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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 741: Dead End

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Chapter 741: Dead End

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“The heart of fortress!” Broc looked at the red crystal in disbelief, “Impossible! Where did you get it!”

“The heart of fortress can connect you to the entire fortress which makes you indestructible. The normal fortress doesn’t have this thing. It seems that you spent painstaking effort in protecting yourself.” The person played with the crystal while showing a calm smile, “This is indeed an amazing top-level magic item; the magic circle is quite complicated. Even with Loki’s help, it took me 2 hours to remove it. If your meeting is shorter, maybe this ‘cheat’ can be used a little longer.”

“Loki!” Broc gritted his teeth and spat out the name. Loki clearly told all the ‘truth’ under the power of [The Eye of Incubus], and he is firmly controlled by my [Soul Shackles]. Whether it is for life or benefit, it is impossible that he will betray in such a short period of time. I didn’t expect that the problem lies with this ‘impossible person’!

Could it be that Roman and this mysterious strange powerhouse are from the Bloodfall?

Or, they are Catherine’s… Broc was shocked and mad. When his mind moved, the [Soul Shackles] immediately took effect and completely cut off Loki’s vitality.

“It’s useless even if you kill Loki, his mission has been successfully completed.” The other party had obviously guessed Broc’s actions as he smiled casually, “During this meeting, a lot of things happened outside which you have no idea of, but the soldiers outside know everything about what happened in the hall including your classic sentence, “Worse comes worst, I’ll let the entire Fire Blade Legion and Jergal Fortress be buried together.” In this world, there is something called the magic television …”

“What?!” Broc was in a panic. All the soldiers… Although Broc was flustered, a wisp of black mist came out silently from behind the opponent, and the goal was the heart of fortress in his hand. No matter how the situation deteriorates, as long as I regain the heart of fortress, I can at least remain invincible.

The man grabbed behind suddenly, and the palm of his hand seemed to have a special suction force, grabbing the intangible black mist in his hand. There was a strange chill which contained terrifying destructive power in the black mist. It made Broc, who was proficient in water element, shudder.

When the person pulled in his hand, it was clearly aimed at the black mist, but Broc’s body was involuntarily pulled and flew forward, then he heard the sound of his nasal bone breaking. The pain caused his tear gland to lose control for a while as blood and mucus flowed out together. He backed 8 steps as he covered his face in pain.

“I really want to break your scumbag bones into pieces.” The person glanced at Roman, “But your life is his.”

“Leave it to me, leader.” Roman’s blue blades buzzed as he slowly walked toward Broc.

Leader? This title changed Broc’s face dramatically. He was frightened and angry, “It’s you!”

It is precisely this person that caused my plotting against ‘Christina’ to fail back then. He even used poison to leave an indelible trace of shame on my face; later in the Silent Night Wetland treasure hunt, he made me miss the IIlusive Shield and even took Delia and Roman away! He is simply my nemesis.

This ant, which was originally just a Higher Demon, had now grown into a terrifying powerhouse that made him tremble!

This person was obviously Chen Rui. His appearance was a random disguise. At this time, Varota and Stanmi on the side had already rushed over. As Chen Rui waved his hand, a faint chill spread; the whole hall became cold in the blink of an eye. This kind of chill was not freezing in the ordinary sense. There was no freezing on the surface of the body, but the terrifying destructive breath had penetrated into the soul. The soul, spirit, strength, and blood seemed to be frozen at the same time, making one tremble and despair inside out.

Broc’s [Incubus Territory] was completely frozen and lost its effect. Varota and Stanmi’s movements suddenly slowed down as if they had begun to freeze. The bodies of the other party members with weaker strength instantly became stiff and completely lost their resistance.

Half of Broc’s body was a non-life entity. After being transformed into a ‘machine man’, his physique was special. The resistance to [Winter Territory] was far better than ordinary people, but his soul could still feel the overwhelming breath. He knew things were going bad, so he shouted, “Stop, the lives of Frentz and Medilu are still in my hands, I can always…”

“Then kill them quickly.” Roman sneered and interrupted his threat. Those evil eyes had been put away. The phantasms merged into his body again, and the gold color in the pupil of his left eye became even more solid. The murderous intent was getting more and more violent.

Broc saw that the other party really didn’t care about the 2 ‘important’ lives, so he didn’t dare to easily destroy the 2 trump cards. At this time, Roman’s dual blades had turned into light streams whistling toward him. Having lost the heart of fortress, Broc was no longer immune to damage. While enduring the sharp pain on his face, his left arm turned into a shield, and his right hand became a long sword that parried the light stream.

Meanwhile, Varota and Stanmi were desperately activating territory power to resist the terrifying cold that eroded their souls. All of a sudden, they sensed a shadow in front of them; and at the same time, a strong force was approaching. Both of them seemed to be trapped in a surfy sea, and the impact of an irresistible force came one after another like a sledgehammer. They were already sore and weak after blocking 2 waves. They spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted simultaneously.

The battle between Broc and Roman quickly intensified. Roman’s [Flash] talent was unleashed to the extreme. The spiritual officers in the distance could only see countless blue lights that split the air and a faint shadow. After a few exchanges, both sides were injured.

