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«Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man (Web Novel) - Chapter 588 It's Them!

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Chapter 588 It's Them!

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When Ling Lan defeated a member of the Flying Dragon Special Forces, everyone was dumbfounded.

Ice Spirit, Crazy Warrior, and Divine Blade were suspicious of Ling Lan's recruit identity. They were also suspicious as to whether their opponents were really from the Flying Dragon Special Forces.

Of course, they knew that their opponent was indeed powerful. Ice Spirit and Divine Blade were at a disadvantage. Crazy Warrior had the upper hand but that was because Ling Lan injured his opponent's right arm at the start of the battle. If not, he would be in the same situation as Ice Spirit and Divine Blade.

Ice Spirit, Crazy Warrior, and Divine Blade were happy. With his abilities, Ling Lan could enter the Flying Dragon Special Forces. However, he chose to come to the 23rd Division. They were proud of their division. Not everyone wanted to go to the Flying Dragon Special Forces.

Ling Lan's performance inspired these three operators. They started attacking furiously. Those that were in a disadvantage managed to regain some of their stances. Crazy Warrior even forced Jiao Thirteen into a dire situation.

Only three people were not affected by Ling Lan's Dance of Death. They were Domineering Blade, Devil Blade, and Lin Five. Their battle had entered the crucial stage. Domineering Blade and Devil Blade wanted to defeat their opponent using this chance while Lin Five fought hard to change the situation around. They were all focused on their battle so they didn't have the time to notice anything else.

Domineering Blade was able to escape from his opponent's attack after he listened to Ling Lan and used the Chain Combo. He even allowed Devil Blade to find an opportunity to snipe his opponent, allowing them to gain the upper hand.

Domineering Blade had a sudden realization. Could it be that the Chain Combo was both a defensive skill as well as an offensive skill? Most people were distracted by its offensive power so they disregarded its defensive ability.

If that was the case, did it mean that other offensive techniques could be used as a defense too?

Domineering Blade got excited after having this thought. He wanted to experiment with his idea immediately. However, he still had an opponent he had to win against. His opponent was very strong so he couldn't afford to make any mistakes. He had to control his excitement and focus on defeating his opponent with Devil Blade.

Domineering Blade knew that Ling Lan must have known about the defensive ability of the Chain Combo. This was why he ordered him to use this technique just now. He didn't know if Ling Lan researched about this or he found out by coincidence.

Domineering Blade was right. The Chain Combo could be used both as an offensive and defensive attack.

Ling Lan didn't realize this herself. She saw Zhao Jun using the Chain Combo in the Grand Mecha Tournament to turn the tide around and realized its defensive potential.

She was enlightened. She experimented with many other techniques in the learning space and found out that quite a few of the techniques could be used to attack and defend at the same time. The Chain Combo was the most powerful dual usage technique. Its offensive power was as strong as its defensive power.

However, not everyone would be able to use the Chain Combo as a defensive technique. It required a lot of experience. The operator needed to predict the attacks of their opponent so that they would know how to defend against it. Only mecha operators that had activated their sixth sense would be able to make such predictions.

Hence, in reality, the risk was high when Domineering Blade used the Chain Combo to defend himself just now. But, Ling Lan remembered that Domineering Blade's ultimate technique on paper was the Chain Combo. Even if it was a cover-up, Domineering Blade must still be confident in his Chain Combo to write it as his ultimate technique blatantly.

Ling Lan decided to take the risk. She felt that there was only a 60% chance of succeeding but in the virtual world, this percentage was enough for her to take the bet.

If this was the real world, Ling Lan would not take the risk. It would be a life-or-death situation. Ling Lan couldn't play around with other people's life. In the virtual world, the worst consequence for her would be failing the mission and losing her chance to form a team. She could still bear with this consequence.

Domineering Blade wielded his giant sword and attacked Lin Five without any hesitation. He made up his mind that he would defeat his opponent today. Lin Five's beam shield was used up so he was in a worse state that Domineering Blade. If he made a mistake, he would suffer heavier damage. Domineering Blade knew this and attacked ferociously. Devil Blade's long-range attacks also gave Lin Five more stress.

