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«Cultivation Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 1756 - We“re not the same, not the same!

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Chapter 1756 We“re not the same, not the same!

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“Don’t change it now. That’s going to be boring,” Doudou hurriedly said. “Please begin answering, Soft Feather!” 

Senior Spirit Butterfly’s Divinity Show had ended yesterday, so Doudou did not have to worry about being chased down because of his actions. Doudou believed that this was the biggest difference between himself and Thrice Reckless—he knew how to act without inviting death.

“But I wanted to try out those 50 questions. That seemed more interesting to me,” replied Soft Feather. Her legs moved quickly as she spoke, keeping the same speed as the rotation of the hamster wheel.

Senior Song came up with only ten questions for his version, and only the first two questions were real questions, while the next eight questions were math questions for elementary school students, which were used just to fill up the numbers—in Doudou’s words, those kinds of questions lowered your IQ.

“You still have 20 seconds.” The corners of Doudou’s mouth rose upward, revealing a dog smile. “The clock is ticking.”

Soft Feather asked, “Senior Song, have you changed the questions yet?”

“Give me some more time,” Song Shuhang replied.

“There isn’t much time left… I guess I’ll just start answering the questions,” Soft Feather replied. “I’ll try my best on every question. After all, how can a woman who always strives to win fail on the first question?”

“This is the attitude you should have! Alright, start answering the questions, Soft Feather. I’ll give you plus points for great answers.” Doudou took out his phone, and began recording this wonderful scene.

“The person I love the most…” Soft Feather thought quickly as she ran.

Speaking of which, Soft Feather should have reached the age where she starts getting involved in romantic relationships, Doudou secretly said in his mind.

After thinking deeply, Soft Feather replied, “From a comprehensive point of view, the person I love the most should be my father.”

From what happened to Doudou earlier, it was made clear that this ‘most loved person’ included all kinds of ‘love’ in it. Whether it be familial affection, platonic affection, romantic affection, or even affection for pets, these were all included in the question’s description of ‘love’.

Doudou held the phone with his paws, and regretfully said, “Tsk.”

This answer was expected, but the lack of surprises made him feel quite regretful.

This video… If I bring it back and sell it to Senior Spirit Butterfly, how much would Senior Spirit Butterfly offer for it? Doudou suddenly had such a thought in his mind.

After this idea emerged, the ball could no longer stop rolling.

If Senior Spirit Butterfly receives this video, there’s a possibility that he won’t get tired of it even after watching it for decades on end.

I will have a private discussion about this with Senior Spirit Butterfly when I get back… Doudou thought to himself. He estimated that this video alone should be worth a luxurious immortal cave.

…Perhaps I really am a talented businessdog?

Soft Feather called out, “How about it, Senior Song. Is my answer correct?”

“Let’s take a look.” Song Shuhang reactivated his ‘psychic energy’, and took out the psychic energy ball to check the answer.

At the side, Scarlet Heaven Sword, Lady Onion, and the old tribal chief were all in spectator mode.

The old tribal chief pinched his chin as he silently thought to himself, Sure enough, a lady running inside the wheel is much more pleasing to the eyes than a dog and a man.

He didn’t have any other thoughts; he simply felt that the scene of Soft Feather running in the wheel was much more agreeable.

In addition, the esthetics of the old tribal chief was actually slightly different from that of human beings in China. Therefore, another sentence followed in his mind. What a pity, this girl is too white. If she were darker, the scene would be even more beautiful.

Song Shuhang looked at the psychic energy ball, which would judge the


“Eh? What’s going on?” At this time, the ball was both red and green, so he went to take a look at the instruction manual.

In the distance, Doudou’s eyes suddenly lit up. He cut off the video recording, and then began recording a new video—the previous raw video could be sold at a high price to Senior Spirit Butterfly.

Then, he looked at Song Shuhang and said, “Did Soft Feather fail to answer the question?”

Soft Feather called, “Huh? How is that possible? I considered this answer comprehensively.”

Thirty seconds had passed, but because Song Shuhang could not judge the correctness of the answer, the hamster wheel did not accelerate.

Song Shuhang said, “I have found the criterion. There are two possibilities for this red and green interlaced state. One is that the answer was not complete, and there was supposed to be more to your answer. The other possibility is that there are many answers, and Soft Feather merely got one of them.”

Soft Feather said, “If there are many correct answers and I got one of them, that should mean I pass, right?”

Doudou felt unconvinced, and said, “But what if your answer was only half of the full answer? Right, when I answered Chu Chu previously, it said that it was wrong, but I’m truly sincere in loving Chu Chu.”

Song Shuhang said, “It might be because there are too many Chu Chus, or it might be because the person you love the most is Senior Yellow Mountain in terms of familial affection.”

On another note, after Doudou officially ascended to the Fifth Stage, he should have gotten a second ‘human form’ due to the transformation ability that Fifth Stage great monsters got when they reached this stage. However, he had never shown his new transformed state.

Doudou’s first human form was something he obtained by chance when he was still at the Fourth Stage, and this human form looked very similar to Song Shuhang.