The true strength of Broc was actually the early stage of the Demon Overlord. As a machine man, his combat power could compete with the intermediate stage of the Demon Overlord. Under normal conditions, his strength was greater than Roman, but now that the mutiny had failed, [Incubus Territory] was suppressed by the [Winter Territory], and he even lost the heart of fortress. He had zero fighting spirit. In contrast, Roman was determined to kill. His slashes were extremely deadly.

Broc was secretly frightened as he caught a glimpse of Varota and Stanmi being easily knocked down by Chen Rui. With this distraction, Roman spotted a flaw, and immediately slashed toward Broc’s neck. Broc couldn’t dodge, and his long sword pierced toward Roman’s abdomen, intending to force him to dodge. However, Roman’s blade light did not have the slightest tendency to dodge; he seemed determined to die together.

Broc was taken aback and leaned back with all his strength to avoid the beheading disaster. The blade cut diagonally into his collarbone, almost cutting off his neck. As the sword was also deviated, Roman’s ribs had a wound deep to the bone.

Roman didn’t realize it as he said with a cold smile, “This is for me.”

Broc howled in pain. The long sword in his left hand turned into a red-hot claw that grabbed Roman’s chest. Roman did not retreat but moved forward, allowing Broc’s claws to dig a bloody hole in his chest. He turned the blade and chopped off Broc’s right arm that was holding the sword.

“This is for Delia.”

Broc’s scream turned into a tragic cry as his feet changed into a certain leg shape of jumpy demonic beasts. He hopped off the ground and finally distanced himself from Roman.

The desperate effort just now happened in a flash. Many people only saw the 2 figures quickly separated after fighting, then Roman’s chest and abdomen were bloodstained while Broc’s right hand was cut below the elbow.

Broc’s bloody face twitched from the severe pain. His gaze was fearful as the words ‘lunatic’ came to his heart. What he feared most was this kind of opponent. Just like a certain person who used poison to blow himself up in the Silent Night Wetland, this Roman was also a desperate lunatic!

Now that the general situation is over and nothing can be done. In addition to Roman, there is also the ‘leader’ who is far superior to him.

As soon as Broc thought of this, his left arm burst out with a dazzling light like a mini sun, making it impossible to look directly at it. Suddenly, Roman couldn’t see things for a while, so he had to swing his double blades to protect his whole body.

Chen Rui felt the breath emanating from the light was different. He shouted, closed his eyes and threw a punch, only to hear the sound of something cracking. Broc in the [Analytical Eyes] had disappeared.

After the light disappeared, Roman opened his eyes and found that Broc was gone. Chen Rui was thinking about something with some broken crystals in his hand. Roman quickly asked, “Where is Broc?”

“He should have a special rune teleportation magic in his body. No doubt this machine man is a bit interesting… but he was punched by me which greatly affected the teleportation distance. With these broken rune crystals, I can accurately track him down.”

With that said, Chen Rui looked at the terrible wounds on Roman’s body, “You should wear the Mystic Jade Armor.”

Roman gently stroked the worn-out clothes, “This is the first clothes Delia gave me back then.”

Chen Rui understood his mood very well and patted him on the shoulder, “Your injuries are very serious. They must be treated immediately. Leave the rest to me.”

Roman nodded silently, and suddenly grinned, “Pat gently.”

“This is the map I drew based on the heart of fortress. Frentz and Medilu should be imprisoned somewhere. Go rescue them later. Be careful to avoid the traps as labelled here.” With that said, Chen Rui tossed a bottle of potion and a map to Roman before he disappeared in place.

Somewhere outside the Jergal Fortress, the figure of Broc appeared in the sky with a blur. As soon as he landed, he felt that his footing was unstable and fell.

Broc looked haggard. The bridge of his nose sunk in, his neck was bloody, only half of his right arm was left, his left arm was cracked, and the limbs below the knee of his left leg were broken. No wonder he could not stand firmly.

Just now he cast the emergency teleportation array, a kind of illusion suddenly appeared at the moment he was about to teleport away. It was as if time stopped, then a terrifying strength came, almost shattering the shield of his left arm. The transformed left leg was also broken by this blow. After the ‘illusion’ had passed, the teleportation was completed, and he was in another place.

The facts told him that it was not an illusion just now!

Broc was petrified. That person has an incredible strength that makes time stop… Fortunately, I fled early when I saw the opportunity. Otherwise, I would have fallen into his hands.

Broc’s broken left leg extended a little. He barely maintained his balance as he looked around, but he was surprised again. Dead bodies, dead bodies everywhere! By the way, this environment… it should be the small plain to the east of the Jergal Fortress. Judging from the equipment and flags of the dead, it should be the soldiers of the Bloody Empire!

It seems that the Bloody Empire military, that was preparing for a sneak attack, had retreated with failure!

At this moment, Broc felt strange instinctively. As soon as he turned his head, he saw a graceful figure under the moonlight looking at him faintly in the distance. The deep gaze was as calm as water.

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