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«Crazy Leveling System (Web Novel) - Chapter 876

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Chapter 876

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After Heaven World’s barrier was penetrated, the Ghost World’s barrier also met the same fate not long after that! The Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower couldn’t pull that many Evil Spirit Race, and they seized that small window of opportunity to penetrate the barrier. Still, like the Alliance in Heaven World was ready to fight, and the same could be said to the Ghost World’s alliance.

The Evil Spirit Race didn’t rush towards the Mortal World as they believed that Mortal World would submit, too, once Heaven World and Ghost World had fallen! The Evil Spirit Race had so many Saint King Experts and even several Divine King experts in their arsenal, while the Mortal World didn’t have that many strong cultivators yet.

This was also the reason why Yi Tianyun was trying hard to make sure that the Three Realms wasn’t invaded by these Evil Spirit Race! But for now, Yi Tianyun had to focus on General Long Te in front of him as he knew that no one else would be able to deal with him!

“Your realms are doing a good job delaying our invasion, but now it’s already too late for them to resist our power!” General Long Te said as he looked at Yi Tianyun coldly. “Don’t worry. You will die before you can see your realms fall!” General Long Te said with a smirk on his face before swinging the Demon Staff in his hand once more. The red light that the Demon Staff emitted was a proof that the weapon had killed so many people before!

“I don’t think so!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly as so much information flooded his notification.


‘The Alliance has successfully killed an Evil Spirit Race cultivator (3rd layer Spirit King Stage)!’

‘Reward: 2 billion Exp, 50.000 Cps, …’


‘The Alliance has successfully.…’

The entire Three Realms was at war. It turned out Yi Tianyun also got the Exp that the alliance got from killing the enemy! The only thing that Yi Tianyun didn’t get was the item that the enemy might drop, but surely Exp and Crazy Points were already good enough! There was nothing more that he could ask for if he already got the Experience Point he needed.

If Yi Tianyun could level up once more, his odds against General Long Te would increase significantly.

“I want to see how you get out of this one!” General Long Te confidently said as he waved his Demon Staff around, producing a terrifying sound that could be heard from far away. He kept waving his Demon Staff until it produced the same effect as his attack earlier. A red aura created a wall that blocked the path for Yi Tianyun to escape, but this time, it tried to squish Yi Tianyun, who was in the middle of the walls at a suddenly increasing speed.

Yi Tianyun was already prepared for General Long Te’s attack as he had already activated the Dragon God Bloodline and Phoenix Bloodline within his body. It once again increased his Combat Power to a whole new level. It increased from 1.8 trillion points to 2.4 trillion points in an instant, but he didn’t stop there!

“Activate Evil Spirit Burst!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.


‘Consuming 10.000 Cps to activate Evil Spirit Burst!’

The Evil Spirit Divine Sword on Yi Tianyun’s hand began to glow even more brightly as its effect activated. Yi Tianyun’s Combat Power increased once more, becoming 2.6 Trillion points instantly. He also activated the Damage Divine Rune on Evil Spirit Divine Sword to further increase its power, raising Yi Tianyun’s combat points by 100 billion this time!

In the end, Yi Tianyun’s Combat Power reached 2.7 Trillion Points! It was a terrifying value to have for an early-level Divine King cultivator like Yi Tianyun!

Meanwhile, the entire area around General Long Te and Yi Tianyun began to shake and distort from the intensity of Yi Tianyun and General Long Te’s aura. Furthermore, General Long Te’s attack was not over yet as the red aura earlier destroyed everything from its path.

The rest of the Evil Spirit Race cultivators couldn’t see the fight clearly as too much explosion and other stuff going on around General Long Te and Yi Tianyun. But after the smoke from their exchange dissipated, they saw that Yi Tianyun was boxed in by General Long Te’s aura!

“General Long Te is the strongest out here!” The Evil Spirit Race said as they were excited to see their Army General had the upper hand against the enemy’s strongest fighter. At this moment, it was clear that Yi Tianyun was the one getting pushed back as his body suffered so many injuries and blood constantly dripping out of his body.

Their cultivation gap was too big, so Yi Tianyun had a tough time even after doing his best.

“Equip Longevity Set!” Yi Tianyun said as he had already replaced them with Ancient Desert Set earlier. He ought to heal his wound again right now as he was injured quite badly. The Longevity Set immediately healed Yi Tianyun back to health. On the other hand, General Long Te was clearly shocked by Yi Tianyun’s healing ability as he had never seen such a fast and effective healing ability!

“How did you do all of this? Did you still have a card up on your sleeve even in this situation?” General Long Te said with a shocked expression. He believed that he would be able to kill Yi Tianyun with a couple extra hits, but now he realised that it wasn’t possible anymore, seeing that Yi Tianyun has healed back to health!

He really wanted to kill Yi Tianyun, so his mission to invade and occupy the Three Realms would go smoothly. He knew that he would never have the Three Realms as long as Yi Tianyun was alive!

“This is bullsh*t!” General Long Te shouted as another arm of his turned into a blood mist and was immediately absorbed into General Long Te’s body. With that said, General Long Te’s Combat Power increased exponentially once more! But still, it was humiliating for General Long Te aas he has to resort to this trick facing a mere human from a weak realm!

Furthermore, General Long Te has already equipped his strongest weapon and armour, meaning that he ought to use a forbidden technique like this just for a single human!

For now, General Long Te’s Combat Power increased by 200 billion points. Yi Tianyun was a little bit confused as General Long Te’s combat power didn’t increase as much as it did before. But Yi Tianyun realised that it had something to do with the limit of one’s potential! General Long Te would increase his Combat Power to a terrifying degree the first time he absorbed his own hand, but the second one and the one after that wouldn’t give him that much Combat Power anymore as the user would had already increased their combat power to meet their potential earlier!

“You have done it now!” Yi Tianyun said as he resolved himself to kill General Long Te!

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