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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 330: Ruins

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Chapter 330: Ruins

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In the following time, Chen Rui patiently and vigorously accompanied Isabella to continue the flirty chat. The seemingly casual words were even more cautious.

This woman is not easy to deal with, and she is more terrifying than Sabrina. If I am not careful, I will show flaws.

The carriage stopped at a junction and Isabella, who had put on a hard suit, looked heroic. She ordered the coachman, Jardel, to separate the three horses which were pulling the cart. She rode one to the Town Rod, leaving two horses for Chen Rui and Jardel to go to the Trevante ruins.

Chen Rui controlled the magic horse and followed behind Jardel. These magic horses were all mutated breeds which ran fast, but after running for several hours, they still haven’t reached their destination. Plus, the road conditions were getting rougher.

In front of a forest dominated by black trees, the seemingly terrified magic horses stopped and refused to run forward. Chen Rui felt the fear of the magic horse from the [Analytical Eyes], it seemed that there must be powerful demonic beasts in this dangerous site.

Jardel took out a magic map and gave it to Chen Rui, saying, “Sir, the entrance to the Trevante Ruins is in the center of the black forest. I am weak, and I am ordered to send sir here, so I will not enter.”

Jardel was of a sturdy demon stature who looked quite smart. Chen Rui intuitively felt that it did not seem so simple that Isabella asked him to kill this person. He was secretly weighing whether to make this Great Demon with only a Higher Demon power his puppet to obtain relevant information, but he gave up this idea in the end. Perhaps Isabella has other monitoring methods. If the God-Eating Mask is exposed, it will be troublesome.

“Okay, you can go with peace of mind.” Chen Rui nodded to Jardel.

This was the last sentence that Jardel heard in his life.

Regardless of whether Jardel was innocent or not, Chen Rui had killed him with the quickest means without mercy, just like the destruction of Mystic Valley in the Crystal Valley.

In this polluted life, sometimes it was inevitable to be polluted with colors that did not belong to you. The only thing that could be maintained was perhaps the original color of the heart under the colors.

Even a small part if it was very precious.

Chen Rui knew he didn’t have much time, so he walked straight into the forest according to the label on the map. The forest covered a large area, and the tall trees with lush foliage were like big umbrellas, making the two moon’s light which was already dim, unable to pass through the overlapping branches. Only spots of light fragments could be seen, which made it more creepy.

Although Chen Rui already had considerable power, he still dared not relax his vigilance in this unknown jungle. Relying on the function of the [Analytical Eyes], he avoided some powerful demonic beasts along the way. He used the fastest straight path to advance toward the center of the forest.

After about 2 hours, Chen Rui finally approached the center area of the forest on the map.

Compared with the dense forest in front, there were very few trees in this area. Some broken tiles and dilapidated walls which looked very old could be seen. The further he went, the more abandoned buildings could be seen. This should be the Trevante that Isabella said.

From the scale of the ruins and the traces left behind, it could be seen that it was once glorious. It was unknown which tribe left this ruin.

Dead silence and strange. This was Chen Rui’s feeling for Trevante. There were no demonic beasts or animals in the whole ruin. There was a sense of death and depression. Chen Rui found the underground entrance marked on the map which was a three-meter-high gate. On the remaining half of the broken stone gate, there were some embossed patterns looming. The most obvious one was a huge totem which seemed to be half-eyed. If the stone door on the other side is still there, is it a gigantic eye when combined together?

What does this stand for?

Chen Rui took a deep breath and walked in.

The passage to the underground was very long, but fortunately, it would occasionally pass through a couple of places where the magic light sources were still effective and could barely provide a certain degree of visibility. This visibility was much worse than the underground palace of Mountain Xilang and the Silent Night Wetland. Most of the time, he was moving in the dark, and the fear of the unknown danger in the dark made the atmosphere more unpleasant.

Fortunately, with Chen Rui’s current power, he could see the situation within a certain distance even in a completely dark environment. With the help of the ring of illumination and the magic compass, he moved forward carefully.

The size of this underground ruin was actually larger than the remaining building area on the ground; it was similar to Paglio’s underground cave in the Silent Night Wetland. Broken bones could be seen on the ground from time to time, but it should have been left a long time ago because the bones were decayed and fragile. It was not the person Isabella talked about.

