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«Demon Lord's Reincarnation (Web Novel) - Chapter 254 Shadow

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Chapter 254 Shadow

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Even with the vast network of the Temple of Justice, it took some time to discover even a tiny portion of the plans of the demons. The information they gained was few but important. One of the information gathered was that only a select few of the demons from the Western desert were out. Each one of these demons has been stationed at certain human kingdoms.

As for the other races having demon spies in them, the temple of Justice had been unable to gain any information. Though the other races respected the Gods, they weren't too keen on how some of the temples operated and one of them was the Temple of Justice.

Still, they had gained some good information. It would seem that these few that left the western desert had no support coming from their home country. They were considered radicals and criminals. This information came directly from the current leader of the Western desert demons.

More than that information the temple of justice knew were the leader of the group of radicals was located. They were able to get this information from a half-demon they captured that was actually a spy placed by the current leader of the western desert demons. It just so happens the leader of the western desert demons had planted quite a few spies among the group of radicals. Though most of them weren't able to survive.

According to the spy, the leader of the radicals was in the Serbek Kingdom. That was all he knew since he wasn't part of the inner circle.

After gaining this information, as he promised the head priest relayed all the information gathered to Valdel. When Valdel heard the information he thanked the head priest.

"So what are you going to do now?"

"I plan on hearing the truth." Once he said that Valdel bowed his head to the head priest. "Thank you for your hospitality, also thank you for helping me. I promise I will repay the favor someday." After speaking Valdel left the room.

The head priest who saw Valdel exiting the room couldn't help but smile. He had been with Valdel for a month now and he had a basic understanding of the kid.

'His sense of Justice isn't as direct as ours, he's trying too much to be in a gray area when clearly he wants to be in a black and white one. He must've gotten the idea from someone else.' The head priest tapped on the table in front of him and remembered the name, Ren.

Not only was he a man that was able to gain so much respect from someone like Valdel, but he was also the one who caught the interest of their Goddess.

'Still… Even after I sent half of the inquisitors to find the person called Ren, there was not even a piece of information gained. I wonder…' The head priest stood up from his chair and looked out of his window and sighed.

Valdel carrying Zwei and Nika in their weapon forms were about to leave the temple of justice, stopped as they saw a familiar face. Her long platinum blond hair swayed a bit in the wind as she looked Valdel.

"So you're leaving?"

"Yeah… Thanks for everything you've done Natasha."

"…" Seeing that Natasha was not responding Valdel continued to walk forward.

"Hey, Valdel won't you think about being my hero?" Valdel who had already past by stopped walking and didn't turn around as he answered.

"Of course I can be your hero, but I want to be everyone's hero." When Valdel said those words the excitement he felt when he decided to be a hero was once again surging within him.

"… I see… So if one day, I call for help will you come to save me?" Valdel turned around and was about to answer when he saw a dark shadow underneath Natasha. Valdel moved without thinking and tried to push Natasha aside. Unfortunately, Natasha was stuck her legs seem to be bound to the shadow.

Seeing that a spike was about to come out of the shadow and pierce Natasha, Valdel gathered mana and used a spell.

"[Light]!" Valdel used the most basic spell that made a burst of light and he used more mana than usual to make it more powerful. The shadow that bound Natasha into one spot was momentarily gone so Valdel was finally able to move her.

Valdel started looking around trying to find the one who cast the spell. That was a spell from the element of darkness called [Penetrating Shadow]. It was a rather powerful spell that sneaks into the target's shadow and binds the person into one spot. As the person was completely paralyzed a shadow spike would pierce and kill the enemy in one fatal strike.

The only person that Valdel knew who was that adept with spells of the darkness element was Ren. Lara was rather adept as well, but those spells are more for stealth than attacking. It was a rather hard element to master, especially if you don't have the talent for it.

As Valdel spread his mana in the surrounding area, he saw that the shadow from the spell didn't dissipate after it failed. It was then Valdel felt a very sinister aura coming from the shadow and he backed away protecting Natasha who was behind him.

The people from the temple of justice came out as they felt the same sinister aura that Valdel was feeling. The combat-ready priests of the temple took a defensive position when they suddenly heard a voice coming from the shadow.

"Kakaka, I was finally able to escape from that dragonized freak of a human, and then I spotted this place full of delicious looking mana. It looks like my luck is at an all-time high!" From the shadow came out a being that seems to be a very tall slender person with hands that look like tentacles. The being's whole form looked to be made of shadows.

Valdel and the others couldn't understand a word the being said, but it was obviously hostile. The being who had no eyes or ears and only a mouth coming out from the darkness got its tongue out and looked at the combat-ready priests while drooling.

When they saw this action every one present couldn't help but tremble.

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