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«Demon’s Diary (Web Novel) - Chapter 849: Golden Eyes Emerald Pupils

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Chapter 849: Golden Eyes Emerald Pupils

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After the ghosts shattered, they turned back into the black gas.

At the same time, the ghosts emerged again from the black gas one after another.

“Court death!”

Even though the general demon skull’s cultivation was far more powerful than these ghosts, it still looked flustered seeing this momentum. It shouted and was about to release green lightning again.

At this moment, a golden light emerged in the darkness behind the general demon skull. It flashed and drew a thin golden line in the darkness.

When the general demon skull looked back in shock, the biting sword intent had reached its forehead.


The general demon skull couldn’t even dodge, and the golden sword light penetrated into its head.

The Hell Prison slowly dissipated after the black light flickered a few times.

The demon skull fell straight from midair. Its eyes had lost vitality, and its soul had obviously been eliminated by the Void Sword.

Liu Ming launched a black gas to hold the demon skull, then he recalled the Void Sword with another hand.

A smile appeared on his face as he gently stroked the pale silver sword pouch around his waist.

After nourishing for more than 10 years, the power of the Void Sword was unstoppable.

Otherwise, even if the general demon skull wasn’t powerful, it was still at the real Real Pellet State. It would take some effort to kill it.

However, to achieve the power of this strike, the Void Sword had to be kept in the sword pouch for many years.


At the same time, a clear childish voice came.

Liu Ming turned his head.

Demon Flying Skull had changed into the boy’s appearance when flying over. It was coveting the general demon skull’s corpse.

“Have you killed all those ghosts?”

Liu Ming looked around and found that the green ghost mist around the Qinggang Mountain had dissipated. The ghost creatures could no longer be seen, but ghost howls could still be heard from the distance.

“The soldier ghosts aren’t strong in spiritual power, but they are courageous. They could still show some resistance. But after I defeated some of them, the others took the opportunity to escape.” Fei’er sucked his fingers and said, keeping his eyes on the corpse of the general demon skull.

Liu Ming nodded. Although Demon Flying Skull was close to the Crystallization Period perfect stage, it was not bad for him to face hundreds of Condensation State ghost creatures and achieve such results.

Bone Scorpion took a jingang bone tempering pill when Liu Ming left Taiqing Sect, so she was digesting the elixir in the soul-recovering bag. If the 2 spiritual pets were used, these ghost creatures wouldn’t be able to escape.

But since the leader had been wiped out, these remnants couldn’t cause huge trouble anymore.

Seeing Demon Flying Skull’s salivating expression, Liu Ming smiled and threw the corpse toward him.

Demon Flying Skull let out a cheer, transformed back into his original form and gobbled up the corpse.

Liu Ming smiled faintly, then he made a gesture to keep the Void Sword back into the sword pouch around his waist.

The silver sword pouch flashed and disappeared instantly.

It didn’t take long for Fei’er to swallow the corpse of the general demon skull. The green light in his eyes dimmed, and he became lazy.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed seeing this.

Demon Flying Skull was originally at the bottleneck of the Pseudo Pellet State period. Now that he devoured a Real Pellet State of his kind, this was likely to be a sign of advancement.

Thinking of this, Liu Ming was secretly happy. He tapped the soul-recovering bag and retrieve the Demon Flying Skull.

“Oh no, I almost forgot about it!”

Suddenly, Liu Ming thought of something general, then he flew toward the Ye Family Col quickly.

In the battle with the general demon skull, the seal had completely collapsed.

All ghost creatures in Qinggang Mountain were scared away by the violent spiritual power fluctuations of the 2 and there were some remnants escaped from Demon Flying Skull. If these ghost creatures attacked the Ye Family Col, with the weak enchantment, it couldn’t resist them at all.

While Liu Ming flying, he released his Divine Thought to scan dozens of kilometers around him.

At the next moment, his face suddenly sank. Ye Family Col was already in a mess, and there was almost no sense of any living thing in it!

Over the village, more than a dozen ghost bats gathered.

“Damn it!”

Liu Ming cursed secretly in his heart. The mental power in his sea of ​​​​consciousness shook suddenly. A huge mental fluctuation spread along with the ripples visible to the naked eye and affected the dozen ghost bats above the Ye Family Col.

The dozen of ghost bats’ consciousness became sluggish. It took them a while to recover.

At this moment, another mental fluctuation affected their consciousness. This time, before they could recover from it, a black light flashed and crushed the dozen ghost bats into pieces.

Liu Ming’s figure appeared in the village with a flash.

Only at this moment, his face was faintly pale.

