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«Cultivation Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 2828 The “Forgotten Divine Technique”

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Chapter 2828 The “Forgotten Divine Technique”

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were many benefits to being invisible. However, being invisible all the time was quite troublesome.

The biggest problem with Scholar Fish-belly’s faction was the uncontrollability of their “invisible state”! Their invisible state was a permanent passive skill, accompanying them throughout their lives.

If this “invisible state” could be freely controlled, then Scholar Swimming Bladder’s cultivation technique would be the best in the world!

For example, if I insulted a big shot, I could activate “Little Invisible,” and the big shot would forget about me.

After a while, I would find an opportunity to come out of my “small invisible state” and insult the big boss again. After that, I would turn around and activate “small invisible” again. It would be simply wonderful.

Opposite him, Scholar Drunken Eye replied, “You don’t need to delve deeply into our faction’s cultivation techniques… After all, we know our own techniques’ flaws best. Until we find a solution, I don’t want to trick people.”

Song Shuhang felt wronged in his heart.

Scholar Drunken Eye was confused.

Even though he was a member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, and the fellow daoists in the group had tempered his way of thinking, when he chatted with Song Shuhang, he still felt that his brain was unable to connect with Song Shuhang’s—perhaps it was because his speed was too slow, while Song Shuhang’s speed was too fast.

“Why aren’t you human?” The senior scholar was tired and followed Song Shuhang’s topic with a question.

“Senior, this is the hidden meaning in your words just now. You don’t want to trick me, but you want me to learn your cultivation method. Aren’t you saying that I’m not human? Senior, you’re going too far,” Song Shuhang seriously protested.

The scholar was speechless.

I can’t continue chatting. Let’s break up!

After a long while, Scholar Drunken Eye sighed and said, “The Golden Lotus of Virtue’s ‘tribulation evading’ effect requires the support of our faction’s special cultivation technique. Once activated, the Golden Lotus of Merit will bind to you.”

“So, Scholar, you want me to cultivate your faction’s technique? Then, you want me to inject spiritual energy into the golden lotus?” Song Shuhang immediately responded.

Scholar Drunken Eye said, “Yes… Therefore, you don’t need to cultivate our technique to a profound level. You only need to get a little bit of the basics and cultivate a bit of spiritual power. Given your current realm, it’s easy for you to cultivate a technique to the beginner level.”

Song Shuhang was already at the Eighth Stage Profound Sage Realm. As long as he didn’t practice “sword art,” it would be easy for him to reach the level of the First or Second Stage Realm in a short period.

The learning bonus effect of realm suppression.

“I see,” Song Shuhang nodded.

However, was it really okay for him to casually spread the special cultivation techniques of the scholars?

Song Shuhang also knew the rules of the cultivation world. Cultivation techniques, divine powers, and spells were not taught to outsiders. Especially a sect’s origin technique, which was even more important. It was the root of a person’s life!

Thinking of this, Song Shuhang voiced his doubts to the scholar.

“Don’t worry. If it were any other sect, they might have this problem. However, if it’s my faction, I can pass on my sect’s cultivation techniques as I wish. No one can control me,” Scholar Drunken Eye said slowly.

He vaguely remembered that he had a master or an elder. He seemed to have just come into contact with him not long ago. However, he had already forgotten what the other party looked like, who he was, and what his name was.

Perhaps the other party had already forgotten about him…

Other sects had structures such as the Law Enforcement Elders and Law Enforcement Hall. Once a disciple passed on their sect’s cultivation technique without permission, they might be punished by the Law Enforcement Elders. In serious cases, they might even have their memories sealed and their cultivation techniques abolished.

However, it was impossible for their faction to have an existence like the Enforcement Elder. Even if there were, it would definitely be forgotten…

“Moreover, I’ll teach you the opening chapter of my cultivation technique. It can be considered insurance and backup. I don’t want the inheritance to be cut off one day,” Scholar Drunken Eye added.

After hearing the scholar’s sad reply, Song Shuhang really wanted to comfort him, but he didn’t know how.

After all, he did not have any talent for comforting people. He, Tyrannical Song, was eighteen years old, and he didn’t even have a wife. He had no chance to comfort his angry wife, so his experience in comforting others was basically zero.

Moreover, the scholar was not a fairy. As a man, he could just lick his own wounds when he was sad. There was no need to comfort him so pretentiously.

“Since you feel that there’s no problem, then it would be impolite of me to refuse. There’s no problem with cultivating the first chapter,” Song Shuhang replied.

Scholar Yuchang’s “small invisible” state wasn’t that strong from the start. When he was at the First or Second Stage, he was still similar to ordinary cultivators. Everyone would remember him and his daoist name, and they would not ignore him when chatting. It was just that his presence would be slightly affected.

It was only after he reached the Fourth Stage Realm that the effects of the little invisible state began to show.

Therefore, if Song Shuhang only cultivated the technique to the First or Second Stage Realm, it wouldn’t affect him much.

“Then, I’ll pass the opening chapter of the cultivation technique to you now,” Scholar Drunken Eye said.

“Alright,” Song Shuhang said, “What’s the name of this technique?”

Scholar Drunken Eye was silent for a moment before he said, “I forgot…”

Song Shuhang was speechless.

Alright, from today onwards, this cultivation technique shall be called “Forgotten Divine Technique.”

Opposite him, Scholar Drunken Eye used the “cultivation chat” function to send Song Shuhang the opening page of the divine technique of his sect that he had forgotten its name.

After Song Shuhang received this divine technique, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

This divine technique was no small matter!

Its opening content was completely composed of ancient characters!

Song Shuhang had already mastered the ancient language. At the very least, he had mastered quite a number of everyday words and could even stutter a few sentences in the ancient language.

However, cultivation techniques written in ancient languages involved many professional names.

Song Shuhang’s head hurt from watching.

“Am I going to activate my ‘Primordial Language’s Laws’ again?” Song Shuhang thought to himself.

However, just as he was thinking, a spatial door opened in the void.

A blurry fairy seemed to have received a call and came through space.

She had long braids, and her eyes were covered by bangs.

Did the ghost fairy return from Su Clan’s Sixteen?

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and smiled, preparing to welcome his ghost spirit.

Above his head, Fairy @#%× pursed her lips and said softly, “The wind is so noisy today.”

As she spoke, the virtuous lamia opened her arms and waved them gently.

Song Shuhang was confused.

What kind of secret signal was this?

The virtuous lamia, Fairy Creation, and the black-skinned Soft Feather seemed to have a secret code between them.

They would often speak in secret in front of Song Shuhang.

Could it be that the ghost fairy in front of him was also a member of the code group?

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