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«Devil’s Son-in-Law (Web Novel) - Chapter 1171: The Meaning of Existence

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Chapter 1171: The Meaning of Existence

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Soon, the bodies of the 6 Main Elemental Messengers had returned to their original shape, while the weakened breath also rapidly recovered as if the entire elemental world was an endless energy pool, which could continuously replenish the 6 Main Elemental Messengers’ power.

As long as they didn’t suffer the destructive blow of a certain degree, they could fight indefinitely.

Even if they were completely destroyed, they would not really die. It would only take time to be reborn, just like the Water Main Elemental Messenger.

Only now did Chen Rui realize that the main reason why he defeated the Water Main Elemental Messenger was that the other party was too careless.

The [All Star Gods View] and the [Cosmos Annihilation] just now looked like a lose-lose battle on the surface, but strictly speaking, the [All Star Gods View] in the diffuse state was even greater than the [Cosmos Annihilation] in the concentrated state. In fact, it was only because this was the elemental world that the Main Elemental Messengers could be so calm.

Regardless of his injuries, Chen Rui tried his best to adjust the power in his body. Just as the other party said, after he launched the [All Star Gods View] by burning his vitality, his power had dropped significantly. Even if he didn’t take into account his injury, his power alone was not enough to activate another big move with the same power. And for the Main Elemental Messengers whose body and power could regenerate quickly and infinitely, the battle had really just begun.

Even if he could activate it again, the result would only be that he was injured more severely while the Main Elemental Messengers continued to regenerate. If this consumption continued, he would surely be the one who died.

However, there was not much room for thinking now, because the 6 Main Elemental Messengers had once again exuded an amazing power breath. Up to now, no Main Elemental Messenger had dared to underestimate Chen Rui. They also would not have the slightest reservation toward the terrifying opponent who could single-handedly fight with 6 of them.

Although this [Cosmos Annihilation] had not yet been released, once it erupted, its power would definitely be far greater than the previous one.

Chen Rui had no choice. The stars appeared around him again. Due to the strength and momentum this time, it was obviously incomparable with the previous ones.

If the collision just now was considered equally divided, then after the ebb and flow, the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 sides had become more obvious. This was not only clear to Chen Rui himself, but also to the 6 Main Elemental Messengers.

At this moment, the 6 Main Elemental Messengers who were charging the [Cosmos Annihilation] paused at the same time. They raised their heads together, and the speed of the colorful lights in the sky suddenly accelerated.

The high-speed flying colorful lights condensed into clusters of colorful clouds, which quickly spread and soon covered the entire sky. The previous ancient and immortal breath became more and more clear. The whole world began to tremor slightly.

During this tremor, the shape of the colorful clouds changed rapidly, converging into a huge transparent light ball; more precisely, a light cocoon.

There was a figure in the light cocoon. Although it was not very clear, that outline was too familiar to Chen Rui. He blurted out, “Zola!”

Zola was suspended in the center of the light cocoon with her eyes closed. She seemed to have lost consciousness.

“It seems that the 3 Elemental Goddess Armaments have begun to merge.”

“The broken Godhood will also be merged and remade.”

“The will of Madam Rafferty is about to be reborn.”


The Main Elemental Messengers showed joy one after another, but Chen Rui’s heart sank again and again. He clenched his fists tightly because he couldn’t keep Zola into the Star Conferring Platform through several attempts just now.

Generally speaking, the Star Conferring Platform could keep star conferees within the vision, and it could even ignore the ordinary confinement or space distance, but right now he could not succeed. Obviously, the barrier degree of the light cocoon had far surpassed ordinary space. In other words, the actual distance that seemed to be close at hand was likely to be far away, so the fusion power of the Star Conferring Platform could not be activated.

Perhaps only by breaking through into that light cocoon could he succeed.

But this difficulty was probably much greater than defeating the 6 Main Elemental Messengers. The ancient momentum that overrode everything alone was not something Chen Rui could compete with.

However, for Chen Rui, whether he could do it was one thing, but whether he wanted to do it or not was another topic.

If I do it, I may not be able to succeed; if I don’t do it, I definitely can’t!

Feeling the breath of [All Star Gods View] suddenly strengthened, the Main Elemental Messengers hurriedly waited with concentration, but when the galaxy exploded, it was not to the hexagram formation, but to the colorful clouds in the sky.

It turned out that Chen Rui concentrated the momentum of [All Star Gods View] on one point, and he finally broke through the seal of [Cosmos Annihilation]. He rushed straight to the position of the light cocoon, “Zola!”

This call full of might was not only a voice from the mouth but also a call from the heart.

That ray of galaxy rushed straight toward the light cocoon, but before it touched the nearby colorful clouds, it seemed to encounter some incomparable huge power and suddenly collapsed. Chen Rui’s figure fell like a shooting star. The star armor on his body had been completely shattered. All the wounds had burst open. His consciousness had also faintly blurred.

No, I can’t fall here!

