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«Demon’s Diary (Web Novel) - Chapter 947: Escape from the Giant Beast’s Mouth

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Chapter 947: Escape from the Giant Beast’s Mouth

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Liu Ming channeled the escape light with all his strength, and soon he left the giant parasite far behind.

The journey here was twists and turns, but it was not so difficult to go back. With Che Huan covering his aura, ordinary parasites couldn’t find Liu Ming at all. Nothing happened along the way.

After a while, he saw the hole not far ahead from a distance.

However, he frowned slightly.

At this moment, at the opening of the flesh wall that was destroyed by him, a large amount of parasites crawled in like a tidal wave, almost blocking half of the hole. There were juvenile and adult parasites.

Liu Ming didn’t slow down. Instead, he wrapped himself with a black mist dragon.

With a low shout, he punched at the hole of the flesh wall far away.

The black mist dragon slammed into the hole while roaring.

Bang bang bang!

Under the rampage of the dragon, the parasites blocking the hole were unable to resist and blasted out. The hole was immediately cleared.


Liu Ming flew out of the hole in the flesh wall like a flash of lightning.

Although there were many roads in the labyrinth, he wasn’t afraid of losing his way when he was well prepared.

The mechanical battle armor covering him didn’t have much spiritual power left, and the 2 arc-shaped light shields released were also dimmed. Under the erosion of the surrounding purple mist, they were about to collapse.

After about 5 minutes, Liu Ming dashed out of a flesh wall tunnel. When he was about to speed up, there was a burst of air behind him. He stopped and looked back.

It was like a silver light whizzing at him like a meteor. The person people in the silver light also saw Liu Ming and stopped. The person was Luo Tiancheng.

At this moment, his face was gloomy, and his mechanical battle armor was badly damaged. The clothes inside had long been corroded, revealing large areas of skin. Under the erosion of the purple mist, his skin was constantly playing the process of decay and regeneration.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Luo, if we want to escape, we have to work together. What do you think?” Liu Ming said.

According to his estimation, it only took about 10 minutes to reach the giant beast’s throat. However, due to the sudden change in the mysterious space that contained treasures, the flesh walls would sometime be stuck with parasites. As a result, Che Huan totem would lose its meaning.

Originally, no matter how many these monsters were, they were not Liu Ming’s enemies. But if they worked together, they would naturally save spiritual power even more.


Luo Tiancheng snorted, but he had no objection.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, waved his hand and wrapped himself in black gas while charging forward.

Luo Tiancheng’s eyes flashed slightly, and he followed up.

After a while, a black light and a silver light flew out of the giant beast’s throat.

The large open space in front was the mouth of the giant monster. It was surrounded by pink flesh walls that kept squirming, and the front was a semi-circle with 2 rows of white teeth. Each 1 of the teeth was 30 meters long, which was horrifying.

At this moment, they didn’t look great at all. Liu Ming’s mechanical battle armor was barely emitting faint black light, but it could collapse at any time under the erosion of purple mist; Luo Tiancheng’s mechanical battle armor was long gone.

But at this point, the purple mist was already very thin. With Luo Tiancheng’s dutian spiritual body, he could ignore the erosion of the purple mist.

Liu Ming glanced around and found that the giant monster’s upper and lower teeth fit together without any gap. It didn’t intend to open its mouth at all.

“It seems that it is not so easy to get this giant monster to open its mouth.” Liu Ming said lightly.

“Hmph, what’s so difficult about it? If we wreak havoc in its mouth, will it not open its mouth?” Luo Tiancheng said coldly.

As soon as he finished his words, he flew forward in bright silver light.

Luo Tiancheng stopped more than 30 meters in front of the giant monster’s sharp teeth. He groaned, and 5 silver mist dragons and 5 silver mist tigers danced around him.

Liu Ming frowned, but he also stretched his arms forward. From the billowing black gas, 5 black mist dragons and 5 black mist tigers emerged.

The next moment, they attacked almost simultaneously.

