was an all out attack.

As she pointed the quasi-artifact ‘Secret Shadow’ to the front, the spell she charged for a long time blurted out. The long Dragon Inscription magic incantation was compressed by Ms. Fairy Dragon into 3 simple rune signs, “Chi! Xiao! Do!“

The Demon Overlords of the Bloody Empire felt 2 indescribably huge element powers swarmed over them. On 1 side, it seemed like a surging sea, and the Demon Overlords who were caught in it involuntarily swayed around as they were unable to contend with that kind of great and pure power of water element. On the other side, it was like an erupting volcano with the power of a violent and scorching fire element that almost evaporated one’s soul.

The Demon Overlords of the Bloody Empire originally posed a focused offensive and defensive formation. This attack covered all 38 Demon Overlords. Although the Bloody Empire Demon Overlords were injured as they were caught off guard by the elements of different levels, many people had reacted and started to use strength for protection or counterattack.

However, something even more terrifying was about to come. The huge and quintessential power of the water element and fire element had gradually overlapped. Almost everyone, including the Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire, felt a sign of extreme danger in an instant.

Before the Bloody Empire’s Demon Overlords could break free from the encirclement of these water and fire elements, the purest element power of the 2 complete opposite attributes had overlapped. They did not cancel each other as imagined. Instead, a terrifying annihilation force was created.

The soldiers below who were preparing for a battle could not help feeling the earth-shattering shake. An extremely dazzling light appeared in the clouds in the sky. This light even overshadowed the brilliance of the 2 moons. It was just like the legendary sun of the human world.

The dazzling light finally began to fade. After the light disappeared, there were no more clouds in the sky; the initial black and blood colors disappeared.

The Demon Overlords of the Bloody Empire plunged like broken kites. Several weak Demon Overlords were turned into ashes on the way down while the rest were severely injured. The same actually applied for the Demon Overlords of the Fallen Angel Empire. Fortunately, they were only affected by the aftermath. Furthermore, they were protected by the [Spring Territory] and [Galaxy Territory], so no one died, but almost all of them lost their combat power.

The only 4 figures that could remain floating were Ms. Fairy Dragon, the poison dragon and his wife as well as Chen Rui and his servant (Dodo on the shoulder). The transparent dome around Chen Rui had broken apart while the poison dragon and his wife were covered in dirt, looking embarrassing.

The poison dragon was the most clever. When he heard Ms. Fairy Dragon chanted the spell as she took out the Secret Shadow wand; he knew that something was up. This madwoman usually doesn’t need to chant spells or use weapons even when she abuses Dodo and I. Now she looks so serious, I’m afraid that there is a big danger. To be on the safe side, I must go all out to protect myself and Little Betty. No doubt, it turns out that this reaction was quite wise. Otherwise, Krobelus and I would have joined the free fall.

Master Poison Dragon looked at Zola in fear, and he almost blurted out the word ‘madwoman’.

Zola was also very surprised. This blow actually exhausted almost all of her magic power. I didn’t expect that the origin power comprehended by using the element source powers is so powerful, and I didn’t expect that the momentum of the annihilation power caused by the 2 overlapping element source powers is much higher than during the experiment.

Chen Rui, whose defensive shield was shattered, was also shocked. Zola’s attack actually has such terrifying power. She almost killed everyone by accident. His eyes twitched subconsciously, “Zola? Your blow just now… “

Ms. Fairy Dragon was dazed for a while as though she didn’t hear clearly, “What?”

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