At this time, a message suddenly appeared in Chen Rui’s [Analytical Eyes]. At the same time, the image of the ‘magic compass’ was suddenly distorted. It seemed that it was disturbed by some force as its image disappeared.

Race: Evil Eye.

Comprehensive Strength Assessment: C

Physique: C, Strength: E+, Spirit: C+, Agility: E+.

The evil eye, also known as the demon eye, was a powerful Demon Realm creature. As its name suggested, its main part was the huge eye in its head which almost occupied the entire part of its head. Its limbs were several tentacles. Although the speed of this creature was not fast, it could float in the low air. The most terrifying thing was its amount of spiritual energy. Not only could it induce elements to launch magical ray attacks, but it could also be accompanied by various negative effects. The most terrifying thing was that it had a type of penetrating power talent which could defy the enemy’s defense with a certain probability.

In other words, no matter how strong the defense was, it was not immune to the attack of the evil eye.

There is actually an evil eye in this underground ruin, and it is even at the Demon King-level power! When Chen Rui was slightly surprised, a floating fuzzy figure appeared in sight. Then, a light green ray struck like lightning as it passed through his body. When it hit on the rock behind, the hard rock suddenly shattered. The shattered stone struck by the green ray actually began to decay rapidly before turning into a rotten and muddy object.

Toxic rays!

Chen Rui just launched a teleportation skill when he was in a close-call, so the ray only passed through his phantom. Although he was not afraid of it being highly toxic, this attack focused on one point like some kind of ray gun with strong destructive and [Penetration] power. Even Chen Rui who was at the level of the Great Demon King did not dare to take it head on.

While avoiding the ray attack, he sent a friendly message via the [Analytical Eyes]. The answer of the evil eye was simple - a more powerful toxic ray.

Chen Rui felt strong hostility and killing intentions from the evil eye. When he was thinking about the countermeasures, the [Analytical Eyes] popped up another message that there was a mutant evil eye behind him with a comprehensive strength of B+! Physique: B, Strength: C+ Spirit: A-, Agility: B.

A Great Demon King evil eye! Before Chen Rui had the time to react, he suddenly felt a severe pain in his brain as if he was stabbed directly in the head with a sharp blade. It was almost unbearable and he couldn’t help wailing.

This is no longer a visible ray attack, but invisible spirit shock!

The evil eye’s spirit power was extremely terrifying. Its power was clearly at the peak of the Great Demon King level but its spirit power had reached the early stage of the Demon Emperor level. The abrupt launching of [Penetration] talent severely injured Chen Rui who was caught off guard. Fortunately, the passive feature of [Anti-Magic] played a role in time. Otherwise, this sudden blow might make him pass out.

Chen Rui gritted his teeth with pain, stayed away from the terrifying evil eye that had a Demon Emperor-level spirit power in front of him. Then, the display in the [Analytical Eyes] gave him goosebumps. There were two more, and they even sealed his entrance passage.

Darkness had no effect on the evil eye. In fact, it was the best environment for hunting. The evil eye liked spiritual “food” which were generally obtained by absorbing certain special plant essences that had similar effects and using the traditional hunting methods to devour the souls of demonic beasts. So this underground and even the entire Trevante site was dead with no living creatures.

Chen Rui suddenly thought of the weird sign of the eye on the entrance gate, and he finally realized that this underground ruin was the nest of the evil eye!

The evil eye’s territorial concept was very strong, and it assumed hostile intentions from different species. The “intruder” in front of them had obviously become a prey in their eyes. Even if Chen Rui tried to communicate, it was useless. As a predator, why would they be friendly with their “food”?

Chen Rui teleported immediately without hesitating, avoiding the several evil eyes’ ray attack. His shoulder was slashed by a ray of flame. The horrifying heat of the ray passed through his magic armor. The skin on his shoulder suddenly scorched. Fortunately, the 3 characteristics of his special physique, [Astral Form], [Damage Absorption] and [Regeneration], were launched, so his wounds began [Recovery] quickly.