Luo Tiancheng quickly changed gestures, and the silver mist dragons and tigers slammed into the soft flesh around the sharp teeth.

The giant beast’s body was extremely tough that even the Real Pellet State cultivator couldn’t pierce through, but the soft flesh in its mouth was obviously not so tough. A large wound was torn open instantly.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming’s mist dragons and tigers also launched a fierce attack on the wound opened up by Luo Tiancheng.


The entire flesh wall shook violently, staggering Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng.

They immediately launched fiercer attacks.

In the yellow forest where the giant beast was located, Ye Xun was sweating profusely. He kept launching symbols onto the spinning five-color disk array.

The faces of the 5 Nature Work Sect’s disciples who control the five-element puppets were also extremely pale.

At the center of the array, the star-shaped array that could effectively limit the giant beast’s movement had disappeared. There were 5 giant puppets holding spiritual power chains to bind the hedgehog giant beast.

These spiritual power chains were the same as the five-color light stream that bound the giant monster at the beginning, but this consumed more spiritual power and the restriction was much limited.

At first, the semi-circular five-color light shield that looked like an upside-down bowl was condensed again, covering everyone in it, but the spiritual power was a little thin. It wasn’t as solid as the first one.

The giant beast also seemed to be a little tired. At this moment, it was lying on the ground and puffing purple mist from its nostrils instead of roaring.

Jin Tianci, who was in the air nearby, had a very solemn expression on his face. He had ordered Wen Zeng and the man surnamed Yuan to stop attacking, and he had already retrieved the spiritual ring. If they really angered the giant monster, this array might not contain this beast for long.

Now their goal was to hold the giant monster as much as possible and buy as much time as possible for Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng.

Suddenly, the giant monster’s face twitched, and it suddenly stood up.

This scene shocked everyone present.

Before anyone could move, the giant beast began to move. It dragged the spiritual power chains and charged with its horn.

A loud impact!

The five-color light curtain began to tremble.

Seeing this, Ye Xun’s face turned pale for a while. He kept channeling spiritual power into the disk array to hold it, but he looked anxious for the first time.

The Five-Element God Puppet Formation was the famous puppet formation of the Nature Work Sect. It indeed held the savage giant beast for a long time.

However, he didn’t expect that the giant beast’s brute force to be so shocking. It just struggled slightly, and it almost drained all their spiritual power.

“For so long, Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng should have taken the Spirit Nurture Cauldron. The people of Nature Work Sect can’t seem to hold it anymore…” Jin Tianci thought to himself as he glanced around.

Fortunately, there were no hostile forces around. Otherwise, the Five-Element God Puppet Formation would have already been breached.


The hedgehog giant beast bumped onto the five-color light curtain. The light curtain dimmed quickly.

Ye Jiong and others spouted blood essence at the same time.

Seeing this, the giant beast shook the bone spurs on its back, releasing 10 dazzling black lights.

The black lights instantly merged into a thick light beam and hit the five-color light curtain.

Under the loud noise, the entire light curtain swayed. It flickered wildly like it was about to fall.


Ye Yun hurried shouted and launched symbols.

The 5 Nature Work Sect’s disciples firmly held the formation flags in their hands, launching thick light beams into the five-color light curtain.

The shaking five-color light curtain barely stabilized.

The giant beast was furious. It wanted to charge again, but it suddenly groaned in pain and shook its head twice.

Just as the giant beast opened its mouth, the purple mist rolled out. In the mist, 2 escape lights had escaped hundreds of meters away.

Liu Ming and Luo Tiancheng were revealed from the escape lights.

“Have you got it?” Seeing them getting out, Ye Jiong, who was above, looked overjoyed and asked quickly.

“En, it’s with me.” Liu Ming put away the mechanical battle armor that had lost its spirituality and smiled slightly.

Luo Tiancheng did not speak.

This time, he lost to Liu Ming again in taking the treasure in the giant beast, which infuriated him.

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