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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 745: The Only Way

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Chapter 745: The Only Way

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Raizen’s figure turned into a light stream, expanding all his senses as he swiftly went through the forest and mountains. Although Catherine was hit by his [Thunder Emperor Seal], she was a top sage after all. No one knew for sure if nothing else happened. Just in case, he must see her corpse with his own eyes; at least the Dark Shadow Cape.

As Raizen was walking, his figure suddenly stopped, and his black pupils glowed with silver. The blood vessels on his body burst, faintly showing dark silver color as if some kind of abnormality had taken place in the blood flow.

The muscles in Raizen’s face were a little distorted and his body trembled slightly as if he was enduring great pain. He groaned, and the ring on his left middle finger gave out a faint black glow. The silvery white quickly turned black again, suppressing the abnormality forcibly.

“Aleus…” Raizen gritted his teeth and uttered a word, trying to regulate the disordered breathing. He clenched his fist as he felt the strange strength power in his body. Finally, he did not continue to search and flew away at full speed in a bloody rainbow.

Long after the blood rainbow disappeared, 2 vague figures appeared on a huge rock on a hillside. They were Chen Rui and Catherine.

“That’s Raizen, right?” Chen Rui looked at the rainbow that disappeared into the sky. “Strange, why did he suddenly fly away? What happened?”

“Don’t take it lightly, it could be his deliberate sinister plan. Just in case, we can’t return to the Jergal Fortress for the time being. From here to the east is the mountainous area. It is safer there.” Catherine just said a few sentences before she coughed up another mouthful of blood. The bloodstains of the veil had spread, and it was dyed red.

Chen Rui’s heart tightened as he thought of the [Thunder Emperor Seal] in Raizen’s shout earlier, “Your injury…”

“Find a place to settle down first.” Although Catherine had already drunk Chen Rui’s healing potion, her situation was still very undesirable.

About 3 hours later, the 2 rushed to the eastern mountain area and found a hidden cave. Catherine took out a space item similar to the magic tent, inside which was a magic hut, and she entered it for recuperation and treatment. Chen Rui spent another hour setting up the concealment inscription magic circle outside the cave.

When Chen Rui returned to the magic hut, he found that Catherine was sitting on the bed. She had changed her blood-stained clothes, but her facial expression appeared pale and her injuries seemed even worse.

“That [Thunder Emperor Seal]…”

Catherine shook her head slightly, “The Dark Shadow Cape’s ability is space transfer and concealment which is incomparable with the God-Eating Mask and Illusive Demon Shield, so it naturally cannot avoid Raizen’s attacks.”

Catherine, who used the Dark Shadow Cape to hide at the side, witnessed Chen Rui dispelling Raizen’s attacks. When she was in the Crystal Valley, she knew that the God-Eating Mask was in Chen Rui’s hands, but she did not expect that he had the Illusive Demon Shield (Demon Shield) as well.

The 7 artifacts can only be used by the royal family corresponding to the bloodline. This is the common sense recognized by the Demon Realm. Now that this human man can use the artifacts of the 2 royal families freely, it is absolutely incredible.

“At this moment, are you still bothered about these things?” Chen Rui frowned tightly, “Cure your injury first, and we will talk about the other things later!”

“Your combat power is amazing. You actually blocked the attack of the kingdom powerhouse with Demon Overlord’s strength. No doubt, you have retained a lot when you and I were fighting at the capital. I’m not necessarily your opponent…”

“Is there any way to get rid of that [Thunder Emperor Seal]?”

Catherine continued muttering to herself, “I really want to know how a person combines all abilities into 1 body? In just a few years, your strength has reached the peak stage of the Demon Overlord from Higher Demon. You have a grand master-level potion technique and also a trio-specialized mechanical master, plus unimaginable thinking and inspiration, new military system, city planning, magic soil, magic television, aromatic millet wine, battle ball… The so-called top genius Teris is even considered less than mediocre in front of you.”

“I’m asking about your injury!”

“So many unprecedented new things, covering multiple fields. Even those who are amazingly talented would find it difficult to create a few in a lifetime, but it seemed like a breeze to you. I wonder how much unknown knowledge and things you have in your mind. What surprised me even more is that these things have never existed even in the human world. Where did you come from? Could it be the reincarnation of a certain god? You…”

“Catherine!” Chen Rui didn’t care much and held her shoulders while asking loudly, “How to cure you?”

Catherine’s voice stopped abruptly. Her eyes gradually settled, then she shook her head gently.

“Grand master level resurrection potion?”

“It’s useless, once that punch effect is triggered, I will be annihilated… Raizen is not a boaster. Even with the support of the Dark Shadow Cape, I can’t last for more than 3 days.”

Chen Rui shuddered and slowly hugged her. Catherine did not resist, allowing him to hug her tightly.

Either empress, noble lady, or other identities, it was all her, and she had this man in her heart.

At this moment, she didn’t need any masks anymore because she only had less than 3 days left in her life.

(No doubt, a very warm embrace)

Catherine closed her eyes slowly.

Chen Rui had dreamed of embracing this Her Majesty Empress more than once, but now he preferred that this wish did not come true.

“After I die…”

“If you are really gone, then I don’t have any persistence to the Dark Shadow Empire.” Chen Rui saw through her mind and shook his head, “I will not only take away the Dark Shadow Cape, but I will also spend my entire life to bury Raizen and the Bloody Empire… plus the Dark Shadow Empire as your burial object.”