The two of them wanted to force Lin Five to make a mistake under such huge stress.

Unfortunately, Lin Five was powerful. He was the top 5 within his battle team. He was the elite among the elites. A moment of failure could force him into a dire state but he would not be defeated just like this. He managed to survive after a round of intense fighting.

"Damn!" Devil Blade started to get agitated when he noticed Lin Five getting used to their combined attacks.

"Devil Blade, keep calm. We will do it slowly." As a captain, Domineering Blade was more patient. He knew that if they couldn't finish the battle quickly, just fight it slowly.

"But Ling Lan…" Devil Blade remembered that Ling Lan was fighting two opponents. Would he be able to withstand their attacks? This worry caused him to lose his patience.

"There is no need to worry about this. Ling Lan is stronger than we think." None of the Flying Dragon Special Forces members came to help Lin Five. This meant that their teammates, including Ling Lan, was able to hold their opponents back.

"What we need to do now is to focus on defeating him. This is the only thing we can do. We must believe in our teammates," Domineering Blade replied calmly.

Ling Lan had made her intentions clear when she told Devil Blade to help Domineering Blade. If Devil Blade wanted to help Ling Lan, they must defeat Lin Five. This was the task assigned to them.

"I understand!" Domineering Blade's reminder enlightened Devil Blade and he regained his composure. No one came to help Lin Five so their teammates must be working hard to fight their opponents. Hence, he must persevere too. He must trust Ling Lan.

The two of them were clear that their opponent was the strongest among the Flying Dragon Special Forces team. If they couldn't defeat him, they would not be able to win.

Devil Blade and Domineering Blade wanted to defeat the Flying Dragon Special Forces team badly. They wanted the Flying Dragon Special Forces to know that in this world, they were not the best mecha operators. The Elite Blade Battle Team was just as strong as them.

Domineering Blade waved his sword and attacked Lin Five again. His speed was slower and his attacks were less violent. However, every attack was clear and precise. The angle of the attack was also calculated accurately.

Lin Five became more serious. He felt Domineering Blade's attack getting slower but the pressure that he exerted increased tremendously. Drops of cold sweat formed on his back. If he was not experienced enough, he might have been hit several times.

The sniper which was cooperating with Domineering Blade became stronger too. He became calm and focused. Just a moment ago, Lin Five was unable to feel the presence of the sniper anymore. As compared to the frantic attacks just now, a silent Devil Blade was more frightening. He was like a poisonous snake waiting to give a lethal strike to its prey. If Lin Five made any mistake, he knew that he would be hit by the sniper.

Lin Five's back was drenched with sweat. He felt as though a knife was hanging above him, preparing to fall down and kill him at any moment.

Lin Five was in a dangerous situation. The high amount of stress would tire him out very soon. Once he got tired, he would make a mistake. Mistakes were lethal in a battle between powerful mecha operators. If he lost to these two people, he would be unable to face the Flying Dragon Special Forces anymore.

Lin Five shivered in fear as he recalled the terrible punishments his commander gave. He calmed down and said to himself, "Seems like I have to use my ultimate technique." He would be scolded by his commander for breaking a rule but it was better than losing.

When Ling Lan escaped from the beam shots, Xu Eleven's face turned pale.

Xu Eleven was devastated. Zhua Fifteen and him were specially trained by the Federation in their secret base. They were born with exceptional talents and their physical constitution was at [SS] rank. He knew that in their batch, there was another prodigy that had a [SSS] rank in both his physical constitution and his spiritual power. The Federation regarded him as the next Ling Xiao. No, he might be even stronger than Ling Xiao in the future.

They grew up together in the secret base. They had the best resources and were given the best gene agent. When they were 10 years old, they were given agents to activate their talents. Their instructors were all domain level and imperial level operators. There was even a god-class operator too.

They were taught to become the strongest mecha operators in the Federation. In the Scout Academy, the youngest child that entered the virtual world was 13 years old. In their base, they were allowed to enter the virtual world the moment their talent was activated. At that time, they were only 10 years old.

If a child didn't activate his talent when he was 10 years old, he would be sent away. No one knew where these children were sent to.

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