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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 901: Satan and Sariel

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Chapter 901: Satan and Sariel

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Chen Rui could see that Tiffany didn’t do anything, but the badge flew out and burst automatically; she didn’t even know it beforehand. There should be extremely clever environment sensing runes on that badge. This meant that as soon as it left Mysterious Land and detected a new environment, it would automatically explode and summon Satan’s avatar.

It was undoubtedly Satan’s calculation.

Although Satan’s avatar was at the level of Demi-God, he had comprehended the law of the Pseudo-God, which was much more powerful than the ordinary peak stage of the Demi-God. Chen Rui had experienced it in the Ghastly Floating Land before. Even if he activated [Royal Star Transformation], he was not an opponent at all. Moreover, Satan had already been fooled once in the Ghastly Floating Land. Even if Chen Rui activated the [Sneak] technique again, he might not be deceived again.

“Tiffany, I’ll go first. Next time let’s have a good talk, I will tell you a lot. I believe this day will come soon. Before that, you have to take care of yourself and be careful.” Chen Rui glanced at Tiffany, then he flew into the [Star Gate].

Tiffany looked at the vanishing light door with a sense of loss, and a tear slowly fell, then she suddenly felt something. When she looked back, she saw the man was actually about 10 meters behind him. His smile seemed a little strange, and a faint red glow appeared in his eyes.

“Why are you still…” Tiffany was shocked. Before she could finish speaking, the space distortion began to appear in the sky.

“Remember, you got the silver box from the Chaos Realm, and I’m pursuing you all the way. If you don’t want to hurt me, you must cooperate.” Chen Rui’s voice sounded in Tiffany’s mind. When he waved his hands, Tiffany’s body suddenly flew away involuntarily, and Chen Rui followed behind her like in pursuit.

At this time, the distortion in the sky was increasingly intense, and a crack appeared in the space. A pair of hands stretched out and slammed to the sides. The space was suddenly torn apart, and a figure appeared in the crack of the space, Satan!

In the blink of an eye, Satan had already seen the 2 people who were ‘pursuing and fleeing’ in the distance. There was a cold murderous intent in his eyes. Chen Rui suddenly felt that he was ‘slowing down’ while Tiffany in front suddenly accelerated. She had pulled a distance away from him instantly.

The control of the time flow rate. Moreover, it is ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ for separate targets!

This delicate control made Chen Rui secretly startled. At the moment when the time returned to normal, he felt his body trembled uncontrollably. It turned out that the surrounding space was undergoing high-frequency oscillations, and traces of cracks appeared around him. It was indeed the move similar to the profound meaning of ‘high-frequency’.

Chen Rui hurriedly shook his body at the same strange frequency. When Satan raised his brows, he saw Chen Rui shake his hand. The space around Satan actually shook in the same way.

Retaliating with one’s own skill!

Satan was moved slightly, and time stopped with a move of his hand. The space oscillations stopped. In the blink of an eye, Satan’s figure had appeared beside Tiffany in the distance. The space took a long time to recover from the oscillations.

Facing his own moves, Satan easily used time law to get rid of it. His eyes looking at Chen Rui were a little more surprised.

Although Chen Rui successfully reflected this move, the opponent’s strength was too strong. Therefore, he paid a considerable price. His body looked broken like he could be annihilated at any time.

Tiffany’s mind trembled, and the silver box in her hand flew up automatically before landing in Satan’s hands.

Satan seemed very excited as he looked at the silver box in his hand. He laughed 3 times before he finally calmed down and nodded approvingly, “Tiffany, you did a very good job. Go back to the Mountain Seckred first, and I will honor all the rewards that I promised you.”

With that said, Satan waved his hand, and a space entrance condensed with kingdom power appeared. Tiffany looked back at Chen Rui, just in time to meet those 2 resolute gazes, then she gritted her teeth, entered the space entrance and disappeared.

Satan saw the scene of Tiffany being ‘pursued’ just now, and since the silver box was already in his hand, he didn’t doubt Tiffany’s looking back.

Satan’s eyes turned to Chen Rui, and the murderous intent became more intense. A powerful spirit force had firmly locked him, “Your growth and ability really surprised me. I will give you a way to live and become my believer, or…”

“Or die?” Chen Rui sneered.

“Stubborn.” Satan didn’t say much. With a twist of his fingers, an irresistible force swept toward him. Chen Rui could no longer use the strength of ‘retaliating with one’s own skill!’, and his body suddenly shattered.

At the same time, Satan glanced at the sea in the distance, and he saw that there was still another ‘Chen Rui’ in the sea, who crushed the badge in his hand.

“Sariel!” Satan’s eyes were so sharp that he saw the appearance of the badge the moment before it shattered. There was a huge eye on it.

Satan was taken aback. Due to the long distance, it was too late to stop him. He saw smoke coming out of the crushed badge, which gradually condensed into a figure.

