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«Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant (Web Novel) - Chapter 1027 Is She So Hungry That She Has To Resort To Eating Mud?

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Chapter 1027 Is She So Hungry That She Has To Resort To Eating Mud?

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Is Mr Mag making something delicious for himself secretly? Gina looked at that yellow mud parcel in front of Mag. Mag being alone in the kitchen so late at night indeed seemed very weird.

Mag turned around in surprise when he heard her voice and saw Gina in her school swimsuit. Although he didn’t understand what she was talking about, he could guess from her expression. He pointed at the beggar’s chicken, which was still unwrapped, with a smile and said, “I am roasting beggar’s chicken.”

“Beggar’s chicken?” Gina repeated in an awkward tone.

“Gina, why don’t you come and help me taste it.” Mag waved at Gina and made an ‘eating’ gesture.

I can have some too? Gina’s eyes lit up immediately. After tasting all the delicacies that Mag made for the past two days, Gina’s reverence for Mag had reached the pinnacle. She had observed that Mag was trying to come up with something, and that seemed to be the final product.

Mag smilingly explained, “This is a new product. Help me with a taste test, please.”

Although Gina couldn’t understand, scrumptious food didn’t need many words. All it needed was the presentation.

The red hot yellow mud cooled rapidly after the beggar’s chicken was removed from the oven. The smooth surface had a texture that resembled some porcelain pottery with some veined patterns. It looked like it was wrapped in a layer of eggshell and resembled an oval egg.

Is this roast egg? But what kind of egg is this? Why is it so big? Gina thought curiously. Were they going to crack the egg open to eat it?

Mag got a small hammer from the side and knocked gently at the center of the beggar’s chicken. Following a crisp cracking sound, cracks spread out from the point of contact. The oval-shaped mud shell opened up like a flower, and revealed the golden-brown and glistening beggar’s chicken.

The rich aroma of roast chicken was released instantly and filled the entire kitchen. The whole house smelled fantastic.

There is such a big bird in this egg! Could it be some kind of magic beast? Gina was a little taken aback. But, she was attracted by the aroma quickly. Her eyes lit up as she couldn’t help taking a deep sniff.

Smells so good!

The aroma of this dish was more direct and enthusiastic than the aroma of braised chicken and rice. She could even feel its heat, just like the intense sensation the desert that she went to during her first teleportation brought her.

However, the difference was that the desert gave her a sense of fear and helplessness, but this aroma gave her a sense of vitality. The sleepiness went away instantly, and her stomach began to rumble.

“The color and aroma should be fine.” Mag nodded in satisfaction as he looked at that golden brown beggar’s chicken.

The chicken’s aroma was very rich, and had a tinge of the lotus leaf’s refreshing smell. As it had just come out of the oven, there was a hint of heat in the aroma. It made them salivate even before they put the meat in their mouths.

He had tried the beggar’s chicken in Changshu a few times before. The taste was still alright as it was done by quite a reputed chef there.

However, when it came to comparing their color and aroma, due to the superiority of ingredients and the combined experience from all the best, Mag’s beggar’s chicken surpassed all those he had eaten before.

Thus, the article he wrote on Weibo then wasn’t too bad, as there was indeed room for improvements.

However, all these so-called established restaurants had begun to be complacent and even lost their essence because of over-commercialization.

Mag’s beggar’s chicken preparation method was in between the original approach and Suzhou’s approach. The deplumation of the chicken was done in advance, but no other ingredients were stuffed into the chicken’s stomach except an appropriate amount of spices. This was to ensure that the chicken’s original flavor was preserved.

Of course, the scene where a simple knock on the mud shell made it open like a flower was very entertaining to watch. If it was on Earth, it would become a famous dish on a certain Tok instantly.

The beggar’s chicken had already revealed itself. The simplest and most barbaric method to eat it was just to tear a thigh off and bite into it.

Of course, although this beggar style of approach was very satisfying, it didn’t really suit a girl like their tester for the day, Gina. If she had to eat like that, her image of a graceful mermaid would be damaged.

Therefore, Mag put down the hammer and went to get a knife.

Slicing the beggar’s chicken was less particular as compared to the Peking Duck because every part like the wings, claws, and even the bones were considered delicious. All it needed was to be cut into bite sizes. If it was done too daintily, the soul would be lost.

Beggar’s chicken was a dish created by beggars, just like the name suggested. It only became a respected dish in restaurants when the majority of people accepted it.

Therefore, it was also kind of fun to use their hands to eat it if they were not particular.

Gina stared at the mud shell as Mag went to get a knife.

The outside of the shell was yellow, but a layer of greenish-yellow lotus leaf was stuck to the inside. It was very thin and looked quite enticing as it seemed rather crispy.

Can this be eaten? It should be fine to just eat a tiny piece? I would just eat a tiny shattered piece of it…Gina had an internal struggle before she picked up a piece of the shattered mud at the side of the tray.

The thin casing was still a little warm to the touch. Gina put it under her nose and sniffed it. There was a fragrance of the lotus leaf coupled with the aroma of the roast chicken. Beside these, there was another amazing smell that greeted her nose with the heat as if a hand had gripped her heart suddenly.

Eat it!

A voice rose up in her heart as if it was guiding her.


Her white teeth bit into the mud casing, and made a sound that resembled biting into a cracker.

It was a little hard and still a little hot, but Gina’s face lit up instantly.

There was a hint of sweetness amid the light lotus leaf’s fragrance. The more she chewed, the more delicious it got. It’s fantastic!

Mag, who turned around after getting the knife, stared at Gina in a stupor as he watched her eat the mud casing happily. His expression became weird. Is she so hungry that she has to resort to eating mud?

He wondered if he should tell her that this mud casing was inedible. But, at the same time, he was worried that he might hurt her pride if he told her that.

He picked up a piece of the mud casing and bit it after some pondering.


Mag spat out the intact mud casing. His front teeth had almost fallen out. That casing was almost as hard as a rock after going through the high heat treatment in the oven.

Mag marvelled at the mermaid’s strong bite force as he stared at Gina who was chewing happily. Then, he put down the mud casing in his hands slowly.

After biting the casing into small pieces, she swallowed them.

“It’s so hot!”

Gina suddenly grabbed her throat and cried!

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