“You don’t have to force me to live, I don’t want to die myself.” Catherine opened her eyes and sighed, “But there are some things that can’t be done just by wanting.”

“But if you don’t think about it, there is no hope. Even if there is a glimmer of hope, you can’t give up,” Chen Rui said decisively, “Those words just now are not a joke… I will surely do as I say.”

Catherine was silent for a moment, “Is there any ‘Jiu Tian Xuan aura fruit’ like those in the Silent Night Wetland last time?”

“Its name is aura fruit. I lied to you that time…” A red aura fruit appeared in Chen Rui’s hand. It was round and clear like a gem.

“You lied more than once.” Catherine’s pale face showed a slight smile, “Has any woman ever said that you are a big liar?”

“Uh… no.” Chen Rui replied with a guilty conscience, and he suddenly reacted and said in surprise, “Are you asking for the aura fruit because you want to…”

“Yes.” Catherine gently stroked the aura fruit in her hand with a hint of firmness in her eyes, “If I want to get rid of the [Thunder Emperor Seal], this is the only way.”

The strongest bloodline talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family: Nirvana!

Nirvana was the most easily awakened talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family. The original Nirvana could make the spirit power of the Asmodeus Royal Family stronger, and the appearance would also become young and beautiful.

Nirvana was also the most powerful bloodline talent. Except for the first Nirvana, every subsequent Nirvana would not only increase the strength, but also the ‘qualitative’ transformation of physique and talent.

It didn’t mean that only Nirvana could improve the strength, but Nirvana could make a qualitative leap in its own foundation. At the same level, the attribute of high Nirvana was definitely higher than that of low Nirvana. The higher the level of Nirvana, the easier it was to break through the training bottleneck.

However, for every Nirvana, the danger and the probability of failure would increase exponentially. Once she failed, she would be turned into ashes by the Nirvana flame.

Catherine completed the fourth Nirvana in Silent Night Wetland last time, and this time was the fifth Nirvana. If Nirvana succeeded, the ‘impurity’ of the [Thunder Emperor Seal] would naturally be ‘refined’. Catherine’s own strength would also take a big leap, but the chance of such success… was almost zero.

Because apart from the ancestor of Asmodeus, only 1 of the Asmodeus Royal Family in history had completed the fifth Nirvana. He was the top powerhouse of the world at that time. In a battle, he killed 10 Demon Overlords of the same level and then disappeared. Other than that, there was no longer an Asmodeus Royal Family member that could reach the fifth Nirvana. Countless talents with extraordinary qualifications had failed and died without exception when they attempted the fifth Nirvana. Because of this, the strongest bloodline talent of the Asmodeus Royal Family gradually became the weakest and was replaced by the [War Puppet].

“This aura fruit is much higher than the quality you gave me in the Silent Night Wetland last time. It should be able to increase the success rate again. This time I need about 100. Do you have that many?”

“It’s fine in terms of quantity, but… have you really decided?” The inventory of aura fruit was quite large, but they were all converted into the energy required for the ancient alchemy civilization castle, but later the galaxy garden produced new ones. Let alone 100, he could even give 1,000 without any pressure.

“I have no choice.” Catherine slowly sat up from Chen Rui’s embrace, “I must bet once, bet on my life, and bet on the future of the Fallen Angel Empire.”

Chen Rui held her hand, “And also for our future.”

Catherine wanted to say something, but she held it in. She said quietly, “Whatever is in the future, we’ll talk about it in the future.”

“I know what you mean, that is to say, we should cherish now.” Chen Rui took advantage of the situation and held her hand again. It was smooth as jade and very pleasant to the touch.

“It seems that you are not only a liar, but also a rascal.” Catherine didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for a while as she resisted the urge to punch this guy in the face.

But it was strange that she had an unprecedented level of casualness and ease with Chen Rui. There was also an indescribable feeling.

As if all her emotions were all caused by the person in front of her.

She never felt this way before.

“Well, my mind has almost calmed down. If you don’t want to interfere me, you can stop taking advantage of the hug and leave this room.”

Chen Rui laughed twice, and left Her Majesty Empress’ tender jade-like body with some reluctance. When he walked to the door, he scratched his head, “By the way, using the aura fruit to assist Nirvana this time, will it have… side effect?”

——The lustful side effect.

It was precisely because of this ‘side effect’ that Chen Rui encountered the reverse push down of Her Majesty Empress. Not only he turned the first beauty into a real woman, but he also got rid of the role of the 2 world’s department-level cadres. Since then, he set foot on the crystal harem life which made all the otaku jealous, envious and hateful.

The Asmodeus Royal Family was also known as the Lust Royal Family. The strength of Nirvana could induce sexual desire. The devil pomeg originally used not only increased the success rate of Nirvana, but it also had the special effect of curbing erotic desire. Aura fruit was stronger than the buffing effect of the devil pomeg, but it had no effect of curbing erotic desires.

To be precise, side effect = benefit.

Catherine’s face was flushed, but she was not angry. She just glanced at him deeply and smiled, “Don’t forget me.”

A jade-like beauty with an alluring smile.

For some reason, Chen Rui only felt a choking in his throat. He didn’t manage to utter anything; he could only nod.

Nod vigorously.

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