This kind of physical damage was bearable, but Chen Rui’s greatest fear was the spirit shock power of the evil eye who was at the peak of the Great Demon King-level. The unpleasant feeling just now had not been completely eliminated. Fortunately, the Super System would invade his brain to absorb the aftermath which was continuously attacking. Otherwise, he might not have the power to escape now.

The evil eye not only had a special spirit attack talent, what was more terrifying was they were communal creatures. The evil eye king of the Demon Emperor level was also known as the evil eye tyrant. Generally speaking, this was the upper limit of the evil eye’s power, but individual mutants might achieve higher levels. Due to the terrifying spirit power, even a Demon Overlord-level powerhouse would not be willing to provoke them easily.

Is this what Isabella calls “a little dangerous”?

There should be more than these few evil eyes underground, and there were probably more powerful guys. If the whole nest emerged, Chen Rui ess definitely not an opponent. Moreover, he came here to find someone, not to destroy the evil eye.

Thinking of this, Chen Rui put away unnecessary spiritual communication and carefully avoided the attack of the evil eye. A large number of huge vines suddenly appeared on the ground, rolling toward the evil eye.

It turned out that Chen Rui had secretly planted the seeds of gluttonous vine when he was evading. These vines certainly couldn’t defeat the evil eye, but they could effectively hold them down. When the evil eyes were dealing with the vine, Chen Rui had already run forward. Although the evil eyes’ spirit power was terrifying, their speed was weak. Launching at full speed, he quickly escaped from these dangerous guys.

The evil eyes who destroyed the gluttonous vine behind him sensed the escape of the intruder and made an angry hiss.

This “hiss” was a kind of spirit energy similar to sound waves, and the effective range was very wide. Especially when the “sound waves” of these several evil eyes were connected together, they formed a kind of mutual increase in shock effect. Even if Chen Rui was already far away from where the eye demons were, he could still feel the powerful waves. These spiritual waves contained a variety of horrifying feelings such as violence, cruelty, and madness.

Even more terrifying was that similar waves were also heard nearby. It seemed to be echoing the evil eye just now and the waves were getting stronger and stronger. The number of evil eyes who sent out these waves were unknown. The waves were intertwined and produced stronger resonance, forming a massive spiritual network.

It was as though countless invisible hands appeared in all directions, tearing his consciousness. For a time, his 5 senses had almost lost their functions as various negative emotions poured into Chen Rui’s heart. His chest felt very suffocating, and his emotions have become particularly irritable and unstable.

Chen Rui did not expect the evil eye to have this undifferentiated large-scale attack. His mind was “tempered” by Shura to be very tough at the time of [Refined Mind], plus the Super System’s function of automatic absorption of negative energy. Although these spiritual waves were powerful, they couldn’t shake his will.

However, these waves seemed to be endless as it did not disappear even after more than half an hour. The horror of the evil eye spirit power was evident.

No wonder Isabella once said that she wanted to see if that person was dead or crazy- If it was another person, even a person of the same level as Chen Rui, one would probably go crazy after staying in this terrifying and bad environment for a long time even if he could survive.

Since this woman emotionlessly planted a deadly evil poison in him last time, Chen Rui had already experienced the viciousness of the Devil’s Snare Flower, but the current plan must first go past Isabella. Since he had come here now, he must at least bring a corpse back.

Chen Rui resisted the influence of this spiritual wave while carefully exploring forward. The magic compass affected by the power of the evil eye could no longer function. He dared not use the ring of illumination to avoid attracting the attention of the evil eye. Fortunately, the [Analytical Eyes] could play the most critical exploration role in this unfavorable environment with extremely low visibility and strong hearing disturbance.

After walking cautiously for a while, the strong spirit wave finally weakened slowly. Chen Rui, who recovered his sense of hearing, suddenly heard a strange screaming sound.

This was not the sound of the evil eye because it sounded like a human voice. It was probably the one who offended Isabella.

Unexpectedly, this person was still alive. As Chen Rui quickly accelerated his pace, the voice was getting closer and closer. It was indeed a human voice with a kind of hysterical hoarseness.

Chen Rui sensed a familiar feeling in the voice, and suddenly his facial expression changed greatly, It is Roman!

The person who offended Isabella and was tricked into this terrifying evil eye nest was Roman who never returned to the Dark Moon!

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