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«Cultivation Chat Group (Web Novel) - Chapter 2318 Using One Man’s Treasure To Stab Himself

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Chapter 2318 Using One Man’s Treasure To Stab Himself

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As Song Shuhang emerged from the core world and materialized in the main world, the plummeting Heavenly Dao Molt Ball suddenly came to a jarring halt.

It had detected his presence and was now certain that he was the person it had been tirelessly pursuing. Emitting a peculiar linguistic note from its form, this marked the first time the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball had expressed itself with meaningful language since its appearance.

Unfortunately, none of those present could decipher its meaning.

Simultaneously, Song Shuhang, with his two hands and twenty braided arms, seized the sealing pillar of the seven-colored divine artifact and forcefully struck the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball.

There was no need to question the potency of the sealing pillar—it could imprison even the ruler of the Netherworld for ten millennia. With the exception of its top section, the sealing pillar was equipped with a lightning barrier effect. Anyone not on friendly terms with the pillar, like Song Shuhang, would be met with a fearsome lightning strike upon contact.

Electric arcs surged.

A portion of the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball’s form caved in as the paralyzing effect of the lightning barrier coursed through its body. Lightning erupted from its entire being.

“Profound Sage Tyrannical Song! Senior Tyrannical Song has finally arrived!”

“We’re saved. This city is saved.”

“Keep your eyes on it, make it regret the day it encountered the name Profound Sage Tyrannical Song!”

“I wonder if this colossal ball will give birth to a smaller one?”

“Give it an abortion after it gets pregnant!”

Upon seeing Song Shuhang, a multitude of complex and somewhat bitter sentiments filled the minds of the cultivators trailing behind him.

Regrettably, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song refrained from employing his expertise in identifying the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball—having already done so to no avail.

The paralyzing effect of the lightning barrier appeared to be affecting the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball to some extent.

Frozen mid-air, it crackled with electric discharges.

“This time, we absolutely can’t allow it to unleash that black hole-like skill!” Song Shuhang thought urgently.

Recognizing Song Shuhang’s intentions through their telepathic connection, Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet concurred. Upon being wielded by Song Shuhang to strike the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball, it sprang from his waist and exerted pressure on the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball.

Pavilion Master Chu was swift to respond as well. Her hair stood on end and enveloped the surrounding space with a containment effect.

She had previously witnessed the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball’s black hole technique and had been the one to transport Song Shuhang into the Inner World when they were caught within the small black room. Consequently, she initiated spatial containment. In the event of any mishap, she could instantly relocate the contained space while transferring the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball and Song Shuhang randomly to outer space.

Simultaneously, Fairy Creation took hold of the Scholarly Sage’s Eye and elegantly entered Song Shuhang’s body. Upon entering, she even removed Song Shuhang’s eyes and replaced them with those of the Scholarly Sage—an action with which she was quite familiar.

“Seniors, your cooperation is remarkable!” Song Shuhang exclaimed internally, his current circumstances affording no time for conversation. A single thought prevailed in his mind.

Without delay, his twenty-four hands unleashed twenty-four rounds of the Saber Nurturing Technique upon the sealing pillar.

“Activate, Sealing Pillar!” Song Shuhang telepathically communicated with the sealing pillar.

After absorbing twenty-four rounds of the Blade Nurturing Technique, the base and the lower half of the sealing pillar opened. It now resembled a shovel save for its upper section.

“Retract!” Song Shuhang grasped the sealing pillar and swept it toward the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball.

The Heavenly Dao Molt Ball, constructed from liquid metal, proved ideal for the shovel’s embrace. Half of its form was scooped up with a gentle sweep of the shovel.

“It’s secure!” Song Shuhang’s eyes gleamed.

With all his might, he manipulated the shovel. A mere shake would plunge the entire Heavenly Dao Molt Ball into it.

At that point, the sealing pillar’s structure would close, and the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball wouldn’t emerge for at least ten thousand years.

Subsequently, Song Shuhang intended to transport it to the world of the Black Lotus for Senior White Two’s scrutiny—a stroke of genius that might even earn him some rewards.

Perhaps he could learn something new from Senior White Two…

Elsewhere, in the Netherworld Realm, at the precise moment Song Shuhang began dragging the ‘sealing pillar’ into the main world, the fat ball boss, currently refining the dragon-shaped commander’s seal left behind by the Third Wielder of the Will, suddenly froze. Moments later, it scuttled out of its private treasury.

The fat ball had been in the process of refining the dragon-shaped commander’s seal to merge its pseudo-undying bone prototype with the commander’s seal. This union would enable it to directly channel its power into the main world for a designated period during which it could seize the ‘Heavenly Dao Molt Ball’ and fuse with it.

However, at this juncture, it experienced a disconcerting unease.

This disquiet had two sources—one from Bai Youyou and the other from the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball.

“Bai Youyou, what have you done?” The fat ball boss hopped restlessly on the ground.

Its gaze fell upon the dragon-shaped commander’s seal it clutched. Though it had not yet achieved perfection, it had become functional.

Now was not the time for perfection; circumstances demanded immediacy.

With a thought, it opened a spatial rift connecting the Netherworld and Earth’s main world. Simultaneously, it locked onto the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball’s coordinates and dispatched the empowered dragon-shaped commander’s seal.

The seal manifested as a smoky dragon and roared as it entered the main world. As it crossed the threshold, the smoky dragon morphed once more.

A surge of Netherworld malevolence surged from its form as it transformed into a miniature version of the Netherworld’s ruler—the fat ball. In this configuration, the boss’s power was channeled directly through the dragon-shaped commander’s seal.

Combining the commander’s seal with the incomplete pseudo-undying bone made it possible to briefly conceal the corpulent ball’s aura. Even when entering the main world, it wouldn’t be instantaneously ensnared by Heavenly Dao laws.

As long as it acted swiftly, it could return to the Netherworld before Heavenly Punishment rained down.

When the fat ball boss projected its consciousness into the main world, it witnessed Song Shuhang using the familiar sealing pillar to scoop up half of the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball.

The fat ball boss was flabbergasted.

Why did that sealing pillar look so familiar?

Could it be that it was mistaken due to the sheen of the seven-colored divine artifact?

At that moment, the fat ball boss teetered on the brink of insanity…

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