It was the first time Chen Rui saw Sariel’s human form. He saw Sariel as a huge eye last time in the Book Collection Hall and before he left for Mysterious Land.

This was a somewhat slender figure, and his face seemed to be very delicate, but it was only a feeling. The more he looked closely, the more blurred the facial features, but the curly blond hair was striking.

“Sir Sariel!” Chen Rui said quickly, “I almost got the silver box, but Tiffany summoned…”

“Satan!” Sariel saw the silver box in Satan’s hand at a glance. He shouted and appeared in front of Satan. Regardless of voice or physical appearance, Sariel was somewhat neutral.

“Sariel, in fact, you have already lost this match. Are you going to use force?” Satan didn’t panic as he played with the silver box. He said casually, “Don’t forget, you were not my opponent back then.”

“Hmph! It was just your trick back then!” Sariel said coldly, “You have always been good at playing tricks. Even many Pseudo-Gods suffered and died in the battle for the silver box. I was also seriously injured. Python was even worse. Even his body was destructed. In the end you are the biggest winner who got 1 of the 3 silver boxes. I will not make the same mistakes back then!”

Chen Rui’s heart skipped a beat. It turned out that there was a battle for the silver box between Pseudo-Gods. That battle must have been earth-shattering, and Satan actually became the final winner to get the silver box! Plus this one, it’s 2!

“I’m not the biggest winner either.” Satan sighed, “Python burnt his own body with secret technique to let his soul escape with another silver box. The whereabouts of the silver box is still unknown. I tried my best to find it, but over the years, there have been countless silver boxes, none of which are true. It seems that Python had created many diversions. He must still be alive.”

This sentence made Chen Rui understand a little more. The Old Father-in-law Dragon Emperor Auglas once said that it was actually a coincidence at that time. He heard about the battle for the silver box between Paglio, Zola and others. He happened to meet Paglio, so he captured him and asked. However, no silver box was found. So Auglas didn’t interrogate or harm him. He just sealed the poison dragon, and wanted the poison dragon to gain further comprehension in his sleep.

The reason is that Auglas thinks the poison dragon, who was at the Demon Overlord-level power, should have gotten a fake box. He just dropped by to have a look. After finding nothing, he has no interest in pursuing it any further.

Chen Rui suddenly thought of another key question. The Dark Moon’s silver box should be real, so…

“That’s right, you were both winners at that time, only I was the loser. But it’s not certain who will win today.” Sariel took a deep breath as his eyes glowed with burning light. Chen Rui felt the pressure suddenly increased. This kind of power was surely not below Satan.

Satan didn’t do anything, and just shook his head, “Sariel, now that all the silver boxes are out, have you ever thought of us really working together to put together the Book of Destruction.”

“In this way, we can follow Michael’s example to establish or expand a church all over the Demon Realm, sharing the huge faith power we have acquired and greatly increasing the chance of becoming a god?” Sariel smiled contemptuously, ” If I remember correctly, you said something similar more than once before you played the trick behind my back.”

The Book of Destruction? Michael? Establishing a church? Obtaining faith? These keywords made Chen Rui’s ears prick up. He suddenly had a feeling of ‘information overload’. All the mysteries in his mind were solved.

Those veteran powerhouses who had lived for tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years may not know as many secrets as what he had heard at this moment.

“Really?” Satan’s face showed a strange smile, “So, this battle is inevitable?”

“Hmph! Stop pretending, you’ve been delaying the time. Aren’t you waiting for your true self to be projected?”

“Isn’t that the case with you?” Satan laughed, “Before the battle, I will give you a fair assessment. Even if your strength is not as good as mine, it’s not far behind; it’s a pity that your brain will never be as good as mine.”

“Stop talking nonsense, do you want to fight me with 1 hand?” Sariel’s eyes turned to the silver box in Satan’s hand. The silver box could not be kept in space equipment or in the kingdom. For 2 evenly matched opponents, if he was to be distracted to protect the silver box, he would definitely be suppressed. Sariel was not a kind person either. This psychological tactic hit Satan’s soft spot. Satan frowned and didn’t speak anymore.

Sariel raised his hand slowly, and the originally turbulent sea actually stopped in an instant. Chen Rui felt that his body was frozen with the sea water, and he was immobile.

Sariel’s imprisonment law!

Satan, who was facing the strength, was also immobile, but Sariel quickly looked away and looked in the direction of Chen Rui, where another figure of Satan appeared.

It turned out that Satan had been prepared for a long time. What was imprisoned by Sariel was just an afterimage.

A light flashed past Satan’s eyes. He swept down his hand, and a terrifying force was overwhelmingly pressing toward Chen Rui. Chen Rui was taken aback and seemed unable to dodge.

Facing an opponent like Sariel, the first thing Satan wanted to deal with was the ‘ant’ who was watching the battle!

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