Forcibly stimulating such a long distance mental fluctuation attack would consume a lot of mental power. He had not practiced similar techniques, so these 2 mental fluctuations consumed a lot of his mental power.

With a thought, the mind imitation insect in his arms released a stream of pure spiritual power, which immediately made him look better.

Looking around, the Ye Family Col had already been devastated at this time. The ancestral hall had collapsed, and the weak enchantment had naturally disappeared. In addition, more than half of the houses were destroyed, and the corpses of the villagers could be seen from time to time.

“It seems that I’m a step late!”

Liu Ming frowned!

Ghost creatures like ghost bats like meat, but their strength was only at the Spirit Apostle Stage. It was impossible for them to break through the enchantment here. The real culprits that invaded the village had already left.

He released Divine Thought and covered the entire village.


As a result, Liu Ming was puzzled by this scan.

He came to the collapsed ancestral hall, then he waved 1 hand. The stones were lifted up, revealing a square cellar entrance on the ground.

The surface of this cellar was imprinted with some seemingly mysterious runes, which had no defensive power, but it could shield most of the Divine Thought.

If it weren’t for his overwhelming mental power, he probably couldn’t discover this place, not to mention those ghost creatures!

He raised 1 hand, and a black gas rolled out and opened the cellar door.

In the cellar that was only 1.5 meters, a 7 years old boy curled up on the ground covered in dust. He had a look of fear, but the pair of pupils faintly emitted a golden light, but there was a bit of emerald color in the pupils.

“It’s really golden eyes emerald pupils!” Liu Ming muttered after taking a closer look.

He had heard Yin Jiuling mentioned the spiritual body with golden eyes and emerald pupils, which was quite rare. Among the pupil spiritual bodies, their existence belonged to a higher level.

The golden eyes and emerald pupils had a high degree of insight, not inferior to the Eyes of Great Void of the green-eyed female disciple of Haoran Academy that Liu Ming once met.

Besides, the golden light from the golden eyes emerald pupils could restrain the ghost creatures. Once they were successfully cultivated, they would be enough to make most ghost creatures in the world frightened.

Suddenly, the golden light in the boy’s eyes dimmed suddenly, and he fell to the ground.

Liu Ming hurriedly launched a black gas to hold the boy and bring him to his side.

After a careful inspection, he found that the boy had no problems except forcibly activating his spiritual eyes, which weakened his vitality.

He flicked his fingers and tapped a few times on the boy’s body. The boy’s pale complexion was greatly relieved, and he fell asleep.

After doing this, Liu Ming looked around again and shook his head. There was no one living in the whole village except the boy.

The bloodline left by the Cultivator Ye thousands of years ago got exterminated in the end, but fortunately, one last descendant was still saved.

Liu Ming dispelled this negative sentiment and waved 1 hand; a wave of black gas covered the entire village.

The ground shook violently, and countless soil flew up. After a while, many graves appeared in the village.

When Liu Ming turned around with the boy in his arms and prepared to leave, suddenly a girl’s sweet voice came from his ear,


“Xie’er, you are awake? That means you have completely digested the medicinal power of the jingang bone tempering pill.” Liu Ming raised his brows and asked with voice transmission.

“Xie’er has failed master’s high expectations. I still fail to break through to the Pseudo Pellet State.” Xie’er sighed quietly.

“It’s fine. The Pseudo Pellet State is a big bottleneck in the road of cultivation. I’m also looking for a breakthrough opportunity. Just take it slow.” Liu Ming said lightly, and he patted his waist gently.

A cloud of black gas flew out and condensed into a girl in black tulle.

“Xie’er, you take good care of this child.” Liu Ming handed the boy in his hand to Xie’er.

Xie’er reached out and took the boy, looked at Liu Ming, and said,

“Master, you want to…”

“The ghost creatures of Qinggang Mountain are now scattered and fleeing. I will slay them all, lest other mortal villages and towns in the vicinity suffer from them again.”

Before Xie’er could finish speaking, Liu Ming turned into a black light that flew away.

One night passed!

At dawn, Liu Ming’s figure reappeared below the main peak of Qinggang Mountain. He looked a little tired.

After a night of hunting, most of the ghost creatures were finally eliminated. There may be 1 or 2 escaped, but they were no longer a big threat.

He himself had important matters, so he couldn’t waste too much time on it.

The thick ghost mist around the Qinggang Mountain had scattered a lot after these drastic changes, but there was still some mist left. It gathered here once again as if it was attracted by something.

Liu Ming stood on a big rock, squinted and released Divine Thought again.

After a long time, he opened his eyes with surprise.


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