Its second form… Could it be a dog girl?

Soft Feather asked, “Then, should I answer again?” She felt that this question had become more interesting.

Doudou responded, “Yes, yes, answer again!”

Soft Feather began to answer again. “This second answer is relatively longer. First of all, the one I love the most in terms of familial relationships is my father Daoist Spirit Butterfly.” This time, she had deliberately attached her father’s daoist name. Perhaps her answer was incomplete earlier because she just called him ‘father’.

Afterward, Soft Feather continued, “Then, my favorite singer is Senior Dharma King Creation. I like his songs the most. I am his loyal fan.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

Senior Creation was truly fortunate to have a diehard fan like Soft Feather.

Doudou’s body trembled—he recalled his experience from when he sat in the front row at Dharma King Creation’s concert. That had become one of the memories he found hard to recall, and it might have caused him to never want to listen to anyone’s concert for the rest of his life.

Soft Feather said, “Then if it’s about a charming personality, the one I like most is Senior White. Senior White’s disposable flying sword is too exciting, and the double-ponytailed Senior White is so cute… Unfortunately, I don’t get to have much time alone with Senior White. I keep on getting the feeling that there is something missing for this type of affection, though.”

Doudou said, “Tsk~ I thought you would be an exception, Soft Feather.”

Everyone in the world seemed to fall to Senior White’s charms. Doudou had thought that Soft Feather, whose nerves were as necrotic as Song Shuhang’s, was also likely to be an exception. Unexpectedly, in Soft Feather’s ‘favorite people’ list, there was still a spot for Senior White.

“Why should I be an exception?” Soft Feather replied as she ran.

But suddenly, she had another idea.

“Wait a minute, Senior Song. I’ve got another answer,” Soft Feather said. “If it’s the person I love the most… Its full name is Butterfly Song White Creation Yellow Trigram Lychee Six Dou Phoenix.”

“???” Doudou.

Whose name was this? Wasn’t their name a bit too weird?

Lady Onion asked curiously, “Whose daoist name is so long?”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said calmly, “It shouldn’t be a daoist name.”

Song Shuhang added, “Is this not one person?”

He was getting the feeling that this was many people, and Soft Feather had just merged them all into a single name.

“Yes, this is not a single person’s name. But, to some extent, it is also a ‘person’. After all, to me, this is how it is,” Soft Feather joked while running. “It is my inner demon, the inner demon I specially cultivated.”

“!!!” Song Shuhang.


An inner demon that you’ve been raising?

Soft Feather said, “In general, it is made up of the ‘favorite’ parts of many seniors, fellow daoists, relatives, and pets that I’ve come into contact with. I fused them together to create an inner demon. There are parts of my dad and parts of Senior Song. It also has the charms of Senior White, the singing voice of Senior Creation, Senior Yellow Mountain’s sense of duty, and the characteristics of Senior Copper Trigram, Fairy Lychee, Fairy Dongfang Six, Doudou, and Young Master Phoenix Slayer.”

Song Shuhang asked, “This is an inner demon?”

Soft Feather said, “Yes, it’s a fusion of all my ‘favorite’ qualities of these people. It can be said to be my biggest inner demon. That being the case, it should be regarded as my favorite ‘person’.”

When she transcended the tribulation last time, she had also been listening to Senior Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯. It was at that time that she chanced upon her inner demon tribulation.

During the inner demon tribulation, she unearthed the memories of the ❮Seven Deaths Song❯ in her mind, and began to share them with her inner demons—that version with Dharma King Creation’s singing and Fairy Lychee’s 360-degree windmill spin was very terrifying.

In her inner demon tribulation, the number of inner demons was very considerable, with there being dozens of them.

And all the demons shivered under the sound of Dharma King Creation’s ❮Seven Deaths Song❯.

The inner demons cried and called for surrender.

Soft Feather felt that the inner demons were very interesting. Even though they were inner demons, they actually shouted things like ‘Senior Song, save me~’ and ‘Father, I hope to still be your daughter in my next life’ and other inexplicable words.

It seemed that there were some differences in their personalities.

At that time, Soft Feather kept them in her mind.

She wondered if there was some way she could meet her cute inner demons after the heavenly tribulation ended.

Later on, when her ghost spirit was taken away by the ‘Heavenly Emperor’, she was able to get important information through it from time to time.

From this information, Soft Feather came up with the idea of ​​cultivating her cute inner demons.

And in the end, she really did do that.

And she was successful.

Song Shuhang asked, “This is a lot to take in… Your inner demon, is it gone now?” If it didn’t disappear, then it would have become an inner demon tribulation during the heavenly tribulation, right?”

Soft Feather said, “It’s still with me. I’ll summon it out.”

After a while, a dark figure emerged in Soft Feather’s shadow and transformed.

The shadow turned into a black Soft Feather. After she appeared, she knelt down in front of Song Shuhang and the others, maintaining an elegant posture. “Greetings, Seniors. I’m Butterfly Song White Creation Yellow Trigram Lychee Six Dou Phoenix.”

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