The starlights that were about to disintegrate barely condensed again as Chen Rui tried his best to stabilize his figure. Suddenly, he found that the breath of the Main Elemental Messengers completely locked him on all sides.

“Stupid guy, he actually went to hit the sky… That is already a real God’s domain. Throwing a fist at God will only reap your own consequences.”

“As soon as the Godhood reshaping is complete, the will of Madam Rafferty will return and ‘Zola’ will cease to exist.”

“This is the meaning of her existence, and it is also the meaning of the existence of the fairy dragons.”

The meaning of the existence of the fairy dragons? Chen Rui was taken aback. The Light Main Elemental Messenger spoke up, “This time, we will not give you any chance to disturb the rebirth of the madam goddess again.”

The light of [Cosmos Annihilation] began to shine. Chen Rui was almost out of power. [All Star Gods View] was particularly bleak. Maybe there was really no chance.

At the same time, in another place, the words ‘meaning of existence’ also echoed in a person’s mind.


The sound seemed ethereal as if it came from the supreme voice of the space.

“The meaning of your existence, the meaning of the entire fairy dragons’ existence, is for this moment.”

“For the return of the elemental goddess.” Zola’s purple eyes seemed to lose focus as she replied dully.

“Your consciousness and your body will become the foundation of the reshaped Godhood…”

“Unreservedly, dedicate your soul…”

“Dedicate my soul…” Zola followed mechanically as her gaze became more and more dazed.

“You will have the greatest power…”

“The most greatest power…”

“You will own true eternity and immortality…”

“Eternity and immortality…” Zola was subconsciously reciting the sentence when a familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ear.


The fairy dragon trembled. The voice in the space sounded at the same time, “Have you already understood the meaning of existence? Then let go of your soul and accept the will of immortality!”


Both voices echoed in the fairy dragon’s soul at the same time.

(The meaning of existence……)


“I…” Zola, struggling inwardly, panted slightly.

(Dedicate my soul…)


(Achieve immortality…)


(It is the meaning of your existence!)

“The meaning of my existence…” Zola’s body trembled.

(Baby, never leave mommy again!)

(If anyone dares to bully you, daddy will beat him up for you!)

(Zola, the ‘bitter drink’ is ready, come and drink. Remember to follow the steps I taught you step by step. It is wrong for you to drink like that.)

(If one day my life comes to an end, please take good care of Chen Rui for me, okay?)

(Aunt Zola, hug Duoduo!)

(Zola, this dress is for you, love it?)


Countless voices echoed in her ears, and that ethereal voice could no longer control her consciousness as before.

All the voices finally converged into that word: Zola!

This is his voice!

He, them…

“This is… the meaning of my existence.” Tears welled up in Zola’s purple eyes.

The light cocoon in the sky suddenly trembled. Zola in the middle seemed to be struggling. Faint cracks appeared on the light cocoon. The nearby elemental power suddenly became extremely disordered.

This scene shocked the Main Elemental Messengers who were about to launch the biggest blow: At the last moment of Godhood’s reshaping, Zola actually resisted the will of the elemental goddess!

Chen Rui was overjoyed, but at this moment a light beam fell from the sky.

The light beam contained 6 light clusters of different colors, emitting brilliance at the same time and interweaving into a 6-color halo.

The trembling of the light cocoon slowly stopped, and the cracks began to recover quickly.

This was the origin fragment of the 6 elements, which was the projection of Godhood fragments!

Zola in the middle shook, and a deep sigh came to her ear, “The meaning of your existence is an irresistible fate…”



Zola’s consciousness became completely blurred. Her eyes gradually turned into the 6-color halo. She stopped all struggling movements. A colorful light wing began to appear behind her, which outline resembled the wings of a butterfly.

Chen Rui was astounded because he saw that in [All Star Gods View], the light of the ‘Rainbow Constellation’ had quickly dimmed. This means…

As the ‘butterfly wings’ became clearer, the light of the ‘Rainbow Constellation’ had completely dimmed. It was like a candle in the wind that might extinguish at any time.

I can only look at it like this.

Nothing can be done.

Intense anger welled up in Chen Rui’s heart, more toward himself.

The Main Elemental Messengers all heaved a sigh of relief. Although something went wrong, the will of the elemental goddess is obviously irresistible. Now the fusion of the Elemental Goddess Armament is about to be completed, and Godhood, which represents the elemental goddess, is about to be reshaped. Goddess Rafferty’s rebirth is irreversible.

As long as this enemy is finished off, we can completely relieve our worries.

At this moment, the Main Elemental Messengers all focused their attention on the center of the hexagram formation, and the range of the galaxy next to Chen Rui became smaller and smaller as it began to gather together. This should have been a sign of power decline, but the warning signs in the minds of the Main Elemental Messengers became stronger and stronger.

Looking carefully, those constellations actually overlapped as if they were going to merge into one. They all concentrated on Chen Rui.

The next moment, the broken body with only 1 arm burst into an extremely intense light.

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